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Your down-there guide from A to V: GL's spill-all guide to your girly parts

Everyone’s got questions about down there. Our, uh, nether regions change every single day making this area harder to figure out than that last level of Angry...
86 Comments | Add Yours

I have a freckle in my vagina and Im 15. I just noticed it now with exploring. Is it normal? my mom says it is and Im not sure. I have mega anxiety! Please tell me the best answer to get rid of my fears and help me get on with my life with out thinking its more than a freckle! I keep bringing it up up up.


Lynae P.

by shevari on 6/23/2013 9:38:09 PM


I wonder if they will ever have a guide app. like this, it would be really helpful because we all have so many questions.

And just because you ride a bike doesnt mean you are not a virgin, the only way you arent a virgin is through having sex. But riding a bike or a horse a lot can break our hymen, but even if that breaks it doesnt mean you arent a virgin, it just means you wont have to worry about your hymen breaking later when doing things.

by fashionqn on 6/10/2013 8:53:16 PM


so.. I really need your help! im 17, & I still haven't had my period. my boobs & butt is huge! but my period isn't here! Im a runner. ive been to the doc, she said 'its norm" help!

Hey girlie,

If your doc said you're normal, I don't think you have anything to worry about Smile Your period will come when your body is ready!

Meghan D.

by aradocha on 6/6/2013 9:44:43 PM


I am 12 years old turning 13 on December. I have been in puberty for about 2 years or so, I had all the signs of periods... No I haven't gotten my first period yet. I had discharges for 4 months already. The problem is that i am scared to get it. I have had cramps (it doesn't hurt so much just a little but I could handle it) i am scared that my first time is going to hurt. I want to get it but at the same time I don't. A lot of my friends got it so I want to get it but from everything I hear I don't want to get it. I am scared that I might even get it during school. So is it normal to be scared? Can I get it when I am in the water cause I usually go to the water park and pool a lot during summer and I don't want to get it when I am in the water. Can that happen? I am freaking out....please please help!

by Julie-loves-music on 6/5/2013 1:59:26 PM


Hey! you really should talk to your doctor to be sure, but it could be this Helen S.

by Girlzrock123 on 5/30/2013 7:51:10 PM


I was biking for a long time and I went to the bathroom and there was some blood. I thought it was my period even though I just got my last one two weeks before. It only lasted for a day, I had no PMS and I got my next one two weeks later. Could this mean I'm not a virgin??

by karenluvscats on 5/26/2013 9:48:37 PM


Um I was riding my bike for a long time and went to the bathroom and there was some blood. I thought it was my period even though I just had my last period two weeks before. The blood only lasted for a day, I had no PMS and I got my next period two weeks later. Could this mean I'm not a virgin??

by karenluvscats on 5/26/2013 9:44:53 PM


I am not sure if I got my period or not. I got a big rusty red stain in my undies, but then there was nothing after. Is this my period?


Hey daddy'sgirlxoxoxo, mhmm you said it was rusty. That may have been something else. Your period is constant blood flow. See if anything happens tomorrow. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by daddysgirlxoxoxo on 5/7/2013 6:16:50 PM


How would i trim the hair down there without it irritating? Not all of it just the stuff that sticks out of my underwear. I tried to shave it but i got nicked! and i used an electric shaver thats nvever supposed to nick! Could it be that the shaver was clogged?

by sparkles909 on 5/6/2013 7:30:26 PM


Shaving there!

I think it can be awkward talking to our moms about shaving down there that is why we need GL. But it may be awkward because it deals with our 'down there' not just because its about shaving. I think most of our moms realize most girls our age either completely shave down there or shave and trim a lot of it. I dont think our grandmothers ever had to deal with it but I think our moms did and do. There are a lot of great products you can buy to help with it and even guys are starting to do it, at least that what a program on tv said.

by fashionqn on 4/13/2013 11:13:51 PM

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