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Get beautiful on the beach!

Got your beach get-up ready for your weekend getaway? Not so fast! Even with a cute bikini on, it’s pretty hard to look adorbs at the...
23 Comments | Add Yours

A bunch of kids from my school are taking a bus trip and we're going swimming. I'm kind of concerned because I have my 'period fat' around my belly button and I can't burn all that fat off with cardio by Thursday, what can I do to be more confident in my bikini??

Hey girl, if you're feeling bloated from your period, bring cute cover-up layers.  When you're rockin' the bikini, carrying yourself in a confident manner will make you look confident, which will also make you feel confident.  Love your bod, no matter what time of the month it is.  

Karin E.

by iWillWrite on 2/18/2013 1:53:58 PM



by Jbug77 on 8/20/2012 9:37:19 PM


I had to wear my swim team suit all summer for practices and competitions, and the design is a one-piece with a huge whole in the bag, and it made my tan lines really funky. I'm going to the beach this afternoon and i don't want to wear my bikini, but it'll look wierd cause of the tan-lines. What should I do?


Hey girlie! Everyone has tan lines at the end of the summer, so wear what you feel comfortable in and don't worry about it, other people probably won't even notice! xoxo 

Kate G.

by hpseals1 on 8/15/2012 12:38:56 PM


My beauty tips for the beach are to use lip balm that contains SPF and wear waterproof makeup.

by supersingershannon on 8/14/2012 11:24:44 PM


Hey so my and my sisters hangout with these 2 girls whenever we come to the beach. We all love having Lemonade Stands, so we always have a ton of them all together. Recently, they have been getting mad at us for having them because we always make a lot more money then them. They keep telling us the give all of our money to them so that they can both buy an IPad. They also say that we don't need the money that we make because our parents buy us whatever we want. and they say that we can't have anymore lemonade stands because we are taking their customers. But the thing is, we worked hard for our money and its our parents supplies so they can't just have our money. I don't know what to do to make them stop. How can i make them stop telling us to give them our money and and complaining?


Hey! you can't do anything about their behavior, but you're right it is your money that you earned. what you should do is try not to let their  comments bug you. Just keep making money, sounds like you guys are doing a good job!

Helen S.

by KatarinaG on 8/13/2012 7:43:07 PM


Hey guys! If you have any questions or need some advice, im a senior in hisghschool and I can probably help ya out!Smile

by Aquamintsgirl on 8/13/2012 3:21:25 AM


That last one was good to know, although I already knew that. I burn easily

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/12/2012 9:47:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD! whats the best way to get rid of stomach hair? i shaved it once and it grew back thicker and darker!! will waxing do the same thing?

Hey girlie,

Unfortunately yes, waxing will do the same - it still has to grow in but it'll take longer. So you'll have a while where it's smooth and hair-free, but then it will still grow back all stubbly. Check out this article about your options - you could think about using hair bleachers, which leave the hair on your belly but make it look lighter and less noticeable! Or just go natural - we're humans, so it's normal to have some body hair! Everyone does <3 
Lauren C.

by bunnehz on 8/12/2012 12:59:49 PM


hi! The bikini in the picture is so cute! Do you know where it's from?
Thank you so much! Smile


Hey girl! I'm not sure where the bikini is from- I bet Target or Walmart has a similar one, though! xoxo 

Kate G.

by crazycow on 8/10/2012 9:14:37 AM


My parents really want me to chorus (they were both in it when they were my age, 13) but I can't sing at all! I don't want to disappoint them, but I'm also really nervous about actually singing. What should I do? Thanks in advance!


Hey girl! chorus is about learning to blend your voice in a group, so you might find yourself getting better nd being more comfortable the more you sing! If you really don't want to do chorus, tell your parents that you're interested in something else and chorus isn't your passion.  They'll want you to find something you love as much as they loved chorus! xoxo 

Kate G.

by SabbyBellz on 8/10/2012 8:36:30 AM


Mod Mod Mod
Hey! So my friends and I are going to meet a new girl that just moved here tomorrow. How can I be friendly without making her uncomfortable? We are also going to the beach afterwards... would it be a good idea to invite her? There will be 15-20 people there and I don't want it to be awkward for her. Any advice? Thanks!!


Hey chica! It would be great to invite her to the beach if you guys want to get to know her better.  Make sure you guys try to keep the inside jokes to a minimum- you want her to feel like she's making friends, not like she's invading friend time.  Ask her questions about herself, but make sure to talk about yourselves, too, so she gets to know you.  As long as you all are friendly and make sure someone is talking to her (she might be too shy to start a conversation herself), then I'm sure she'll feel comfortable.  xoxo  

Kate G.

by Lindseyy716 on 8/10/2012 1:04:01 AM


My mom has a friend who went on this juice diet where she juiced a bunch of fruits and veggies and that's basically all she "ate" for a week. She lost 6 pounds! I was wondering if this is actually safe? School starts in about two weeks and I want to lose around 8 pounds (this may be wishful thinking) fast.
Thanks xx
Christina :]

Hey Christina,

Some people choose to go on "juice diets" or "juice cleanses" to drop a lot of weight fast, so it seems like it's a popular and safe thing. But to answer your question, NO it is not safe! You get certain vitamins and nutrients from the fruit, but you don't get everything you need - and that's what keeps your body working/healthy/strong against diseases, so it's dangerous to go without all those nutrients. It's wayyyy smarter to do it gradually by eating healthy, well-balanced meals, cutting out junk food, and getting some exercise every day. <3
Lauren C.

by girlygirl22werock on 8/9/2012 7:14:25 PM


Ummm.. I wish I had a few more weeks. I'm going back in a little over 1 week. Can I come live wherever you guys are? :]

by girlygirl22werock on 8/9/2012 7:06:25 PM


Ok so school starts in about a month. Everyone is already talking about lunch tables. I know I'm gonna sit with my best friend except a lot of my friends she doesn't like. I keep on stressing out about it cause I can't get it off my mind and am scared who I am gonna sit with. Please help me get it off my mind and anything you can help to do, thanks?!!!

Hey girlie,

Try to calm down! It's ok to have two groups of friends that don't really get along - in fact, it's normal! You can't force people to like each other. But you could split your time - 3 days sitting with one group, 2 days sitting with the other. Or you could talk to your bestie and ask if your other friends could sit at your table, just so you can catch up with everyone without picking sides. Maybe they could sit on one side of you and she can sit on the other side, just to cut down on tension. Either way, it's not worth stressing about - it'll all work out! And it's only 30-50 minutes each day, ya know? It's not going to make or break a friendship if you don't let it <3
Lauren C.

by pumpernickel88 on 8/9/2012 6:44:36 PM


Is it a bad idea to dye part of my hair green?

Hey girlie,

It's not "bad," but remember that dye does damage your hair over time, possibly making it brittle, dry, or discolored. Hair does grow though so, as long as you've got your parents' permission and really want to do it, it should be ok once in a while Smile 
Lauren C.

by loveisodd54 on 8/9/2012 5:02:36 PM


My hair is the most bland color of brown. I want to add green highlights. Is this a bad idea?

by loveisodd54 on 8/9/2012 4:59:25 PM


The back of my hair is shorter than the front. Are their any tips to help the back of my hair grow as long as the front? Thanks!

Hey girl! You could get all of your hair trimmed so that it is the same length and grows evenly.  xxoo 
Maggie P.

by caligirl99 on 8/9/2012 2:37:34 PM


I'm naturally really pale in the school year, and i really want to have some sort of healthy glow from the summer to at least stay for about the month of september for homecoming. how do i keep a tan? or are there any good tanning lotions? I just dont want to look orange!! or like a ghost for that matter. Frown

Hey girl! Check out the beauty page on our site for tips about self (and safe!) tanning. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by lillycap98 on 8/9/2012 1:39:29 PM


do you think Santa will give me a laptop for christmas? it may sound early but i want and need one. and have you ever asked for a electronic thing and got it?


Hey girl! I'm not sure what Santa's got in store this year, so ask your parents what you think it would be fair to ask Santa for.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by smileygirl555 on 8/9/2012 11:43:54 AM


Hey girls! Are you entering middle school? Have you been in middle school, just have some questions? You've come to the right place! Join Middle School Talk For all things middle school! ages 10-15
ps. find it on my profile!

by radiolovergirl on 8/9/2012 11:40:58 AM


Oooh! I love the cuticle pusher from the body shop! It looks amazing. But I already have one that was less than $1.

by WinnieGirlie on 8/9/2012 11:27:51 AM


This may sound weird,but where can I get cute socks I could wear with heels or wedge booties? Thank-you guys so much Smile


Hey girlie! A lot of stores have a sock section.  Check places like Gap, Forever 21, and H&M.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by iluvmusic♥ on 8/9/2012 10:58:22 AM



by Fashion designer on 8/9/2012 10:37:18 AM

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