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3 reasons to break out your fall booties--right now

Start taking notes: Your fave fall booties don’t have to be off limits this summer! Ankle boots are a totally cool alternative to sandals and give you...
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I need some ideas of affordable, but good quality, makeup. I already have a brand of mascara I like, but the rest I don't know what to try. Thanks!


hey! I like maybelline for eyeliner Smile 

Helen S.

by PaintedDestiny on 8/7/2012 6:17:23 PM


How can I feal confident in my glasses? Not that many celebrities wear them and none of the popular girls do.


Hey! think of them like an extra accessory like a cute purse or bracelet. That's one more thing you get to wear and one more opportunity for you to shine! I'm actually jealous of you. I wore glasses for 16 years, and then I was sad when I didn't have to wear them any more. That might sounds silly, because I'm lucky that my eyes got better, but they had become a part of who I was and how i saw myself (literally haha). I think if you see them as another extension of you, you'll wear them with pride Smile 

Helen S.

by lovekatniss23 on 8/7/2012 5:46:46 PM


please join bEaUtY! its a club about all things GIRLY<3

-looking for admins-

Thank you!

by yorkielover88 on 8/7/2012 5:20:51 PM


Brand new advice queen page!!!


Quality advice for all of these aspects! Ask away pretty ladies (:

<3 Whitney

by beauty4girls on 8/7/2012 4:23:53 PM


Hey we're all pretty girls and we all have problems right?!

Blog about it babes!

*****come check out my NEW club! Pretty Girl Problems <3***

In need of a...

*Fashion Police
*Health Nut

Comment on the page for an application! (:

xoxo *muah<3

by beauty4girls on 8/7/2012 4:18:18 PM


would you consider thin sandwiches as healthy? they have whole grains and i drink a smoothie everyday

Hey girl,

Sandwiches are great! Try and pack yours with lots of greens to make it extra healthy!  
simone s.

by smileygirl555 on 8/7/2012 1:13:04 PM


ok i found these awesome kommit boots from nordstrom and theyre $68 but my mom is out of money at the moment and i have started summer jobs and i earned about $80 so far my mom said she might have money in mid august so should i spend my summer money or should i ask my mom?


Hey girl! Ask the girls at the store how long the boots should be out.  Mid August isn't so far away, so why not wait and see if your mom can spare the money is a week or two?  If cash is still tight and you really want the boots, then you can spend your own money. xoxo 

Kate G.

by smileygirl555 on 8/7/2012 12:54:31 PM


Mod mod mod mod
okay, so i have kinda large thighs and i was wondering how to slim them down. I'm not overweight and I'm a catcher in softball, so i think some of it is muscle, but they are rather bulky from the knee up. Help!!!
Thx Smile


Hey girl! I'm sure you're already running for softball, but if you wanna slim your thighs down, running, skipping, walking, and all that kinda stuff gets your heart rate up (cardio burns fat).  Unless you want to lose muscle (which you don't since you need it to be the catcher), there's no other way to slim your legs down.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by Kstar101 on 8/7/2012 12:41:05 PM


Want to be on the big screen one day? Ache to be a singer? Wish you could model? We're the club for you. Lights, Camera, Action gives you advice on the best ways for you to snatch that career and start living your dream. Who says dreams are only for our heads? This club will also help you out in sticky situations, boys, friends, and inner beauty. Join my club, Lights, Camera, Action!

by pretty123 on 8/7/2012 12:37:46 PM


Last night my parent's got into an argument. They fought for about 30 minutes to an hour. My Dad was saying "Nothing I ever do is enough,nothing I ever do is right!!" and he started crying. My mom was saying "You're right!!" and she kept saying she isn't happy in the marriage,but she doesn't want to divorce,OR go to counseling. She says that ever time they argue,and my dad says that every time they argue,too. But whenever they argue,it scares me. I feel stressed & worried. And even though I go in the other room,I can still hear them yelling. I don't know what to do or what to feel. I don't know if they'll divorce or stay together. After the fight they briefly spoke to eachother when my dad asked if my mom had seen a shirt of his,but that's it as far as I know,because early this morning my Dad went to work. I am so confused. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey girl! I'm sorry that your parents are fighting in front of you- you shouldn't have to listen to them argue.  Unfortunately, all you can do is try to be helpful around the house and stay out of the fights- you did the right thing by leaving the room when they argue.  I'm sure your parents don't mean to hurt you, they are obviously being hurt themselves, and sometimes people don't think of others when they are angry or sad.  Once things calm down, try writing a letter to your parents about how their arguing makes you feel- they may realize they need to do something to keep from hurting you.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by MadMaddie911 on 8/7/2012 11:51:13 AM

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