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How to get in on any convo

I have good friends at camp, but when I ask what they’re talking about, this one girl gets really mad. How can I tell her to...
39 Comments | Add Yours

I have this guy friend. Recently, he's been avoiding me. I found out from his friend(after begging) that he think that I have a crush on him, so his solution was to just avoid me. I don't like him like that, he's just my friend. What should I do? Should I just avoid him since he is avoiding me??


Hey cutie2000, since he's avoiding you, explain to his friend that you don't have romantic feelings for him. That you just want to be buddies. Hopefully he'll come back around. Let me know what happens! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by cutie2000 on 8/6/2013 7:16:51 PM


I have trouble fitting in because I'm extremely shy, I'm just wondering if there's anything to make me less shy in front of people, please help.

by cosmiclove1999 on 2/21/2013 11:11:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I need help! My older sister said something to me that really hurt me. We were talking about who is going to be the most popular freshman in my grade (when i get to highschool) She said my two friends and that no one really knows me... It hurt me because its kind of true, Don't get me wrong, i have a ton of girlfriends who i hang out with all the time. But boys at my school defintly don't know me. This seriously makes me upset. In 5th grade i had so many more friends!My BFF suggested that maybe i should get a facebook so stay connected more. I seriously need advice to prove my sister wrong!

Hey girl,

Relax! Popularity is really overrated--it doesn't matter how many friends you have, but that you have good relationships with them! So if you have a lot of friends you spend time with, that's great and is really all you need! Don't worry about being connected or having a certain number of friends--just focus on strengthening the relationships you do have. And don't worry about not knowing boys in high school yet! You will meet them through class and clubs, and they'll get to know you once you're there.

Meghan D.

by marylofal16 on 12/17/2012 7:28:19 PM


mod mod mod
I was really good friends with a girl in the grade above me -almost best friends- because she didnt have any friends in her grade. she was sweet, girly, and kind. now these twins moved into her class. they can be nice, but violent. they write violent stories and arent the girly calm type. now she is like best friends with them. i went to her party last year with the twins and it was fun. but now my friend is rly violent and isnt as nice as before. im sad because now we dont rly consiter eachother friends. when the twins and my "friend" are with eachother they are always fighting playfully but it rly bothers me. we dont have anything in common now Frown. her birthday is coming up and i was not invited to her party. do you think i should try to be friends with her or should i let her go?


Hey girlie, I think it might be time to let her go. It sounds like she's changed too much and even though you miss who she used to be, she's probably not someone you want to be friends with now.  

Lauren T.

by Carrie_Underwood on 9/30/2012 5:09:39 PM



Ok, so my good friend has been acting different lately. She's been into heavy metal music and sad quotes. Yesterday, she was telling her teachers that she lost her voice (she wrote it down). Then, after we took our pictures, she whispered to me and told me she didn't really loose her voice. She then showed me scratches on her arms and neck and told me her mom scratched her on purpose and dug into her neck and told her that she hated her. I asked her if she told an adult. She said no and she didn't want me to tell anyone. Should I tell someone? I know she doesn't want me too, but I'm really worried about her.

by AvatarTLA on 9/20/2012 7:53:39 PM


That same thing happened to me. I just tell that chick to let me talk to her or I'll tell mommy.

Hey I wanna talk to you
But you're acting crazy
So just accept me
Or I'll tell mommy

It's hard to talk
With you baby
If you're being mean
Now I'll tell mommy

I just wanna be your friend. Is that so bad?
Is it that bad? Is it really that bad?
Stop yelling at me and getting all mad.
It's driving me mad. I'm telling mommy.

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/20/2012 5:11:52 PM


JOIN CLUB ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Anything you want to talk about? We can do it here! I have good advice to share. Also, I am a FANTASTIC debater, and I'm sure you are too, so we can have a nice debate in this club. Positions are open, why not join?

by puddinface7 on 8/19/2012 9:07:45 PM


Well last year I moved and I made a few friends but most of them either moved/turned out not to be very nice. How do I make friends this year? I'm really shy so it's hard. Thanks!


Hey chica! Try joining a new club or sitting with a new girl on the first day.  Since you were a new girl, you know how nice it is to have someone reach out to you, so return the favor! Joining a new club will let you meet people you have stuff in common with.  Good luck! xoxo 

Kate G.

by genieinabottle on 8/16/2012 11:52:25 AM


why are guys obsessed with boobs?


Hey girlie! Good question- so good, in fact, we asked Bill & Dave! 

Kate G.

by animal lover 2012 on 8/10/2012 10:15:29 AM


Hey Guys! Do you need any advice? Someone to talk to? Join my club, Ask Allie! I am a great listener! XOXO

by alliestyles on 8/9/2012 1:08:46 PM


Need advice? Our chica's have you covered!
Oh, Boy!
club on my profile
xoxo camigal

by camigal on 8/8/2012 2:39:07 PM


I've emailed Carol for advised 1 month ago I got no reply, I tried again 2 weeks ago still no reply. Was I suppose to email her or mail a letter?


Hey girl! Carol gets TONS of letters, so it takes awhile for her to filter through them.  She also doesn't pick all of the letters she gets to be answered on or the magazine.  If you need advice right away, the mods are here to help you out! xoxo 

Kate G.

by hinatagal on 8/8/2012 1:47:57 AM


So i have been in this club/group for a few weeks now and I still havent made any friends. Im kinda shy so its hard for me to go up to someone and start talking. Sometimes the othe girls come up to me and talk and thats great but they dont do that every time. And I dont think half of the girls even no my name so ya. What can I do to make friends?

Hey girl!

I'm shy too so I feel ya. First of all, you are probably putting way too much pressure on yourself. Remember, the other girls aren't expecting hilarious anecdotes or though provoking questions. Try approaching a girl and comment about the club activity. Did you think soccer practice was super tough today? Say so! Compliments also help

best of luck

simone s.

by stephanie11110 on 8/7/2012 2:04:38 PM


thanks but i seriously do not say anything about 1d i talk to her about 1d like once in a while! but thanks for the help

by pandasrock292 on 8/7/2012 10:50:36 AM


i have a bff problem. one of my bffs is like obsessed with harry potter. its like all she talks about! harry potter is good, but its really annoying! i hate harry potter now because that is ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT! and when i told her to stop it (nicely) she got mad and said that she put up with my obsession with one direction but i dont talk about 1d constantly!


Hey chicky! Are you sure you don't go on about 1D as much as she talks about HP?  You might not notice it because you love them, but we all tend to talk about the things we love endlessly.  Try and promise each other not to talk about HP OR 1D and instead find a new thing you both love. xoxo 

Kate G.

by pandasrock292 on 8/7/2012 9:30:16 AM


Hey we're all pretty girls and we all have problems right?!

Blog about it babes!

*****come check out my NEW club! Pretty Girl Problems <3***

In need of a...

*Fashion Police
*Health Nut

Comment on the page for an application! (:

xoxo *muah<3

by beauty4girls on 8/6/2012 2:16:03 PM


How do I create a club? And how do i join one. Sorry for asking a pretty dumb question but i need help.


No prob, girl Smile Check out the left sidebar of the site - that's where the links to our Club pages can always be found! For now, check out our Rules of the Road for clubs to get started: 

Lauren C.

by GirlyChic on 8/5/2012 10:55:39 AM


I always just listen and see if I can work in a stray comment or two and if I can't at least I learn something about the other people and might can bring it up later if we're by ourselves or conversation ever dies down in a group or something...

by Acutiebookworm on 8/5/2012 2:05:05 AM


Hey everyone! I'm active on this site again, so my club is up and running. It's called Club Girl. We need positions to be filled, so check that out! Or if you need advice, any questions will be answered within 3 days unless you are told otherwise. I'm really looking forward to talking to all you guys. I'm looking to make new friends also. Looking for a pen pal? Hit me up! If you have any questions about the club or anything else, don't be shy!


by ana*marie on 8/4/2012 7:35:36 PM


mod mod mod!
at what age should i get my first mammogram? i'm almost 15 so i am just curious

by Kalulah on 8/4/2012 5:11:15 PM


Hey spacemadness, besides being a hand symbol for a fraternity I don't know of any other meaning. Xoxo

I keep seeing the okay sign (the hand with three fingers up and thumb and index making a circle) and wonder why its so popular? Is there some other teenage meaning of it besides a-ok? Haha thanks. Lynae P.

by spacemadness on 8/4/2012 4:00:01 PM


Looking for VP and Fashion police Hiya Join Advice Queen ! We have advice about boys ,crushes,how to stay fit,Bff troubles,Best makeup,Anything!!!!!!!! Ask, Join,Love!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

by Gracie206 on 8/4/2012 3:25:12 PM


Hey vintage50, aww I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. Yes girl, unfortunately periods can do this to you. Try asking your parents for some medicine. It may also be good to put a heating pad on your back or stomach to ease the pain. Even taking a hot bath may help. Hope you feel better! Xoxo

so i just got my period yesterday, and have been feeling a lot of pain. lower back, abdomen, and cramps. i have also been having some stomach problems (like diharea) is this normal? please help meee... Lynae P.

by vintage50 on 8/4/2012 2:46:38 PM


Hey we're all pretty girls and we all have problems right?!

Blog about it babes!

*****come check out my NEW club! Pretty Girl Problems <3***

In need of a...

*Fashion Police
*Health Nut

Comment on the page for an application! (:

xoxo *muah<3

by beauty4girls on 8/4/2012 12:37:32 PM


Hey veggigurl, aw no I'm sorry this happened to you. I think right now you should just focus on you. Take care of your body, keep your hair and nails done and wear stylish clothes. Once you feel good about yourself, you won't worry about what anyone has to say about you. Go back to school with your head held high and a smile on your face. If people see you're unaffected by what happened last year, they won't see a reason to tease you. You'll make some new friends, and good ones this time. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Mod Mod Mod! Okay so last year, I moved to a new state. At first I was (honestly) a TOTAL loser. By 3rd quarter though, I had cleaned up my act and gotten pretty popular. I had a lot of friends. Then, I started hanging out with 2 girls-I'll call them Tanya & Darby. They didn't have a ton of friends. Just each other. But we instantly clicked, and were inseparable. That's when the guys turned against me. Not the girls, the guys. I was constantly being called a lesbian, w****,s***, and fake b****. Now me and Darby haven't even talked all summer, and me and Tanya are distant. I don't know how to come back from that reputation. It's a new year, and I wanna start out fresh, but i don't know how. I'm sorry this is so long, but in my experience its easier to know the whole story before I give advice. (: a million thanks! <3<3<3 Lynae P.

by veggigurl on 8/4/2012 3:01:35 AM


Hey, Leah!
That's my club! Why don't you join? The club is for anyone and everyone! I dish out any kind of advice. From fashion dilemmas to boy problems, and everything in between, I've heard it all! Just join and ask away! I'll always give you an answer that will help you out!

by Inspiration on 8/3/2012 11:37:26 PM


Need help with styling your hair? Need to know the perfect hairstyle for that special occasion or for bowling with your buds? Then join my group "Hair Styling Help" (! I will post lots of hair tips and ideas and answer your hair questions daily! Positions are open!

by LovePeaceHope on 8/3/2012 11:24:08 PM


Join my club
"Just us girls up in here[:" You can find it on my profile! It's a girls club and we can talk about our needs, etc. Makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, school, friends, whatever you want to talk about! Positions are open! We're always updated

by monicaisfabuluz on 8/3/2012 10:47:17 PM


I'm starting high school in 2 weeks. I had a bunch of friends last year, but now my closest ones moved away. I got my schedule today, and I found out that I don't have any classes with my only remaining best friend. I'm making a few friends from color guard, but I don't know if I will have classes with them. I'm really shy. Do you have any tips to help me make some new friends and find someone to sit by at lunch?

Hey girl,

You'll be able to make friends and I'm sure it will be great! We have a ton of posts devoted to starting at a new school, so check these out!

Meghan D.

by shellstheturtle on 8/3/2012 10:15:48 PM


I have had this happen to me, with my best friends. I would always ask what they were talking about, and they would say, "None of you business". I felt like they didn't trust me.

by shellstheturtle on 8/3/2012 10:09:34 PM


i feel like my mom is always nicer to my little sister than she is to me. She gets mad at me when i say something mean to my little sister, but when my sister says something mean to me, she says i'm being dramatic and always lets her annoy & embarrass me. when i try to calmly talk to her about it, she denies it.

by superglittergirl on 8/3/2012 8:03:24 PM


I dont know who I am, or how to create myself. I know I want to be a musician, and creative. But I always think to myself "Why am I trying you suck! you can never be like the famous people!" So i try o force myself to be like them, and I hate that! I have a band of my own we are a rock band, and I'm always saying "we can't do that because Evanescence doesn't do that!" PLEASE HELP ME! How can I create myself? and How can I create my band's and I's image, how can we be unique? HELP ME PLEASE, IT'S FRUSTRATING ME!

Hey girl,

Give yourself a break, I'm sure you are totally awesome Smile You should never force yourself to be like anyone else, because there is only one you! I'm sure the other members of your band have some great ideas, so why not hold a band meeting and talk to them? That way you can create an image that's all your own! And don't worry if you're not sure of yourself yet -- plenty of people change from who they were when they were younger, and it's okay to keep figuring out who you are!

Meghan D.

by rainbows_rawr on 8/3/2012 7:56:56 PM


I have a really annoying, teasing friend. She acts like shes better than everyone, and all the guys like her. On Valentines Day, my BF (then. i broke up with him the next day) gave her two cards, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolates. He didnt even talk to me!! She can be really nice and funny, and great to be with. But this morning, at 2 am, we were at a sleepover. she was teasing me so much, I wanted to call my mom and ask her to come pick me up early. Sooo... she ended up being on my cheer team. How can I survive this season?

Hey girl,

The best way to get over the problem would be to talk to her! Tell her that you like spending time with her but that you don't like when she teases you. If she apologizes, great! If not, try to make friends with some of your other teammates and not talk to her more than you have to. It will be okay!

Meghan D.

by Jellybean101 on 8/3/2012 7:37:17 PM


a girl at my camp would just, walk up into a group of people and then she would just listen! or she would say i hope you dont mind im going to join in this convo, and no one would really mind.

by j4zm09 on 8/3/2012 7:16:48 PM


Hi, two of my best friends get all of their bras from VS PINK, and I am too small for those bras, and also, they can be really expensive, so I can't get bras from there. I know they aren't (trying to) bragging, but it sometimes makes me feel really left out when they talk about how great it is to shop there and stuff... Frown I don't like feeling left out!

Hey girl,

Try talking about other topics that you can be a part of! It really, really doesn't matter where you buy your bras from, so don't let that come between you and your friends! Try steering the conversation to something you all enjoy Smile

Meghan D.

by WinnieGirlie on 8/3/2012 6:04:17 PM


When i go up to my group and ask them what they are talking about they always tell me.

by star53 on 8/3/2012 5:56:43 PM


Hey we're all pretty girls and we all have problems right?!

Blog about it babes!

*****come check out my NEW club! Pretty Girl Problems <3***

In need of a...

*Fashion Police
*Health Nut

Comment on the page for an application! (:

xoxo *muah<3

by beauty4girls on 8/3/2012 5:18:22 PM


club Oh, Boy!
on my profile
looking for officers now

**NEED good, experienced advice NOW?**
camigal's advice page
max. of 1 1/2 day response

by camigal on 8/3/2012 5:08:36 PM


This club lets you post any fun facts and questions that other girls can read and gape at. Anytime you want to know what other girls think, come here and ask to your hearts content. The officers with post daily questions, facts, and links to quizzes, while all YOU have to do is click that purple button that reads, "Be a member!" Don't worry, we help with serious issues, too, like periods and first days of school. Join my club, A Question A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

by pretty123 on 8/3/2012 4:55:34 PM

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