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Period panic! What if I get it at school?

I haven't gotten my period yet, and I'm afraid I'll get it for the first time at soccer practice or school or somewhere. Help me! Dear Worried, Every...
79 Comments | Add Yours

I got it my first ime at school and it wasn't really a big deal. At lunch i just asked to go to the nurse. There were some boys in her office but she totally played it off like I had to deliver something for her. I love my school nurse!! Smile

by isyrocks on 8/18/2012 1:41:32 PM



by unique730 on 8/18/2012 12:41:02 PM


Hey peaches and raspberries, thanx for your comment chica! Xoxo

This article is wrong. Not every woman has had a period. And not every person who has had a period is a woman. You are excluding the trans* people. Bleeding from the uterus doesn't determine your gender, thanks. Lynae P.

by peaches and raspberries on 8/18/2012 11:52:53 AM


Hey purple10115, mhmm maybe that was your first period. Well if you do get your period the first week of school just be prepared. Bring tampons or pads and some pain medicine. You can keep this stuff in a small purse and go to the bathroom between classes and on your lunch break. It may even be good to let your teachers know ahead of time you aren't feeling well and will need to go to the bathroom. Hope this helps and hope you have a great first day! Xoxo

Im 13 (turning 14 in a month) and I have all the signs of getting my period, and im pretty developed. At the beginning of the month I got my first spotting and period cranps ever! But the spotting never really got heavy and never turned into what I thought would be my period. What im wondering is, was that my first period? ive heard that first periods can be really light. The spotting and cramps lasted 5 days, about the length of an actual period. So if that was my period, or even if it wasnt, Im scheduled to get acne and other PMS on August 27 (around them) because my cramps and spotting happened around the time my Mom got her period, and thats when her next one is. The problem is, thats the first week of school! So I might get my period again (if thst was my period) or my first period might come hen! Also the spotting was all red. HELP! Lynae P.

by purple10115 on 8/18/2012 8:31:53 AM


We all have or will get it when we are in a place where and when we dont want it ti happen. We just have to be ready and hopefully we are more regular than irregular with our cycle.

by fashionqn on 8/17/2012 11:26:11 PM


Wow, i havent had mine yet and im in 8th grade now. Weird that it can come at such different times! Sory if TMI

by uniquester on 8/17/2012 8:52:10 PM


My bfffffffffff is 15 and DOESN'T have her period! Ive known her since i was 6 and i actually expected her to have her period by now. I DONT THINK SHELL EVER GET IT!!!!! any advice to help her cope?

Hey girl,

If you're worried about your friend's health, you could suggest that she see a doctor to make sure everything's normal. But periods are different for everyone, so even if you have yours and she doesn't, it doesn't mean her bod isn't on track! She will get her period when her body is ready!

Meghan D.

by YayaYuiki on 8/17/2012 8:26:39 PM


okay im gonna be completely honest here and tell you that it is NO BIG DEAL! ive gotten surprise attacked multiple times at school and its such a small amount that its hardly noticeable. i didnt notice till like 2 hours later. just relax and it will be okay. bring it in a zip up bag and put it in the inner pocket of your backpack where no one can see it. good luck girl!
~love, a very honest and helpful high schooler(:

by sillygal on 8/17/2012 8:24:55 PM


I'm starting junior high, but I don't have any friends going to the same school as me. I'm shy and not a very talkative person. I can't help but worry that I won't make any friends, and have no one to sit with at lunch. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

Hey girl, 

We get tons of queries like yours about starting at new schools, and the great news is that you will be fine! There will be plenty of people for you to meet, even if you are shy. Try starting up a conversation with someone who looks nice or who you have a common interest with (ex. you saw her reading your fave book) so that you have something to talk about! Check out or "new school" tag for TONS of great posts on starting at a new school! http://www.girlslife.com/tag/new-school.aspx

Meghan D.

by cloudyday on 8/17/2012 7:28:27 PM


i got mine ona school day in march during science. i asked to go to the bathroom. since i had no supplies handy, i took toiulet paper and wraped it around the bottom of my underwear. it held for that perios and the next adn i changed when i got home. remember, toilet paper wrapped around bottom of underwear

by N3rdyRand0mn3ss on 8/17/2012 7:12:48 PM

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