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Become a beauty pro with these 4 genius storage ideas

It’s the summer of Pinterest, and Pinterest has definitely been taking over our lives here at the GL beauty closet. We’ve been newly inspired (after a few...
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Hey gracie206, you can try rubbing some tomatoes on your face, let it sit for thirty minutes then add some lemons without rubbing the tomatoes off for another 15 minutes and then rinse your face with water. Do that every day even after school starts until your face is clear and smooth. You just have to accessorize with the stuff you have. Layer your necklaces and find cute shirts you already have to wear with your shorts. Try doing your hair in different styles, maybe braids or a messy bun. Hope this helps! Xoxo

MODMODMOD 2 questions starts on monday for me and i just looked in the mirror and i have bumps all around my face is there anyway i can get rid of them by monday ps i cant buy something 2.all i have for school is some shorts i dont have anyskirts and i have alot of tees i really wanna look awesome for school i have some necklesses but thats it how do i put it so it wont look bad? Lynae P.

by gracie206 on 8/11/2012 4:11:10 PM


Want help with fashion ideas...

by icecream8975 on 8/11/2012 3:59:00 PM


hey chicas!
join my club Oh, Boy! for a shot at the last CO position, guy advice, and tonsa tips.
cant wait to see you there!
xoxo cami

by camigal on 8/11/2012 3:57:11 PM


This is a space saver for my small room! Thanks GL!

Hey girls PLEASE read my blog!!! It covers just about EVERYTHING on hair. (Hair growth, what hair is, curing split ends,etc.) All you have to do is head to
hairdaiski.blogspot . com Thank and I hope to see you reading my blog!!! P.S
I have a club called EVERYTHING hair, check that out to please! It just explains gentle hair care and stuff like that! Xoxo!!!!

by YayaYuiki on 8/11/2012 3:45:08 PM


Hey girls! Need an awesome profile or club icon? Then come to me! Just post on my profile what you're looking for, then once I find one, I'll post the link on your profile (or on my profile in-case yours isn't visible). Ask away! xx, Ann

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 8/11/2012 3:13:55 PM


want more beauty tips, hair or style tips then join my club Middle class Chic for beauty on a budget!

by 6ftsunshine:) on 8/11/2012 2:41:22 PM


So cool! The bobby pin thing is genius!!! I think I will do some of theseSmile

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 8/11/2012 2:40:58 PM


i LOVE this article!! thank you girlslife <3

by tswiftluver13 on 8/11/2012 2:09:14 PM


Hey katiekakes8, well you didn't mention anything about accessories. Wear cute necklaces and bracelets, hair clips and headbands, and carry fashionable purses to make your outfit stand out. Even polishing your nails will give a little pazazz to your uniform. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I wear a uniform at my school, and it includes a polo (color of choice) and khaki skirts or pants. We arent allowed to wear bright colored belts, patterned leggings, we have to wear not super bright colored shoes but there are exceptions, and we have to wear a certain color of socks (white navy or tan) but we're allowed to wear knee socks in those colors. I know its a little strict, but do you have any ideas or links to help my uniform be a little more original??? thankss in advancee Xx
-Katie Lynae P.

by katiekakes8 on 8/11/2012 2:06:42 PM



by teenspirit234 on 8/11/2012 2:05:55 PM

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