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4 sneaky ways to flirt like it's your job

If you want to find an excuse to talk to a boy you’ve got your eye on, keep it simple! Using small talk will make you...
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by coolgal332 on 8/1/2012 11:35:20 AM


I'm watching Cake Boss right now and Buddy's mom has been diagnosed with ALS. That's a disease where when you get older, you start to lose your feeling in parts of your body. His poor mom can barely walk and can't write anymore, so please pray for her. Thanks.

by Christiangal345 on 7/30/2012 9:43:14 PM


Hey girls! Need help with styling your hair? Need to know the perfect hairstyle for that special occasion or for bowling with your buds? Then join my group "Hair Styling Help" (! I will post hair tips and ideas daily and answer your hair questions daily! Positions are open!

by LovePeaceHope on 7/30/2012 7:04:52 PM


I really like this boy. So I asked him out (via people) so it had to go through like two people for him to know. My friend told me that he said yes. A few days later I found out that the person i told my friend to tell the boy i liked lied somehow and the guy i like already has a gf so i talked to the guy i like (via facebook) and he said he really likes her and shes 10 (wer 11) so when he found out i liked him he wanted to know what was up right away. Anyway he said ''you know i always thought you were cute'' i say ''really?'' he hasnt replied back. I wanna steal him back because i know he'll want me when we go back to school, that is, if hes in my class but how do i flirt when he knows i like him??


Hey girl! Slow down- this boy has a girlfriend.  If you were dating him, you wouldn't want another girl to steal him back.  Besides, a girl who is willing to flirt with other girls behind his current GF's back might do the same to you.  Find a new crush when school starts or wait until he's broken up with his girlfriend!  xoxo 

Kate G.

by Halli46 on 7/30/2012 3:31:51 PM


@fireworks1071 yes, but who doesn't like cupcakes!?

by Lemonlime123 on 7/29/2012 10:50:15 PM



I feel like the first one, about the grocery store worker, is a little offensive. "And he'll notice that you like to bake. Bingo?" This may just be my inner feminist coming out, but come on. I want a guy who likes me for more than my baking skills. As a magazine that many young girls look up to, it doesn't seem right to include that in an article. Young girls should not be receiving the message that baking/cooking is all they're good for. Trust me, you'll get enough of that as you get older with the increasing amount of "get back in the kitchen" jokes. Just my opinion.

by fireworks1071 on 7/29/2012 10:19:30 PM


Well this isn't a real emergency, but next year i'm going to middle school, and i asked my mom if in middle school i can hang with friends, like at the pool, mall, and library, she said no, but i don't think it's a big deal. Anyway what can make her change her mind? Thanks Lots! Smile

Hey girlie,

Try talking to her after some time has passed. Instead of asking her the same question again ("Can I hang out with my friends at the mall?"), ask her a slightly different question: "What are your concerns about me hanging out with my friends at the mall?" Try to learn where mom is coming from - what is she worried about and why is she saying no? Is it your age? Is she unfamiliar with your friends? Does she not trust your friends? Is there a way you can prove yourself to her? Ask her these questions in a mature and calm way to show her you want to work with her to figure this out. She might still say no - and then you'll have to keep your hangouts to home-only. But she might surprise you, too!
Lauren C.

by doglover463 on 7/29/2012 9:12:47 PM


There's this guy. I'm 14, he's 17. He was a german exchange student who lived with my family for 2 months. But now I see him as more than a brother. When he left to go back to Germany, I realized how much I missed him. I really wish I didnt like him. It makes everything complicated. Since he was practically my brother, we had that "love" between us. He says he loves me when we say goodbye from skype and vice versa. Its been a year since I last saw him and my feelings are still holding me back from trying to focus on guys that are my age and actually live in the country.
My mom noticed I liked him and she's (jokingly, yet seriously) given me permission to date him when I'm 18.
But I feel so stupid because I'm so young, and it just seems foolish for me to even have these feelings for someone 3 years older than me.
Should we see what happens when we visit each other? Or should I wait it out, test the waters while he's thousands of miles away and move on?


If your mother approves of this boy then I'm sure he is a great guy. I would not rush in to anything when he comes to visit, just see what happens. As for the age difference, three years is not that large of a difference. Just remember that older boy, especially those at his age, sometimes want more from girls than is appropriate so be safe! Don't do anything you feel uncomfortable with when he comes to visit. Good Luck! xoxo Kerra

Kerra S.

by Karmakarlie on 7/28/2012 11:41:11 PM


please help me asap!
my boyfriend and I are having some issues. we havent seen eachother at all this summer, and it takes him over a week to respond to my texts. it doesnt seem like a big deal, i know, but in order for my to dump my ex and start dating him, he promised me that this wouldnt happen. todat he just broke our date because he's going to florida for three weeks. (probably something he knew about a long time ago, and just didn't bother to tell me)I really really like him and dont want to break up with him, but i want to talk to him about how i feel our relationship isn't working. he also only seems to like me cuz he thinks im the prettiest girl at our school. I want to talk to him without it being awkward or him taking it the wrong way. he leaves for florida tomorrow afternoon and i would like to talk to him before he leaves.thanks in advance!


I would call him! Call and ask to talk about things. The best way to make sure things are ok with your relationship is to communicate and make sure you two are on the same page. By the sounds of things you are not being treated the way you deserve to be. I think you should talk to him and then think about what he says and then think about whether the relationship is worth the way you are being treated. xoxo Kerra 

Kerra S.

by Meglovesmusic on 7/28/2012 9:23:01 PM


*sigh* i was in zumiez today and there was this uber cute guy working (of course, there's always cute guys there). i didn't really talk to him, but he seemed really nice. i started to leave, but doubled back to look at something else and he laughed (a super cute laugh) when i said "hello again" in a sarcastic-but-cute way. if i hadn't have been with my dad, i would have maybe talked to him, at least found out how old he was... oh well, i'll just have to make a point of going in there next time i'm at the mall...=]

by the_last_ninja on 7/28/2012 7:39:35 PM

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