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New Caviar nail trend: Crazy or cool?

This hot new mani trend has been popping up everywhere! What’s caviar, you say? It’s a fine delicacy consisting of salt-cured fish eggs. Don’t worry—it isn’t real...
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"Just us girls up in here[:" You can find it on my profile! It's a girls club and we can talk about our needs, etc. Makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, school, friends, whatever you want to talk about! Positions are open! We're always updated

by monicaisfabuluz on 8/6/2012 12:43:17 PM


I think it's crazy but bold! Caviar nails would make a fashion statement.

by monicaisfabuluz on 8/6/2012 12:37:25 PM


I actually just saw this on twitter today! I think the nails look really cool and am definitely going to try it!

by CheerleadingCutie on 8/6/2012 12:33:54 PM


mod mod mod
okay, so i have kinda dry, curly, frizzy,thick hair
and i really wanna try a bob and i don't wanna straighten my hair every day how do you think it'd look?


Hey girl!

Bobs are really hard to maintain for us curly haired ladies. If you want to go a little shorter, shoulder length is probably the best. You're definitely not going to want to straighten your hair every day.

Rachael A.

by PlushPurplePanda on 8/6/2012 12:28:38 PM


mod mod mod!
i have a very unlucky trait. i have a very low pain tolerance and very painful cramps when i get my period. i've had my period for about two years now, and it's just getting regular, but i've noticed my cramps have gotten a lot worse. i have also noticed i get nauseous more often like on my bad days during my period. could that be from the pain or is that just something that happens when you're on you period? this has happened the last two months. what do you think? thanks!


Hey girl!

Feeling nauseous could definitely be from the pain, but it could also just be a side effect of your period that your body happens to experience. When you're having major cramps you should take a painkiller like Tylenol or Motrin to help. There is also a brand specifically for menstrual cramps called Midol. Those can probably help with your all around discomfort. 

Rachael A.

by Kalulah on 8/6/2012 12:25:59 PM


Mod Mod mod I have a friend who is Muslim and her parents are very strict. Do you have any ideas of what we can do together because we only see each other at shcool she can't even go to dances.


Hey girl!

It's really nice that you're trying to find activities that you can do together. Is she allowed to go to the movies or the mall? Mini golfing? You'll have to ask her what she is and isn't allowed to do. But don't confront her in a mean way. Tell her you love hanging out with her and want to figure out tons of fun stuff the two of you can do. 

Rachael A.

by Lemonlime123 on 8/6/2012 12:19:12 PM


This club is for freaks, losers, failures, and just plain UNDERDOGS. Need some cheering up? Come to me. Learn to peel that layer of geek off, and come out as a beautiful butterfly. Embrace your true self, and Answer your calls. Remember that you only life once, and Never waste it on unimportant things like social status. LEARN. Join my club, Underdogs.

by pretty123 on 8/6/2012 12:18:23 PM


This reminds me of those pink and white animal cookies that have sprinkles on them. lol Smile I think it would look cute on your nails maybe but it looks a bit weird on your lips.

by angrybirds99 on 8/6/2012 12:00:03 PM


OMG! so cool but so weird i would try but would think the beads would fall of!!!!!

by awesomeazw on 8/6/2012 11:54:39 AM


I would buy the really cheap ones (the beads) but the brand name!!!! Talk about $$$

by serenitybaum on 8/6/2012 11:53:31 AM

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Chill out! Try to limit the hot irons you use on your hair, because it can create frizzy, brittle strands. Let your hair dry naturally once in a while.
You're in homeroom and your friend asks you what you got for question three on your homework. You realize that you didn't even do it.
What do you do?!


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