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Hopeless crush? 5 signs you need to move on

So you’ve had your eye on this one cutie for months now, and all your friends are telling ya to move on. (Plus, there’s a new...
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lets see many guys looked at me but the weird thing was, i was talking to my 2nd bgf and he kept on looking at my chest -.-

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 9:59:47 PM


Omg I loved it!


I know it's soo cute. Now you've got me thinking about my crush lol.  

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:57:20 PM


mod! Smile
hey lynae did you see my posts Smile


Hey girl, yep I wrote back to you on your page not too long ago. Let me know if you got it.  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 9:44:05 PM


There's also collie callats I think I'm falling for you


OMG! I love that song. If you like Lauren Conrad, there's a vid someone put together of her and Brody to it. You should check it out. Just type in "Lauren Conrad falling for you".  

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:42:39 PM


Omg why did I think of that song! XD


Lol see, crushing minds think alike. There's also her "Crazy in Love" 

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:34:07 PM


I think of my crush 27/7 I think I see him every where I see his name every where, he's even in my dreams. Am I crazy!? He's my first crush and I've liked him 4 three years this is the first time this has ever happened


Hey lilja, no you're def not crazy. Every heard deja vu by Beyonce? Well in the song she sings "Baby I can't go anywhere, without thinking that you're there, seems like you're everywhere it's true, got me having deja vu". Every girl has had a crush that they just can't seem to get their mind off of. I still have one of those lol. No worries, you're not alone. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:10:02 PM


Have any tips on how to b confident? Because I have wanted to talk to him for a while now but I always chicken out

Hey girl,

Check out this post about confidence, and remember that guys are probably as nervous to talk to you as you are to talk to them! Just start a casual conversation, you don't have to be too flirty! Even if you're nervous, just talking to him will make you more confident and let you get to know him better.

Meghan D.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 12:01:34 AM


i know this may sound stupid, but i really have to ask because i have no idea how. how do you flirt XD i have completely no idea! and im in 7th grade, so im asking the people i cant trust, how do you flirt?

Hey girl,

That's not a stupid question at all--we get asked about flirting all the time! Our guys channel has TONS of great posts about flirting--I'm linking you to our "Get a BF" section, which has great tips on talking to guys and ice breakers!

Meghan D.

by lilja on 9/15/2012 10:56:14 PM


i have a huge crush on this one guy in school, im very shy and whenever i try to talk to him i cant speak! the two reasons why i like him are, hes very sweet, shy and considerate, but also fun loving,and silly (around his friends). reason number 2 is his eyes, for some reason those bright icey blue eyes, with his kinda long brown hair (he flicks it alot), the freckles on the bridge of his nose, his long eye lashes, his smile, i guess you could say im head over heels for him. hes a straight A student, he is very patiant and never gets mad, hes an AMAZING soccer player, (lol like two inches shorter than me) and to top it all off he's really cute! idk if he likes me, but i catch him looking at me alot... we are both very shy people so its hard for me to tell him how i feel, and its hard for me to tell if he likes me. What should i do!!!


Hey girlie, talk to him! Get to know him a little better and start flirting. You can tell how much a boy likes you from the little things. Does he touch your arm when you're talking? Does he give you his full undivided attention? Talk to him, flirt with him and see how he acts. 

Lauren T.

by lilja on 9/15/2012 3:25:16 PM


Ok so there's this boy and I dated him already and we broke up cause he didn't want a girlfriend at the time and I thought I was over him but now he's crushing on my best friend and she's crushing back and im SOO not over him!! He used to tell me he loved me and was so sweet and we kissed and stuff but now he won't even really talk to me anymore. I know this is weird but I dream about him almost every night and he's on my mind 24/7 and it's like I don't like any other guy more than I do him and he txt me the other day and said that he was thinking about asking me out again maybe and he said he still likes me but I dont think he does anymore. Is their any way that I can make him like me again? And does it at least sound like he still likes me? Thank you!!

Hey girl,

It sounds like he is really confused about dating, so it might be best if you just stayed friends for a little while longer. He already knows you since you've dated before, so give him the space he needs to sort things out, and if he realizes he still likes you, he knows you're there for him. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with scoping out a few new cuties Smile

Meghan D.

by KimberlyAlexis on 9/14/2012 10:23:21 PM

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