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Hopeless crush? 5 signs you need to move on

So you’ve had your eye on this one cutie for months now, and all your friends are telling ya to move on. (Plus, there’s a new...
93 Comments | Add Yours

Okay,so heres this I need some advice(:Okay so theres this guy i like and in band class he would always come and sit by me and talk to me Every day we had band.But then one day he found out that ive liked him.So he never sat next to me inand nymore.He would talk to me though but he wouldt sit next to me.He would of say hey i wouldnt say anything he would say hey again then i would of said hi(; When he talks his eyes Shine.But he has a girlfriend Can he still like me though?(;Then on the last days of school he came and sat by me and asked me to sign his Yearbook.He asked me to sign if i had one i said no now i wish i did!(;And he also knows i like him too.Today my friend gave me his numbr i said hi he said hi who are u i said nvm wrong mubr He said Wait..who are you?IM TOO SHY I NEED ADVICE!(;


Hey girlie! It sounds like he's flirting, but if he has a girlfriend, he shouldn't be! My advice is to be friends with him and focus on that.  You can be friendly, but try and keep the flirting to a minimum- hopefully he will, too.  xoxo

Kate G.

by JackieMalik24 on 8/2/2013 2:49:50 AM


well i kinda played my ex but I only keep breaking up with him because of my BFF but I still love him and I can feel he loves me back but her only says he likes me and I ad my friend break up with him on the day he tried to hold my hand for the first time will you please give me some advise I want to make things better

by 1D on 5/15/2013 7:54:15 PM


ok,so ive been hanging out with my crush throughout the weekened.and he told me he likes me too.he even put in his bio,that he has a crush.but he got sick.and he dosnt really text me or today when i looked at his bio,and i saw that he took the part that he has a crush out,the on his (a site to ask them questions) someone had put his name with hearts and he put hearts back. i feel really bad about myself now. what do i do?


Hey cooki3love, I think he still likes you. Maybe he only put the crush part in his bio because he was waiting for you to discover your feelings about him. But now that you know, he probably doesn't feel the need to include it anymore. As far as the he could've just been being nice. I have tumblr and when people send me smiley faces with questions, I always do the same thing in return. No worries. Xoxo Smile

Lynae P.

by cooki3love on 4/23/2013 4:54:01 PM


my crush does NONE of these things!! Laughing

by yummyhair99 on 4/19/2013 7:46:45 PM


I was walking through the hallway with my friend on Tuesday at lunch and we were walking past my crush and his friends. When we got close, out of the corner of my eye i noticed that him and ALL of his friends were watching me!I didnt look at them, instead i kept looking forward, even though i fully saw them all looking at me. Then when i turned the corner, i saw him put his hands in his pockets and stare at the floor. Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Thank youu!

Hey girlie,

I wouldn't read too much into it--it's not necessarily a sign of anything! Maybe if you were self-conscious, you might have imagined they were staring more than they actually were. If you want a better sense of whether or not your crush likes you, maybe you could get to know him as friends and see how he acts around you then. Good luck chica!

Meghan D.

by pokemon_girl11 on 2/8/2013 9:53:26 PM


I have a huge crush on one of my guy friends, and we have SO much in common, and he's really nice and I want to talk to him, but I'm always scared that he'll figure out that I like him because my friends have been mean and talking to him about me and making it obvious that i like him even when I ask them to stop. I also wrote a song about him, but I don't know if i should show him the lyrics becuse I'm not sure whether I want him to know I like him or not. What should I do? Frown

Hey JBgal33<3, well first it may be good to figure out how he feels about you first. Try talking with him and flirting a little, and then if you feel some chemistry, show him you like him. Then once you're sure he's into you show him the song lyrics. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by JBgal33♥ on 10/21/2012 11:45:31 AM


So, before I asked for advice about this guy, but I can't find the answer. I don't even know whether to call him my friend anymore, which is the problem. Long story short: we used to be best friends, I told him I liked him, and it didn't go well. It's funny, because the reason he didn't want to be with me was that he used to like me, but that I was more of a close friend. Now, whenever we talk, which is barely at all, it feels like I'm the one that has to go out of my way to talk to him, never the other way around. It's not even just about being a couple. I miss being friends. I don't know what to say to him. I don't know how to go about it without making things worse. I really, really, really, don't want to, but should I just give up and move on?

by LolliPops on 10/19/2012 5:11:28 PM


hey this guy i like told my 2 best friends he liked me but he didnt tell me?

If he told bother of your best friends, than he obviously wants you to know. He is probably shy and scared. Have your friends tell him to tell you, he probably needs someone to encourage him. It's difficult to tell someone that you like them! 
mailyse f.

by Willow2205 on 10/15/2012 4:03:14 PM


So there's this boy that I like and every time I look at him he's looking at me. Is that some type of sign? And I have two classes with him and I'm super shy is there anyway I can get him to talk to me? Thank you(:

Hey girl,

He might like you, or he might just be looking at you at the same time by chance. If you have two classes with him, you could start by talking to him about those! Talk about your assignments for the class, or set up a study date together. You'll be doing well in school and have a reason to hang out with him--double win!

Meghan D.

by Mind_MyMindless on 10/13/2012 11:29:13 PM


Ok so I am asking this on behalf of my BFFL. She likes this guy in our class, and has liked him for over a year now. She has never actually had a bf and isn't sure what to do but she reeeeeally likes him and I want to help her out. I've told her she should talk to him more and try to flirt, but she says she isn't sure how. What is some good advice I could give her?

by Sunny79 on 9/30/2012 6:47:41 PM


ugh i had a horrible end of the day, we were talking about bulling sitchs. like ones we saw, or ones we were the victim of, and i thought about somthing that happened to me a couple years ago, and i started crying infront of my whole english class.

Hey girl, I'm so sorry to hear that. Just put the day behind you though (it's done and tomorrow's going to be better) and be kind to yourself tonight. Bullying is a hard thing so definitely don't feel bad about being hurt by it. We all are.

Alyssa B.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/17/2012 6:46:51 PM


Omg I fell asleep! So sorry but yeah I do like him

by lilacmoonstream on 9/17/2012 6:26:50 AM


Yeah I also found out my BGF likes me, two pluses I don't get as nervouse around him, and he's really funny


Aww. Do you like him?  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 11:41:07 PM


Yea dontcha just love them brave people... My best guy friend is scared of one thing, me with a half gallon cooler water bottle during one of our water bottle fights XD


Haha, well I would be a little afraid too.  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 11:04:29 PM


She is! She may seem confused and just another pretty face but she's silly and very risk taking one time I dared her and she ran across the soccer field yelling " I like trey!!!" even though I said I was kidding!


Oh wow lol. She sounds like my bff. He isn't afraid of anything. 



Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 10:52:32 PM


Lol so u met Lilja? Shes my bff


Oh really? That's so cool. Yup she seemed really nice.  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 10:43:38 PM


Lol sorry my phone is messing up p.s. u r awesome without you today wouldn't have happened


No prob girly! And no withouth girls like you, GL wouldn't even exist!! Smile 

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 10:29:39 PM


lets see many guys looked at me but the weird thing was, i was talking to my 2nd bgf and he kept on looking at my chest. But I still had a good day for the rest of it, many compliments , perfect ego and the biggest smile I've even had


Well good. And yes boys do those kinds of things. I'm glad everything went good.  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 10:17:12 PM


lets see many guys looked at me but the weird thing was, i was talking to my 2nd bgf and he kept on looking at my chest. But I still had a good day for the rest of it, many compliments , perfect ego and the biggest smile I've even had

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 10:12:02 PM


Lol sorry, well I better get to sleep, big day tomorrow ;) I get to talk to my crush


Have a great day!!! Smile Smile 

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 10:01:25 PM


lets see many guys looked at me but the weird thing was, i was talking to my 2nd bgf and he kept on looking at my chest -.-

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 9:59:47 PM


Omg I loved it!


I know it's soo cute. Now you've got me thinking about my crush lol.  

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:57:20 PM


mod! Smile
hey lynae did you see my posts Smile


Hey girl, yep I wrote back to you on your page not too long ago. Let me know if you got it.  

Lynae P.

by lilacmoonstream on 9/16/2012 9:44:05 PM


There's also collie callats I think I'm falling for you


OMG! I love that song. If you like Lauren Conrad, there's a vid someone put together of her and Brody to it. You should check it out. Just type in "Lauren Conrad falling for you".  

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:42:39 PM


Omg why did I think of that song! XD


Lol see, crushing minds think alike. There's also her "Crazy in Love" 

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:34:07 PM


I think of my crush 27/7 I think I see him every where I see his name every where, he's even in my dreams. Am I crazy!? He's my first crush and I've liked him 4 three years this is the first time this has ever happened


Hey lilja, no you're def not crazy. Every heard deja vu by Beyonce? Well in the song she sings "Baby I can't go anywhere, without thinking that you're there, seems like you're everywhere it's true, got me having deja vu". Every girl has had a crush that they just can't seem to get their mind off of. I still have one of those lol. No worries, you're not alone. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 9:10:02 PM


Have any tips on how to b confident? Because I have wanted to talk to him for a while now but I always chicken out

Hey girl,

Check out this post about confidence, and remember that guys are probably as nervous to talk to you as you are to talk to them! Just start a casual conversation, you don't have to be too flirty! Even if you're nervous, just talking to him will make you more confident and let you get to know him better.

Meghan D.

by lilja on 9/16/2012 12:01:34 AM


i know this may sound stupid, but i really have to ask because i have no idea how. how do you flirt XD i have completely no idea! and im in 7th grade, so im asking the people i cant trust, how do you flirt?

Hey girl,

That's not a stupid question at all--we get asked about flirting all the time! Our guys channel has TONS of great posts about flirting--I'm linking you to our "Get a BF" section, which has great tips on talking to guys and ice breakers!

Meghan D.

by lilja on 9/15/2012 10:56:14 PM


i have a huge crush on this one guy in school, im very shy and whenever i try to talk to him i cant speak! the two reasons why i like him are, hes very sweet, shy and considerate, but also fun loving,and silly (around his friends). reason number 2 is his eyes, for some reason those bright icey blue eyes, with his kinda long brown hair (he flicks it alot), the freckles on the bridge of his nose, his long eye lashes, his smile, i guess you could say im head over heels for him. hes a straight A student, he is very patiant and never gets mad, hes an AMAZING soccer player, (lol like two inches shorter than me) and to top it all off he's really cute! idk if he likes me, but i catch him looking at me alot... we are both very shy people so its hard for me to tell him how i feel, and its hard for me to tell if he likes me. What should i do!!!


Hey girlie, talk to him! Get to know him a little better and start flirting. You can tell how much a boy likes you from the little things. Does he touch your arm when you're talking? Does he give you his full undivided attention? Talk to him, flirt with him and see how he acts. 

Lauren T.

by lilja on 9/15/2012 3:25:16 PM


Ok so there's this boy and I dated him already and we broke up cause he didn't want a girlfriend at the time and I thought I was over him but now he's crushing on my best friend and she's crushing back and im SOO not over him!! He used to tell me he loved me and was so sweet and we kissed and stuff but now he won't even really talk to me anymore. I know this is weird but I dream about him almost every night and he's on my mind 24/7 and it's like I don't like any other guy more than I do him and he txt me the other day and said that he was thinking about asking me out again maybe and he said he still likes me but I dont think he does anymore. Is their any way that I can make him like me again? And does it at least sound like he still likes me? Thank you!!

Hey girl,

It sounds like he is really confused about dating, so it might be best if you just stayed friends for a little while longer. He already knows you since you've dated before, so give him the space he needs to sort things out, and if he realizes he still likes you, he knows you're there for him. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with scoping out a few new cuties Smile

Meghan D.

by KimberlyAlexis on 9/14/2012 10:23:21 PM


i have a huge crush on this one guy in school, im very shy and whenever i try to talk to him i cant speak! the two reasons why i like him are, hes very sweet, shy and considerate, but also fun loving,and silly (around his friends). reason number 2 is his eyes, for some reason those bright icey blue eyes, with his kinda long brown hair (he flicks it alot), the freckles on the bridge of his nose, his long eye lashes, his smile, i guess you could say im head over heels for him. hes a straight A student, he is very patiant and never gets mad, hes an AMAZING soccer player, (lol like two inches shorter than me) and to top it all off he's really cute! idk if he likes me, but i catch him looking at me alot... we are both very shy people so its hard for me to tell him how i feel, and its hard for me to tell if he likes me. What should i do!!!

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! , Your Blog Patrol Babes

Meghan D.

by lilja on 9/14/2012 6:54:03 PM


I thought I was over my crush but today on the bus I saw him walking to his bus and I completely Melted and got butterflies in my stomach and during the whole bus ride I couldnt stop thinking about him! He used to be my soccer team mate for the YMCA but I'm not sure if he quit or something. Last year and this year every once in a while I catch him looking at me. I try to talk to him but most of the time all I can get out is "good job" or "suchinsuch says hi" I get so nervous around him. There was only one time when I didnt completely freak out when I looked at him and that was when he was in front of the whole class and I did hand signals to help him since he forgot. Every other time we meet I freak out (expesially the time at the school face where I tripped and grabbed on to the nearest thing, which ended up being his WRIST) I'm not sure if he likes me and I know I like him, just can't speak around him. HELP!


Hey Lilacmoonstream, whenever you see him staring at you wave and smile at him. Although the one time you weren't nervous around him was when you were giving him hand signals, you still maintained eye contact. You did it once and can do it again. When you get the courage, go up to him and ask him how he's been and how come he doesn't volunteer anymore. Hope this helps! You got it  girly! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by Lilacmoonstream on 9/13/2012 10:46:31 PM


Mod Mod Mod
So I like this guy but the only time I get to see Him is at the end of the day when everyone gets there instument from band.
And so one day everybody was trying to get out of band hall at the sametime, I was standing right behind him when some one pushed me,My instument case hit his and his hit the girl infront of him's backpack.
He turned around and yells "Dude you just made me hit that girl" Like i'm not a girl. Its not my fault i was pushed...And he has been rude to me since.

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! , Your Blog Patrol Babes


Meghan D.

by ncoe on 9/7/2012 6:13:47 PM


Okay so:
I skipped a grade (3rd) and still got amazing grades and was super smart etc. I was viewed as a nerd pretty much my entire elementary and still kinda am. (im in 8th.). In 7th grade I really made an effort to become popular. I bought a new wardrobe (mostly from Hollister.) and I actually started to look normal. I had 3 guys ask me out (one nerd, 2 boys a few years older then me.) I said no, because I still had this huge crush on this one guy: let's call him M. I've liked M since 4th grade. He's basically a farm boy, and I guess that's part of the reason I liked him. (I live on a farm to.). He is popular (kinda. A lot of girls like him.). I get so nervous and tense if I'm near him, but still, I really like M. So, this year in my science class, our teacher assigned us lab partners for the whole year. I got this boy as my partner. Let's call him C. Well, C is very flirty with me. Please see the next post so I can continue...

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! , Your Blog Patrol Babes


Meghan D.

by Emmabess on 9/7/2012 4:40:39 PM


Okay so i have a crush on this boy. but i almost never get to see him. i don't have his number either because i've only talked to him a few times, and i don't want to make the first move asking for his number.... but the bad thing is. his best friend is my best friend. and i think my best friend (which is his best bud) likes me... if that makes sense. so i don't want to say anything to anyone because i don't want my best friend knowing that i like his bud. because i don't want to hurt his feelings if he does like me!!! please help! Smile

Hey babe,

In this types of situations it's best to just be honest. If you really like this guy then be up front with your best friend! If you don't clear the air between you two, things might get awkward. Plus, if your friend is clear about your feelings and he does like you, that may help him to move on. Good luck! xoxo 
Alexis G.

by alexislex112 on 9/6/2012 12:09:46 PM


Okay I have a crush on this guy that i see at all of the parties my parents take me to( my parents take me to parties every weekend) and i really like him but i dont know if he likes me back he flirts with me all the time we talk a lot, he tickles me sometimes, when we sit on the couch and one of us is tired we lean on each other. also he doesnt act like this with the other girls at our parties. I would think that he likes me but he has a gf and we've known each other for 2 or 3 yrs now and he has never asked me out. Sometimes he acts like he really likes me and other times he acts like he just wants to be friends.
What i need to know is should i move on or should i keep trying? and If u think he likes me or not?

by kelly112467 on 9/4/2012 9:48:47 PM


mod mod mod
ok so i do have a crush on this guy in my class. he doesn't really talk to girls a lot. he's really nice
he loves his friends and playing sports. I'm not sure if he likes me or not. Cuz he does look at me during class sometimes and he doesnt treat girls really any differently what do you think?! plz help 😃

Hey girl,

Boys are confusing, trying talking to him one on one, or talking to some of his friends. You'll never know if you never try! 
Alexis G.

by cupcakelover295 on 9/3/2012 10:31:49 AM


So, I really like this guy. But I tell my friends it's a little crush because they tease me a little because this will be the second year in a row. Sometimes, I sneak looks at him during class and I notice him looking at me. He makes a few jokes with me occasionally but never actually talks to me. I really want to ask him what's going on but I never have the guts. I just have no clue what to do! Any advice?

Hey girl,

He might like you or he might just want to be friends, but either way, there's no harm in striking up a friendly conversation! Getting to know him as friends will give you clues about how he feels about you as more than that.

Meghan D.

by Doggybobo on 8/31/2012 10:19:44 PM


My crush is like a brother to me !!

by Bluesong28 on 8/29/2012 7:01:38 AM


Ok so my crush is like a brother to me are moms are best friends and so it is really awkward I talk to him and he treats me like a Sister so what should I do


Hey! honestly it's great that you're such good friends with your crush. If you play it cool he might see you as more than a sister in his own time. since your moms are friends it might be a bad move to tell him how you feel. since you'll see eachother all the time anyway it's safer  to stay friends than to risk feeling awkward when you hang out.

Helen S.

by bluesong28 on 8/28/2012 7:14:06 PM


Ok I like a guy and I have know him since we were born our moms are best friends and if I tell my mom she will tell his mom if I tell him then he will tell his mom who will tell my mom for sure I am not sure if he likes because he treats me like his sister!! What shoul I do!!

by bluesong28 on 8/28/2012 7:05:43 PM


The guy I like is like a brother to me his mom and my mom are bff's so if I told my mom she would tell his mom and then it would be awkward so what should I do he doesn't like me but I like him

by bluesong28 on 8/28/2012 6:29:05 PM


Back before summer started, I was really close with my best guy friend. Then something happened, and he got mad at me and completely stopped talking to me. Now I realize how bad that was of me, and I am really sorry. I want to be good friends with this guy again like before, but I don't know if it will happen or not. How can I get things back to where they used to be like good old times? I want him to be my BGF again this school year. Thanks so much for the help! Smile (sorry so long!)


Hey chicky! Apologize sincerely and talk to him about knowing you were wrong.  Hopefully, he'll forgive you.  It might take time to get back to where it was, and it might NEVER be exactly like it was, but as long as you're sincere and apologize honestly, you've done everything you could to make things right. xoxo 

Kate G.

by Run4Life28 on 8/28/2012 3:51:57 PM


Theres this boy that I dated in 7th grade for about 4-5 months and then we broke up cause he thought I liked another boy, which I didn't.But when we broke up he started calling me a Whore, Bitch, Slut and many other bad names. And he starting flirting with my Bestfriend and she was too and had a Boyfriend! We got in a fight but about the whole name calling its really getting to me and making me depressed. We broke up in March. But were still not talking. I don't like him anymore but I really miss being his friend. Part of the reason we broke up is because he changed. He was really sweet and sensitive but he's not now. Sorry it so long! What should I do? And should I forget about all of this? I try but it's hard to he was my first real boyfriend. We kissed and everything.. Please help! Thanks alot!


Hey girlie,

Whoa, what a jerk! Why would you miss being his friend? I know it's hard to go from "girlfriend" to not even speaking, because he was such a part of your life before. But you don't want someone this negative in your life. Someone who has no problem calling you those names is NOT a good friend. He might've been mad, he might've been confused, or he might've just been being himself. Either way, steer clear of him! I know he was your first real BF and you'll always have SOME feelings there, but that doesn't mean you're meant to be together or even be friends. You deserve so much better than this - so surround yourself with your friends, throw yourself into your hobbies, and let time pass. You'll feel way better after you spend some time (and realize you can be happy) on your own <3 

Lauren C.

by Avery. (: on 8/23/2012 9:45:33 PM


I've like this guy for over a year now and when it comes to talking to him, I basically am lost. Like, I try, I really do! I just go completely blank! It never used to be like this though. Last year I talked to him no problemo, now I just stutter and smile like an idiot. He's also taller than me which makes it even worse for some reason. This year has to be the year that I prove I'm not the completely shy/silent little girl anymore. I also noticed that he does notice when I get a hair cut (not that he complements it though, just points it out), he does ask me questions and tries to talk to me sometimes, and sometimes it seems like he may like me too and other times it's the opposite. I'm a sophmore for heavens sake, it's time I change. How do I do it? Thanks so much!<3



Hey girlie,

Instead of putting yourself on the spot and trying to be clever all the time, try to ask him questions! Make him do some of the talking. Don't focus on "changing" yourself and becoming super talkative. Instead, challenge yourself to get to know him better. Ask him something about his favorite band or TV show, then throw in your two cents. That's what convos are about - back and forth, sharing something and going with the flow. It sounds like he enjoys talking to you, so don't be shy! <3 Get in there and see how it goes!

Lauren C.

by Princess6066 on 8/23/2012 8:50:39 PM


Well there is this guy I know since 5th grade(I'm in 9th grade now). He always has been mean to me calling me names, saying that I will never get a BF and over mean things. A few days ago he said that he loved me for already 4 years. I'm totally confused what should I do? Why was he mean if he liked me? Help me please! I have been avoiding him because I don't know what to do around him. Heeeeeelllppp!!!!!


Hey girlie! Guys can be mean if they like you to act "cool" (I know, it doesn't work, but they all think it does...).  If you like him, let him know, but if you don't want to be around this meanie, let him know you don't apprecate how mean he has been and stay away! xoxo  

Kate G.

by mininami28 on 8/21/2012 9:54:37 AM


This is really great advice I followed it and now I know I need to move on

by Bg66 on 8/20/2012 9:00:45 PM


Thanks Megan D. I think I just needed reassurance. Looks aren't my first priority, but thanks for that advice, too! I don't really know the second guy because he is new, so I will totally try to build a friendship with him. Thanks again!!!

by Rey on 8/18/2012 11:31:49 AM


I have really liked a guy for about a year now, but now that we are in different classes, we have grown distant. I still want to hang out with him, but he isn't like what he used to be. And, when I did the thing above, my crush had 3 out of 5. Then there is another guy, who is in my class and he is very polite, smart, and bonus: he is cute, AND taller than me! So, basically what I am asking is that should I move on? And if you have any other suggestions or advice, I am up for it.

Hey girl,

Only you can decide your feelings about which guy you like! I hope that height and appearance in general isn't a factor in your decision, though -- try focusing on their personalities and which one you enjoy spending time with. And there's no rush to choose since you're not dating either one of them! There's no harm in hanging out with each of them as friends and seeing where things go from there!

Meghan D.

by Rey on 8/17/2012 11:33:21 PM


I joined marching band this summer and there is a guy there that I am really starting to like. We are friends on facebook, but when I sent him a message he didn't respond. How else can I talk to him? I want to be friends first, so I don't want to be flirty right away. Thanks!!

Hey girl,

If he's not responding on facebook, try building a relationship in person first! You can talk to him without being flirty, so try striking up a conversation about band or your schools to get to know him better!

Meghan D.

by Bornagain on 8/17/2012 9:23:27 PM


So, I've liked this guy for about two years now. It started with me crushing on him really hard and then kinda fading away. Sometimes I catch him looking at me but we never really talk because it's a little awkward. I had my friend ask him if he liked me and he said that he thought I was nice but wasn't ready to date. Plus, I thought I was over him for a while and then when my BFF started to get a little friendly with him, I got mad because I was positive she liked him!
Am I just crushing pathetically hard or does he really seem to like me?

Hey girl,

If he's not ready to date, you have to believe him! If your bff likes him, that's a different story, but it sounds like he's not ready to date either one of you. It's okay to still like him, but remember that he's not ready for a relationship yet, so you have to stay friends at least for now!

Meghan D.

by Doggybobo on 8/17/2012 8:21:02 PM


This guy I have liked for a while was acting kinda different. During shool, he always used to give me his Gshock (wrist watch). He always asked me for help on schoolwork or homework. Sometimes, he palyfully punches me in the arm or on my back. He also, omce, came up behind me and tickeld me. We don't text though, we usually just talk at school. Does he like me, or does he just like me as a friend? What should I do?


Hey chica! Since I don't knowthe guy, it's hard to tell if he's crushin' or if he like you as a friend.  Why not get to know him a little bit better by asking for his number and chatting with him over text to? Then you can flirt with him a little and see if he flirts back. xoxo 

Kate G.

by NicoleMarie27 on 8/15/2012 3:32:47 AM


IDK What to do!! Ive really like the same guy since 5th grade (going into 8th) but we dont really talk or anything... A lot of my friends are convinced he likes me.. But i dont want to make the first move... Ive seen him like stare at me when we walk by in the hallways. Should i give up on him???


Hey girl! Instead of giving up on him, try getting to know him better by talking to him and flirting a little! xoxo 

Kate G.

by justkeepswimmin98 on 8/13/2012 3:13:04 PM


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by mollyloves_26 on 8/10/2012 10:30:08 PM


Thankyou Lauren C. That really helped!

<3 you're welcome!! 
Lauren C.

by katiebieber on 8/9/2012 11:58:26 PM


I need help! Me and this guy have been talking for over 2 months now, and we were CRAZY for eachother in the beginning. Now hes kinda faded. We dont talk as much! We're not dating yet, but I've been wanting to hangout with him for over 2 weeks, and this Saturday we might hangout because we never do, and hes not making a real effort to ask his 'rents if he can. Should I move on? Please help! thankyou Smile

Hey girlie,

It's totally normal for crushes to be fiery and exciting at first, then kinda cool down after some time goes by. That sounds like what happened here - it was new and different at first, but then he kinda lost interest. It's a bummer, but it's not you - it happens all the time! If you've made an effort and he doesn't seem interested enough to make the plans, don't get hung up on him. You both have to put out the effort or it's never gonna work anyway! So if he's pulling away or being difficult, don't let it get to you. Spend the day doing something you love instead, or with your besties, or trying a new hobby/activity. And remember you're awesome - you deserve a guy who can't wait to make plans with you! <3
Lauren C.

by katiebieber on 8/9/2012 11:02:31 PM


I have a crush on my BGF, but only one of my friends know. Him and I are always hanging out, and we flirt a lot, we text often, but usually I have to text him first. He used to like my friend and she said she always had to text him first cause he was too shy. WHen I walk in the door people will tell him I am here and he'll immediatly come over and hang out with me. All of out friends say we should date because we are perfect for each other. Him and I both have been asked multiple times if the other one likes us. People will catch him flirting woith me or saying something, and they'll challenge him to see if he likes me but then he gets all quite and gets embarresed. He is playfully mean to me, and he flirts and ant to be with me ALL the time. And everyone is trying to get us together, when someone brings it up he doesn't deny it he just shrugs. Do you think he like me? sorry for it being so long

Hey girlie,

He definitely sounds like he's showing some signs of liking you - flirting, being around you a lot, teasing you, etc. Try not to focus on what everyone else THINKS you should do or what they're saying. Instead, pay attention to how he treats you. Does he treat you differently from his other female friends? Is he naturally a flirty person? You said he's shy, so I'm thinking probably not. Trying flirting a little back and see how he responds! If he turns up the flirt factor, keep it going. We don't know him personally so we can't say for sure - you gotta get to know him even better and learn how he acts when he has a crush! Then you'll have a better idea Smile
Lauren C.

by kassidy1096 on 8/9/2012 8:44:19 PM


so i like this guy and hes from spain and i thought we really connected when he came to visit america (he's my guy friend's close family friend and was coming to stay with him for a month) but then he went back to spain and the only way of connecting with him is thorugh facebook and I poked him when he was online but he didnt poke me back...should i try messaging him or is he just not interested?

 Hey girl! Long distance relationships can be hard to handle, so it may be best to let go of this guy.  You can always try to message him, but keep it friendly Smile xxoo
Maggie P.

by OMG123 on 8/9/2012 1:13:14 PM


Need advice? Our chica's have you covered!
Oh, Boy!
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xoxo camigal

by camigal on 8/8/2012 2:26:18 PM


wow thanks for this artical it made me cry

by presleyns on 8/7/2012 9:36:03 PM


I need help! soo say you liked this guy and you became friends with him and he starts to like you. But then after a while you realize that he isn't for you. how do you tell him that you don't like him anymore without hurting his feeling or ruinig the friendship

by nylaaa14 on 8/7/2012 4:27:38 PM


I really like this guy, but he's going to a boarding school and i'm probably never going to see him again, what should i do?


Hey girl! I answered this question a little but ago, but unfortunately it boils down to the fact that your'e gonna have to find a new guy.  You don't want to date him if he's never around, and since you won't be seeing him, it'll be easier to move on. xoxo

Kate G.

by alliestyles on 8/7/2012 11:28:54 AM


MOD! MOD! MOD! talk about hopeless crushes i always like guys who already have gfs, what is up with that? i can't help it, how can i stop and go after the single boys? please help!


Hey chica! You might like guys who aren't available.  Some girls just gravitate to guys who they can't have (the thrill of a crush is super fun).  Just because you're crushing on one guy, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't flirt with other guys, so talk to the single guys around you- you might not be head over heels for them right away, but you might find you still like them! xoxo 

Kate G.

by rubyeve13 on 8/7/2012 9:01:46 AM


Helen s.

It's no fun cuz i always miss him the moment after i talk to him and i think about him all the time!

by JBgal33♥ on 8/6/2012 9:59:55 PM


I'm dying right here!(not literally!!) I posted generally this same comment before but i got no reply. I have a crush on this guy n we have a lot in common ni one time showed up at his play n i had said i wouldnt n when he saw me he said hi really excited and happy. Does he like me? Plus, i always catch him looking at me.


Hey! It sounds to me like you really like this guy Smile congrats, it can be fun to have a crush. The best way to deal with this is to be his friend and see if something more happens naturally. I have seen so many girls get hurt and ruin friendships because they "had to know" if someone liked them, and they asked the guy about it and made the whole situation awkward. I even did that myself when I was younger. It's better to have a secret crush on your friend than to have a public crush on your ex-friend. good luck!   

Helen S.

by JBgal33♥ on 8/6/2012 6:55:30 PM


so, it's my freshman year and we've only been in school since last Wednesday. well there is this cute guy that used to go to my elementary school in 3rd-6th grade. i kinda developed a crush on him then but he moved away. now he's in my Lifetime Wellness class (basically a cross between Health and Physical Education)and he's so much cuter. we do the same extra curricular (but at the same time it's different) and we've talked a little in class but i don't know if he has a phone or Facebook and i don't even think he likes me... i'm just not sure what to do from this point on forward...
thanks for reading.


hey! Just keep chatting with him when you can and become his friend Smile 

Helen S.

by klbugg97 on 8/6/2012 5:52:27 PM


the guy i like complements me and he doesnt have a phone so we cant text and he is homeschooled so he doesnt get out as much as i do. i cant tell if he flirts with other girls because the only girls i ever see him talk to are mine and his friends and i guess i just might not notice it. we talk about or lives every so often and he will ask questions and we could talk for hours(if we had the time). And sometimes it looks like we are a couple to other people and he seems he likes me on and off. i always get over him over the summer and then i see him again and im think oh-no i like him... again. should i keep crushin' or try harder to move on


Hey girl! No problem in crushin', this guy sounds good! Why not take the leap and ask him to see a movie with your friends and his friends? xoxo 

Kate G.

by ealaplante on 8/6/2012 1:07:05 PM


hey! So I'm staying at a family friends house for a few weeks. It's really great, except one thing- I REALLY need to shave my pits :/ I forgot my razor! I can't go buy one myself, because I'm in a different country.... so how should I ask for one? I'm pretty close with the lady, but not very. What should I say?


Hey girl!

If you're staying with the family, I'm sure they have some extra toiletries around the house for guests. Shaving your armpits isn't an embarrassing thing! Pretty much every single woman does it, so just ask! I'm sure if she doesn't have an extra one around the house she'd be happy to get one for you. 

Rachael A.

by eemmais1 on 8/6/2012 1:55:33 AM


Hey girlies! I haven't been on GL for two weeks, I just came back from my vacation in Ontario Smile you girls are awesome Smile

by hermionegirl12 on 8/5/2012 8:29:26 PM


Now I am sure my crush doesnt really like me.... moving on! Hopefully this school year there will be more cute guys to crush on! Since where i live TONS of people move in and out! Gotta get my cuteness on!

by Fashion designer on 8/5/2012 6:02:35 PM


Thats actually funny because i'm crushin on a guy who is from england...but he's in another school...

by live.laugh.guitr on 8/5/2012 11:46:51 AM


So I liked this one boy all school year and he never seemed too interested in me. As summer came around he started to seem more interested and now he seems full on I love you type way to me. The only problem is I don't really like him anymore...What should I do??


Hey girlie,

Ughhh, crushes and relationships really ARE totally about timing, aren't they? If only he liked you like this 6 months ago! But the truth is, you can't change how you feel and you can't go back in time. There's no reason to turn him down flat and make him feel bad, so try to steer the convo away from flirting and toward more friendly things. He'll sense you feeling uncomfy with the flirting and will (hopefully) take the hint. If not and he actually gets to the point where he asks you out, be nice but firm: tell him that he's so sweet to ask, but you think you'd be better off as friends. Apologize and make sure he knows that you do value him as a friend - and that's all you can do. Be nice, but don't lead him on <3 You can't fake how you feel! 

Lauren C.

by alison99 on 8/5/2012 1:39:40 AM


My crush might be HOPless?? Noooo... wouldn't want that... I like watching him jump around! Hehe.. Love you, GL. Smile

by girlygirl22werock on 8/4/2012 10:01:56 PM


I agree with all of these, but the first. I think boys who don't know how to handle their feelings often try to get reactions out of girls.

by smileitsjulia on 8/4/2012 9:52:11 PM


Hey gals, if ya think ya have a chance come to me for a little help on what to say! AQ Sunbreath at your service!

by Sunbreath on 8/4/2012 6:11:59 PM


hahah typo. Hopeless has an e in it Smile

by Bluejaye221 on 8/4/2012 5:56:17 PM


I'm going into high school and I'm stressing about Homecoming. My friend was also worried that she wouldn't get a date but she said it would be pathetic to go with a friend or friends. What if I don't get a date? I never thought it was weird to go with friends, but is it?
P.S. I don't have a bf


I don't think it's weird to go with friends at all. Homecoming is more casual and everyone intermingles and has fun. So I don't think its necessary to have a date at all. Especially if you dont have a boyfriend. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by Bluejaye221 on 8/4/2012 5:55:45 PM


Okay so youve probably helped me before with this certain asituation, since ive had about 4 posts progressing with need of help of my 16 yeaar old crush, though im only 13. He was texting me the other day and i asked him whats new? He said almost got a chick preggo. I said really? he said yeah she pranked me. I asked if it as his gf. He said no, Friends with benifits. Then he said, hey gotaa go, im at my girls house, ttyl. I was crying and heartbroken. He seemed so sweet and nice, U wouldnt expet this from him, Heck I DIDNT excpeect this from him. How can i move on? He meant the world to me. I almost thoought i loved him. Please just help me get over him, Everyday i regret ever falling for him, but i look at it as if Its all my fault. Why does he hate me so much to tell me that? We were like super good friends... :_( I just feel like my world is crashing down on me , please help me find way to get over it.


Just because he told you that, it doesnt mean he hates you and wanted to hurt you. He probably wanted to brag that he has a "friends with benefits" because he thinks he's cool. I suggest you move on from him and completely forget about him. I know you care about him but he's not worth your time. You will be ok in time. Just focus on yourself and everything else will fall into place. xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by xBlessTheBroken on 8/4/2012 5:15:27 PM


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by tennischic2000 on 8/4/2012 4:43:15 PM


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by Gracie206 on 8/4/2012 3:23:24 PM


Hopeless is spelled with an e. Laughing

by WinnieGirlie on 8/4/2012 2:21:08 PM


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by camigal on 8/4/2012 2:01:26 PM


Hey Gracie206, talk to your friends and see what's up. Let them know it hurt your feelings that they were saying mean things,. They may have been just trying to joke with you and didn't mean to offend you. I don't know why you're having chest and breathing problems. If it gets worse I would call your doctor and get checked out. It may not be anything serious but just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MOMODMOD 1 .I went on a trip yesterday with a group and I had fun but my parents went to and asked if I wanted to go with them I thought I would have fun with the group but we just walked around and my friends said some mean things I don't know if they meant it or not hey boys seem nicer but I don't know how to hang out with them cuz they are I a 3-5 guy group with my crush what should I do I'm having headaches and stomach aches about it? 2.I'm having chest paid. Around my heart it hurts but I breath slow and it stops its like I can only breath half way what is it?Thx Lynae P.

by Gracie206 on 8/4/2012 1:09:49 PM


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by beauty4girls on 8/4/2012 12:36:05 PM


hmm...applying these to my crush isn't so helpful...

"he flirts with other girls"
he doesn't really flirt, i'm not sure if he knows how. he's very chatty with everyone, so i guess that's almost the same, if he leaves a conversation with me, but he doesn't usually unless he has to go to class or his stage cue is coming up.

"he never compliments you"
in his way, he does. he notices things, but not necessarily things that are compliment-worthy.

"he takes forever to respond"
i don't text him, or talk to him anywhere except school or if i run into him out somewhere. but he never ignores me when i talk to him, and he never brushes me off, even if he has to go.

"he doesn't ask questions about you"
that's all he does! not always about me, as in interests. well, yeah, and then he asks why i do or don't like/do certain things, why i find certain things funny, why i'm having an [adjective] day, etc...

"your gut's saying he doesn't like you"
big time!!!=/

by the_last_ninja on 8/4/2012 11:19:00 AM


Hey GLrockz, you guys could play truth or dare, musical chairs, hide and seek, watch a movie or play board games. Hope this helps and have fun!! Xoxo

MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!! my birthday party is on wendsday and i dont know what kind of games to play or a theme if you have any ideas please write back asap! thanks!!!! Lynae P.

by GLrockz on 8/4/2012 11:06:38 AM


Hey cutiecupcakegirl17, yeah it may be good to cut back on the smiley faces. That could give him the impression that you like him. I would keep it very straight forward, still nice but not too nice. And if he does say something flirty I would change the subject. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod Mod Mod!!
okay so this guy has been texting/fb messaging me and he's nice but I don't having feelings for him and I"m not going to (it's just one of those things where I'm totally sure I won't) and I'm not sure if he likes me or not but if he does I don't want to be leading him on! So, how do you talk to a guy without leading him on? I don't even KNOW how to flirt, but I do use a lot of smiley faces and idk I'm just worried that he's going to feel like I'm leading him on! Help! Lynae P.

by cutiecupcakegirl17 on 8/4/2012 2:06:43 AM


Hey xXKattXx, mhmm yeah I think he is just flirting with you. Although it is a little awkward that just may be the way he does it. So no worries girl just keep playing along. Xoxo

MODMODMOD I don't know if this article goes with my crush. He's 17 (I'm 15). It's on and off with him. He told my brother he likes me and gave me a hug, but we talked today. It wasn't so nice. We were talking friendly then he calls me the b word. (Apparently to be fun. I noticed he does that to other girls that are his friends...why?) Then he said he loved me right afterwards. I said "Sure sounds like it. Guess I love you too :/" Then he goes "Eww I'm not gay!" WHAT?! I came up with a great comeback, too. I've heard of teasing a girl when you like her, but is this it?! He's much older than me. So his type of flirting is different than mine?! I could tell he was trying to be funny and didn't mean it personally. What should I say? Lynae P.

by xXKattXx on 8/4/2012 1:46:52 AM


Hey girls!
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by MarMar1317 on 8/4/2012 12:36:10 AM


Those are good for everyone to read. How many friends do we have who constantly wonder if a guy likes them. I am going to spread the signs around next time one of my friends asks if I think a certain guy likes them. Also if you flirt and he doesnt flirt back, that is one of the biggest signs that he isnt into you.

by fashionqn on 8/4/2012 12:09:01 AM

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