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Miley's new do: Like it or love it?

This past weekend, Miley chopped off her recently-blonde locks and is now sportin’ a pixie cut. This cut was a drastic change from her long, flowy brown...
216 Comments | Add Yours

ummmmm no comment..... i absolutely lovedddd her hair before!!! i actually dnt like this at all :/

by iluvzebras on 9/3/2012 4:32:41 PM


I love her new haircut! I think she looks beautiful! All those haters out there are just jealous of how pretty she itSmile <3 it!

by belieber12 on 9/2/2012 3:37:25 PM


I'm not a miley fan, but her new hair style was for a good cause. kids with cancer thought that celebrities only cared for themselves and miley felt bad and cut her hair to make them feel beautiful. Sad that she became bad

by ArianaGrande548 on 9/2/2012 12:41:30 AM


Ok... Whoa! What went through Miley's head when she got this hair cut? when I first saw a picture of her hair like that I thought it was just an old picture of her, but now that I know this is recent... I really think she should have kept her hair nice long and brown. It was SOOOOOO pretty!!!!! I really wish she didn't cut her hair but it's done now and i'm just going to have to get used to it... but I really hope she will have it will be long for her wedding.

by mandyo12 on 9/1/2012 9:07:20 PM


Well I really am not a Miley Cyrus fan but I love her short hair so much better. It's a little different but her long hair didn't look nice at all! her hair looked very stringy, messy, and it didn't make her look especially pretty at all. her new cut is beautiful on her. Although I personally think she should have kept it her normal brown color. I think the blonde doesn't look natural. If she kept it brown though I think it would look so awesome! Smile But I love it blonde too. Miley actually looks good. wow.

by BabyDahl13 on 8/31/2012 11:48:56 PM


I don't especially like her hair, it was much prettier before. But, if she's happy with it, it's her hair. I'm definitely not going to hate on her for it.

by forgivenj13 on 8/31/2012 12:19:49 AM


I just got my haircut, I told the stylist to cut it right below my shoulders but he cut it above. Everyone says its cute and the like it, but I hate it... I dont know what to do because schools starting soon and this girl had the same haircut and I don't want people to think I copied her !!! I don't know what to do!! Help!!!!!!


Hey girlie,

No one will think you copied her if you both come into school with the same haircut! Try to relax! The best part about hair is that IT GROWS BACK, so keep repeating that to yourself whenever you start to feel overwhelmed. You could dress it up with a headband or headscarf, or let it go long and enjoy it. Whatever you do, don't feel awkward or ugly with it. Your hair looks great (we know this because other people told you it's cute!) and no one is going to assume you copied, so own your look until it grows out! After some time passes, faking that confidence will make you feel it for real <3 

Lauren C.

by LaxLover12 on 8/30/2012 9:54:34 PM


If she's happy with herself, why bash her? She may not be the best influence in the world, but she is pretty. I LOVE her new 'do and am totally cool with her. XOXO Tabitha

by jrprodigy12 on 8/30/2012 12:58:21 PM


I love Miley's new look because her hair before was nice but this is something new and exotic I mean it seems that now a days everyone has long blond or brown hair and that's boring so I'm glad for Miley I'm actually thinking of getting my hair cut short but not because of Miley I have always wanted short hair

by Zania on 8/29/2012 1:02:41 AM


I liked it so much better long.......but if she loves it then thats all that matters!

by m2addyoliver on 8/28/2012 1:30:25 PM

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