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My BF and I always fight. Should we work it out or break up?

I need help and fast. My boyfriend and I always fight, but we love each other a lot and don’t want to break up. What should...
21 Comments | Add Yours

2/2 -- crush on him.. well, he told me he really likes me! i told him i have a boyfriend (who happens to be one of his friends) but we still always text... i'm starting to really like him and we have so much in common but i feel really bad about the fact that i have a boyfriend Frown also... he's ready for things that i'm not ready for. we were playing 20 questions and he asked me how far i'd go with him if we were dating and i told him 2nd base (I'm in grade 8 and he's in grade 9) and then I asked him and he said anything... when I asked him what he meant by anything he said 'sex. but i would only go to a girl's comfort zone' which i thought was great of him to say (about the comfort zone) but im still kinda freaked out about it... because I'm thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend and getting to know this guy better... what do i do!?!?!?!?!?!? plase help me Frown

by Anonymous... on 8/22/2012 7:58:09 PM


1/2 I could really use some help right now! I met this guy about 2 months ago and then he asked me out a few weeks ago (on the 5th) and we've been dating ever since... I had told him that I wanted a casual relationship because I don't want a really serious boyfriend right now, and he said that's fine. except... the first week we started going out he told me he loved me! it was through texting (I was on holiday) and so I just sent <3 to him... then the next day he said it again!! I said awww <3 and he replied with 'don't you love me too? Frown ' I didn't know what to say because truth is, idk if i like him or not :/ so I just said 'well of course! i just thought you already knew that :p ' to save his feelings. but ive realized that rushing into is was a bad idea because we have nothing in common! we're either sitting there in silence or arguing.. i feel really bad about it Frown but things got worse! a couple weeks ago, the guy that i don't know too well but i've always had a omghessocute --

by Anonymous... on 8/22/2012 7:54:01 PM


I just have a quick question...why on your site do you only ever mention guys? Some girls like girls, and would like advice on that also! And I'm sure, because you do seem to cater to a a more heterosexual audience, it may seem awkward for them to ask a question about that. I just feel that maybe instead of having a GUYS section (which is kinda just like a big flashing light saying "STRAIGHT GIRLS ONLY" offence of course!) you could have it cater to both gay and straight girls? Or maybe have a little section even just for us bi/homosexual girlies! Sorry, this just came up during a convo I was having with my GF about magazines and I thought...why not ask?
But yeah, I was just really wondering if there was a reason your site/magazine seems to cater only to the heterosexual population? Or is it just a majority kind of thing?
Thanks a lot Smile

Hey girlie,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We definitely try to write articles that all our readers will enjoy. I think you mentioning the "majority thing" raises a good point - most of the questions we receive from our readers are asking about their guy crushes, so we do write lots of "heterosexual" articles in order to answer their questions. But that's not the only question we get! Every reader is unique and different, so we know that many of you will be in different situations. We're still working on writing a better variety of articles for all readers, but for now you can always check out our sexuality tag: There, we talk about being honest with yourself about who you like, being tolerant to everyone's unique situation, current events, and even how to make friends with other LGBT people if you want a bigger support network around you. I hope this helps! We want you to feel at home at no matter what, so we really appreciate your suggestion Smile
Lauren C.

by AmazingSveaBabe on 8/9/2012 8:03:46 PM


Hola chicas! For even more boy help with fast replys, join the club "Guys R Us"! It's all about boys! Please join! <3 Alicia

by cali princess on 8/5/2012 2:35:19 AM


What do i do when i tell my boyfriend no,then he gets mad at me bc i keep telling him no bc he doesn't stop asking after i say no?i've thought about breaking up with him should i even though i really like him?

by sweettarts13 on 8/4/2012 6:41:19 PM


My BGF is my best friend, but he creeps my other friends out. I'm not sure why, but he does. I tell them to give him a chance, but they always say "He's creepy! Why are you friends with him?"

Hey girlie,

It's actually not weird at all to have more than one group of friends! There's never a guarantee that one bestie will totally love your other bestie, so don't stress too much about this. Just try to spend time separately with each group (devote some time to your BGF, and other time to your other friends) so you can keep up your friendships without causing any tension Smile You can't force people to like each other - but you like them, which is all that matters! <3 
Lauren C.

by FtLouie on 8/2/2012 7:27:56 PM


Need help with styling your hair? Need to know the perfect hairstyle for that special occasion or for bowling with your buds? Then join my group "Hair Styling Help" (! I will post lots of hair tips and ideas and answer your hair questions daily! Positions are open!

by LovePeaceHope on 8/2/2012 7:26:13 PM


Hey girl,

This did work when you posted it before - it just takes our mods some time to answer because we get busy! Try to be patient and only post once! <3
Lauren C.

by swifty#1 on 8/2/2012 6:10:13 PM


Hi! I'm going to NYC really soon, and i was wondering what kind of clothes and other stuff I should pack. I'm going for ten days.

Hey girlie,

I live in NYC, so first off let me prepare you - it has been H-O-T this summer! Whew! Definitely pack some comfy denim shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts for walking around. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must too! A pair of cute sneaks like Keds will be perf for walking in style, while long pajama pants and a tee shirt will be great for nighttime. Pack plenty of undies and the essentials like deodorant, a toothbrush, and lipgloss. And don't forget the fun stuff - a camera, a book or magazines, and a perfume or some fun jewelry to make you feel fab!
Lauren C.

by triplethreat335 on 8/2/2012 5:32:16 PM


My ex keeps texting me telling me he wants me back but he broke up with me and idk wat to do bcuz i think i also like my BGF and i still have feelings for my ex but he hurt me and i dont think my BGF is going to like me so shud i just get back together with my ex?

by picklegrape on 8/2/2012 2:28:11 PM

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