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4 sneaky ways to flirt like it's your job

If you want to find an excuse to talk to a boy you’ve got your eye on, keep it simple! Using small talk will make you...
42 Comments | Add Yours

how can i get a nice boyfriend iv'e never had one and im going in to sixth grade and i want a boyfriend bad !

by animal lover 2012 on 8/11/2012 9:58:36 AM


So this week I met a guy at my school's band camp and I reallllyyyyy like him! He's super nice and doesn't care what people look like and he's only a year older than me! The only bad thing is I have no idea how to flirt with him! I can talk to him normally but I'm afraid to flirt with him, what should I do? Thanks so much! Smile

Hey girl,

He sounds like a great guy! If he's super nice, you don't have to be "flirty" -- just talk to him in a regular conversation! He'll sense that you're into him and what he has to say, and things will go from there!

Meghan D.

by jellybean1998 on 8/11/2012 12:29:15 AM


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okay so i met this guy and he's gonna be a junior and i'll be a freshman. we've never really talked too much but i constantly catch him staring at me when we're with each other. how should i approach him and start a conversation when we see each other again?? thanksSmile


Hey girl!

Since you'll be a freshman, you can totally ask him questions about teachers, classes, anything that he knows about since he's a junior. It's the perfect conversation starter and there's no pressure on either of you. And if he tells you he aced that math class you're  going to take, tell him he can be your tutor! Perfect! 

Rachael A.

by bballchicky11 on 8/10/2012 2:43:07 PM


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It seems like the only guys who ever like me are the super nerdy guys. I'm not popular or anything, but I'm feminine and people say I'm pretty (although I strongly disagree), and most people would describe me as "nice" and funny. I'm not into nerdy guys, and I think the only reason they like me is because I'm in their advanced classes. I act confident and try to be friendly, but no cute guys ever take notice of me "like that."
Would you say that's because people are lying when they say I'm pretty or another reason? Any tips on attracing "normal" guys' attention?
Thanks for your advice Smile

Hey girlie,

There's no reason for those people to lie to you about how you look - they don't owe you anything! But the fact that you're judging yourself based on how they see you (instead of how you feel inside) means you're not all the way to confident yet. Try not to focus so much on the guys you're attracting, who likes you, how many guys like you, etc. Instead, focus on yourself - join a club or sport, pick up some new hobbies, work hard at school, and have fun with your friends. Get to know yourself and try to LOVE yourself. I know it sounds sooo cliche, but the only way for guys (normal or not) to see you for who you are is to actually open up and feel comfy with being yourself!

Lauren C.

by jewels96 on 8/9/2012 9:55:07 PM


Im a freshman this year, and me and this senior started talking over the summer. I had gotten his number from a friend and started texting him and we clicked pretty fast. I've been to so many advice sites about whether or not it's ok for a freshman to date a senior (he has said he likes me, not once been rude, and called me beautiful) but I still don't know. Ive known him for a while because his family goes to my church and he's in my youth group. He's super nice to me and he's never even had a girlfriend before! I'm just really at war with myself on this one...


Hey girl!

There's definitely pros and cons to dating someone four years older than you. He could be ready for things that you're just not ready for. A lot happens between your freshman year and senior year. Your friends and his friends could be a little wary at first about it. It sounds like he treats you really well and has pretty strong feelings for you, which is great. Soon, he may start applying to college and getting ready for a new phase of his life--one which you'll have trouble understanding since you're not quite there yet. But at the same time, you can't ignore your feelings for him. My best advice is to follow your heart. You don't want to have any regrets! 

Rachael A.

by Lali227 on 8/6/2012 7:37:43 AM


Okay, so I like this guy. Like, I _really_ like this guy. I asked him out and he said maybe once we get to know each other better (we go to different schools). Well, I'm starting at his school in September, and I don't know how to handle this. Everytime I'm around him, I get nervous. How can I get to know him if everytime I'm around him I start mumbling? Thanls in advance! ;) <3
-- Bridget


Hey girl! He seems to be interested, so don't get nervous!  Make sure when you start at his school, you get to know other people.  If you two have mutual friends, its a great way to get to know him better and you'll feel more comfortable when you're with other people. xoxo 

Kate G.

by Gleek13pgn on 8/3/2012 11:12:46 AM


Ok so i am going into 7th grade, wich i think is a good time to start dating. My parents haven't said i cant but they havent said yes so i figured if somebody asks me out ill say yes, and just not mention it to my parents, but if they ask i will say yes i am dating _____. Is that a good idea?


Hey chica, Short answer is: no.  A better idea would be to talk to your parents about when they think is an appropriate time to start dating.  You have your whole life to date, and if you start out by hiding it from your parents, then they aren't going to trust you and you'll probably have a lot stricter rules.  If you start a conversation and follow their rules, though, I'm sure they'll be more comfortable once you do start dating. xoxo 

Kate G.

by radiolovergirl on 8/3/2012 11:03:15 AM


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Hi, i have a serious issue. So i just got back from a cruise where i met a really nice guy. He gave me his number and we hugged and did what most bf's and gf's would do. Then just about a half and hour ago i found out he has a girlfriend but he told me he kinda likes me and said he would more if we got 2 know each other better. what do i do. do i tell him how i feel and maybe will he b done with his girlfriend. btw i forgot 2 tell u he lives in Louisiana which is like the other side of the country. Please Help!!!

Hey Jenna,

Ouch! It's great that you met on the cruise and bonded so well, but the truth is he HAS a GF. Would you want someone waltzing in and making your BF break up with you just because they knew each other for a few days on a cruise? I know it sounds harsh, but think about it - you're so much better than to come between them. Long distance is hard no matter what, but it's also even harder if you've never been in a relationship in the same place before. You'll miss out on all the couple stuff like holding hands, hugging, even just seeing a movie together. Plus, he lied to you and didn't even tell you about that GF. That's kinda mean Frown It's prob not the answer you want to hear, but honestly I would try to look back on the happy times you shared while you were together on the cruise, then try to move on or be just friends. Even if you talk all the time, there's a difference between being "long distance friends" and being in a "long distance relationship." The friendship is so much more casual, easier, and happier in the long run <3 Give it a shot!
Lauren C.

by slgoethel on 8/2/2012 5:27:23 PM


ok so i have ask about this before but i didn't get a complete answer. There is this guy i like that is in my grade, but i didnt like him until the end of the school year. I have always been friends with him sorta like we talk and joke around and stuff. I am going into seventh grade and really want to get his attention. We both are obsessed with harry potter and he has called me his "harry potter buddy" since 4th grade when we first became friends. Is that speacial? At the end of the year he hugged me and said he was gonna miss me, and at a pool party he was joking around a lot with me. I want to get him to notice me without the obvios flirting, mainly because i dont want him to think im all girly when im not... any tips? sorry for the length of this


Hey girl! He might be flirting with you, or he might be a really good friend. Because I don't know him, it's hard to say which is the case here.  It seems like he already notices you, and unfortunately there are no magic ways to get a guy to like you more.  Flirting is a way of getting to know a guy and letting him know you like him.  If you two are friends, then he already knows you aren'y girly, so flirting with him won't give him the wrong impression.  Good luck! xoxo  

Kate G.

by radiolovergirl on 8/2/2012 12:44:15 PM



So, me and my crush are NOT in the age group you give advice for. He's going into 7th grade and I'm going into 6th. Can I have some tips on flirting with him?

Hey babe,

Since he's a year ahead of you, you could always ask him for help with your studies. You can also ask to grab lunch together one day. Just make conversation about anything - new music that you're into, a movie you wanna catch, the big final you've been prepping for - anything! Compliment him and laugh at his jokes. That'll show him you're interested!

Kelly G.

by coolgal332 on 8/1/2012 11:38:06 AM

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