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There other day I was at the park with my best friend and we saw my crush there. I wanted to impress him, so I went...
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ok so i have a crush from camp. and we were texting and well lets say he likes me and was flirting with me and was really sweet. And i just got a message from him on fb saying that was his friend. I'm reallly heartbroken. Should i believe him because he even mentioned me leaving early in the morning. which i dont think his friend would know that. should i believe him?

Hey babe,

Yikes! That's unfortunate that someone would mess with you like that. I have no idea whether or not he is telling the truth now or not. However, I think to avoid drama, it would be best to just believe, or even just go along with, the idea that it was his friend and not him. Even if that's not true, he must want you to believe it. I know it must hurt, but the only thing you can do is just put this behind you and move on.
Kelly G.

by volley_ball2341 on 8/1/2012 10:00:37 AM


*holds up a 10 card* Sounds like a keeper to me.

by OMGabi on 8/1/2012 7:18:21 AM


I know this sounds weird but I've been having dream of me and Liam Payne. I mean in every dream I have it's only me and Liam Payne. My mom says this means I have a major crush on him but I think it's something more. And I've never had any other dreams of my crush. So what does this mean?

by Ryry1214 on 8/1/2012 12:57:14 AM


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh OH MY GOSH!!!! that was so sweet of him!

by j4zm09 on 7/31/2012 10:20:27 PM


Hey girls! I'm an Advice Queen on GirlsLife, so if you need any advice, you can always ask me! I give advice on...
-Mean Girls★
...And everything else!
If you need any advice look at my advice queen page on my profile! Check it out if you need any help on anything!

by WinnieGirlie on 7/31/2012 8:37:51 PM


You Are NOT Alone<3
This is a club for girls who feel very insecure to come here for advice and tips on how to love yourself! i use to be very insecure and i still am at points. Just know that your not alone girlies! You can come here to share your insecurities and help other girls too! I just want everyone to know that they ARE beautiful no matter what "flaws" they have! <3
Much Love,

by Alykat18 on 7/31/2012 8:01:14 PM



by Sarah510 on 7/31/2012 7:57:09 PM


Hey girls!!
Do you love making new friends on GL..are you looking for a support group that's always gonna be there for u?
Join my club: BGLF (best girlslife friends) It's going to be really fun but we desperately need members to get this going!!
I'd appreciate it if you joined and spread the word!

by maggie183 on 7/31/2012 6:35:52 PM


This is the exact kind of story that would be in a movie! Does anyone else agree with me?

by WinnieGirlie on 7/31/2012 5:37:29 PM


aaawwww thats sssoooo sweet!!! i hope my crush is that nice!

by Prim on 7/31/2012 5:23:22 PM

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