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What's wrong with your shape? (Hint: Nothing!)

Shapewear is a term that’s used to describe tight-fitting undergarments, like Spanx, that make the body appear thinner by keeping tummies and curves tucked in and smoothed...
53 Comments | Add Yours

What's a normal weight range for a 13 1/3 (almost 14) year old girl who is about 5 feet 2 inches? I weigh about 130 but i feel like that's alot. Am i fat? Thanx!

by hmeyer on 1/10/2013 11:48:39 PM


Today was my friends birthday and I totally pigged out on cupcakes and cake and chips and like everything junky you could think of. It was really good but now I am freaking out. I used to have anorexia so I haven't eaten junk food in a while. I feel like puking all of the food I ate today out. Help! How can I calm down?

Hey girl,

Don't be so hard on yourself! It's okay to have treats on special occasions, especially one as important as a friend's birthday. As long as you are living a healthy lifestyle, you will be totally fine from one day of junk food Smile I can only imagine how tough things are for you with the anorexia, so please remember that you are not alone. If you're having thoughts about puking up your food and are afraid you'll relapse into the disorder, please please please speak with a trusted adult such as a guidance counselor, parent or doctor ASAP to help you get through what you're dealing with. You can also check out this link, which has resources about eating disorders.!2.aspx

Meghan D.

by Sarah_12 on 1/5/2013 11:15:42 PM


I am 11 and 120 pounds am I fat?

by Redhotfire on 12/16/2012 5:20:37 PM


Im really uncomfortable with my bod. Im 133 lbs, i have stretch marks on the sides of my stomach and thighs, and IM ONLY 11!!!!! i cant wear the clothes i like and ive tried everything to lose weight. The doc says im a little overweight (i am 5'2") but i think im fat. Im just depressed. Help Me!! Cry


Hey! I want more than anything for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. There are so many girls out there who feel the same way you do, but I think you are all beautiful. I know the road to loving yourself is a hard one, but you just have to accept yourself and only you can be the one to do that. I know you're strong though, because you had the courage to reach out to me. And I can personally tell you that everything's going to be ok because you are AWESOME Smile If you feel like the whole world is picking on you, then guess what? The whole world is wrong. Depression is a lot to struggle with especially at your age, but there are resources to help you, and here are some of them:!2.aspx


I hope this helps you. good luck to you! 

Helen S.

by iheartkitties3 on 11/10/2012 12:58:22 PM


I have a stomach that sticks out and i get made fun of cause of that and, every girl in my school has a perfect bod but i dont. I dont have anyone to talk to bout this cause my mom just jokes around way to much and my sister is no exception eithier. Also i am 13 and weigh like 96 pounds but idk what to do about my stomach i suck it in everyday but it doesnt work and every guy goes look at how fat she is and stuff like that is this because i am not on a school sports team or what ??????
~ Thanks ~

by loll989 on 10/17/2012 8:27:30 PM


i have to wear them for vollayball...they really dont hurt that bad haha Smile its probably because i got mine 2 sizes too big though so the actually FIT.

by lilmissamazing on 10/11/2012 9:35:27 PM


Mod Mod Mod,
I really need help! I am a little 'plump' or 'rounded' down here and when I go to gymnastics I have to wear a tight Leo. and it sticks out way to much! Is their any way to fix this? I am really scared to talk to my mom about it. Also, I have noticed that nobody I know has a 'plump' one either. I don't have my period yet, I am only 11. Could that have something to do with it at all? I really want this fixed!


Hey girly, your shape is perfectly normal and while your body changes in all sorts of ways as you get older, you're probably still going to be about the same shape down there. But don't stress, just know that everyone is different and that's okay and odds are nobody has even noticed. If you feel especially self conscious, why don't you ask your gymnastics teacher if it's okay to wear workout shorts with your leotard? 

Lauren I.

by ArizonaChica on 9/19/2012 4:35:56 AM


Shapewear reminds me of a corset... like back in victorian times, when they laced their corset so tight that some people fainted. I'm reading a book from victorian times, and they talk about corsets, and one slightly plump girl made her waist 17 inches with a corset! corsets and shapewear scare me

by jayjay927 on 9/10/2012 9:19:35 PM


In school, I sit in front of my crush which I'm happy about. But in the mornings, I look awful and ugly. I get very dark circles under my eyes, my eyes are swollen, and my lips are dry. How to I wake up pretty to impress my crush?


Hey girlie, wake up a little bit earlier to give yourself more time to get ready. Put on some chapstick and a little bit of makeup under your eyes. If your eyes are swollen, it might be allergies. Talk to a parent about allergy medicine so that the swelling will go away before class.

Lauren T.

by FaithPetrowski on 9/9/2012 7:35:16 PM


does this go for cheerleader spanx? cuz i have to wear them every day for cheer

by skating4fun on 9/8/2012 7:43:21 PM


Y is it that girls r always trying to impress who r they impressing not me for sure if they r in pain then y use them its so stupid i have never seen spans but I've heard of them but i wouldn't wear them

by 1chey3 on 9/6/2012 8:04:39 PM


I'm staring school tomorrow, and I'm gonna be on my 3rd day of my period. I always feel icky and stuff, and I wanna feel great on the first day, any tip?

Hey girlie!

Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay away from greasy foods. Try wearing an outfit that makes you feel really good about yourself to take away from the icky-ness. Have a great first day! 
Alexis G.

by ColosalMascara on 9/4/2012 7:38:29 AM


Ummmm, I asked a question, and the name of the MOD came up, but I got no answer. Can you try again please?

Hey girl, try reposting? An old mod must have answered and had tech issues, but I'm happy to give you a hand now. Just post it again! xoxo
Alyssa B.

by ColosalMascara on 9/3/2012 5:08:30 PM


Ok, two questions:
1. I've had my period for over two years, and it's getting MORE irregular. My last period was in July and I'm having my next today (first day) and I had nothing in August, and this happens differently each month.
2. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be on my period on the first day of school, which makes me feel all icky and not myself, any tips on how to feel better? THX!

Hannah H.

by ColosalMascara on 9/3/2012 3:02:59 PM


Modern corsets? Oh how our world has advanced...

by vintagedress0612 on 9/3/2012 2:31:47 PM


I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was eight. I'm now fourteen and they are really starting to annoy me. I pretty much get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Is this a problem I should get checked out? Hannah H.

by pandaprincess98 on 9/3/2012 1:44:57 PM


its like a corset. :o

by Madison Hoke on 9/2/2012 10:57:18 PM


so i've been trying to get rid of my muffin-top all summer, i run everyday, do crunches, dance around my room, bike everywhere, but nothing is working. what do I do?

Hey girl,

As long as you are active and living a healthy lifestyle, focus on that and not on how you look or becoming a certain shape! Crunches are a great way to start, and our fitness channel has more ab workout ideas if you're ready to try something new.

Meghan D.

by twiggyskittles on 8/31/2012 1:06:03 PM


OMG i feel like im gonna puke after reading this. Squished organs **shudders**

by ColosalMascara on 8/30/2012 11:12:54 AM


I've been trying to lose weight, and I've lost 6 pounds! But, I don't feel like I've lost 6 pounds. Is it possible to have a body that will really NEVER be able to be tiny? Because I'm not HEAVY and I'm not even OVERWEIGHT its just that I get teased about my weight because I'm not the super-skinny one in class. And in my family everyone is curvier and heavier. Will this mean I'm doomed to never be super thin?

by LOLGirl109 on 8/29/2012 11:15:38 PM


They sound like those thingies women would wear under their dresses in the past...corsets?

by §♥greyson_chance♥§ on 8/25/2012 5:57:14 PM


I've never even heard of Spanx before. =\ I need to get out of the house more often.
But I HAVE heard of corsets, which I've just recently studied, and it seems like spanx is similar. The corset was worn under Victorian woman's clothes, all the way to the civil war, and was tightened to the point that is crushed organs or jumbled them together. More then 8/10 woman had serious health problems because of it, and 1/20 of them had a chance of dying after extended use.

by WelcomeToTheDorkSide on 8/25/2012 3:51:09 PM


I only wear spanks when my shorts are too short or I'm on my period. When I'm on my period, it helps ensure no leaking, especially at school. I have a pair that is a little big, so it's not super tight. Also, I buy boy short underwear and wear it like spanks, just not soo tight. The thing is, it's not for my shape, it's for comfort of not flashing or leaking. To avoid problems like this, just be smart about it. Smile Hope this can help someone!

by jewels101 on 8/25/2012 12:46:53 PM


i hate spandex. their not uncomfortable or anything, trust me, but they look HORRIBLE on me cuz im not that skinny. i have to wear them for vball, its not my choice. i wish vball didnt require spanx...

by lilmissamazing on 8/25/2012 12:10:47 PM


I wear spanx everyday, but less for the body slimming purposes than for the fact that it makes me feel comfortable. I like shorts and skirts and I wear shorts for sport practices all the time. I like how the spanx cover and don't show anything if I cross my legs or stretch.

by lilac1397 on 8/23/2012 10:00:47 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod
Please help me! I don't have any bras. It's not that my breasts aren't developed enough for one--they are. I probably wear about a B cup. I always have to wear a cami with a shelf or my boobs hurt just walking. And cami's don't even give enough support. I've tried to talk to my mom so many times, but I always get so scared and I just can't do it. I know, my moms been there before, and I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I am...Probably because my mom has never talked to me about growing up whatsoever. Not shaving, periods, my body changing, anything. So talking to her about bras would be something totally new to me. And I'm too scared to do it. How can I get over it and talk to her? Also, what do I say, when, and where? btw, my moms short on money right now, so I can't go to a professional place and get fitted and stuff.


Hey girlie,

You definitely need a bra! There's NO reason to deal with this pain anymore - you're growing up, and it's natural to need a bra. It's not even embarrassing because it's nothing taboo or weird. Every older girl uses a bra if she wants to, so it's not something to be ashamed of! I actually love shopping for bras because they come in so many pretty cuts, colors, and types. Personally, I think you need to take a deep breath, walk right up to mom, and tell her straight - "Hey mom? I think it's time for me to buy a bra. Do you think we could go to the mall together this weekend to pick one out?" You don't need a professional to get fitted - head to Forever 21 and grab a few sizes to try on. When you find the one that feels light and comfy, go for it! Since you're not used to talking about this stuff with mom, you're freaking out. But if you jump right in and tell her straight what's going on, it'll make it a lot easier! <3 

Lauren C.

by Graciegang on 8/23/2012 9:08:49 PM


Weird thing is, a girl was trying to promote this today in gym. She said it makes you feel better. I said I don't have any and don't plan on using it anytime soon. Phew. I'm so glad I wasn't motivated to use it.

by Gabriella123 on 8/23/2012 7:50:07 PM


It sounds like a horrible trend. It sounds like it hurts!!!

by Milkdog64 on 8/23/2012 5:50:47 PM


I think everyone should love who they are! I know that it may be hard for some people but the least that you can do is try. I think having an unhealthy image of yourself is not, healthy! If you don't agree with my opinion I'm sorry

by gen_gen11 on 8/23/2012 5:46:25 PM


ouch. when girls turn to things like this, i always think, is it worth it to look like that on the outside, if it is killing everything inside?

by N3rdyRand0mn3ss on 8/23/2012 7:37:11 AM


OMG one time for volleyball since we have to wear spandex, i have a pair of underwear that looked like my spandex! So i accidentaly wore my underwear as shorts! No boys saw it though! Whew

by YayaYuiki on 8/22/2012 6:52:28 PM


I think this scary trend is really bad.

by otter77 on 8/22/2012 3:32:42 PM


Im not going to lie, when i was 13 I thought i needed shape wear, but now im much older and super fine with how my body is, i work out a lot and try my best to make myself heathly and not to have to worry about that stuff.

by j4zm09 on 8/22/2012 12:23:47 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD i would NEVER wear shapewear, but i'm also not entirely happy with the way i look. it's not like i'm fat, more like i'm weak and not fit. i hate it. the only workout i'm good at is karate and i'm not gonna be in that until January!!! plus i HATE running, i don't have a legit bike, and my parents wouldn't wanna pay for classes. what can i do?!??!!?(not videos either). i'm all outta optionsFrown


hey! you could try doing crunches or situps at home? 

Helen S.

by karategirl78 on 8/21/2012 8:26:20 PM


i don't wear shapewear, i wear loose spandex for volleyball, thats it, but my stomach bulges, a LOT! so, since like 4th grade (im in 8th grade) ive been sucking my stomach in, and it doesnt really hurt, but could that do damage? im really worried!!
thanks! xoxo


hey! I'm not sure, you'd have to ask your doctor, but in my opinion I don't think that sounds damaging. 

Helen S.

by t-dog123 on 8/21/2012 5:49:35 PM


i wear spandex for sports and sometimes under shorts if theyre a bit see through but not part of an everyday outfit

by myipodrox16 on 8/21/2012 4:53:14 PM


That hint was a bit obvious, if you ask me.

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/21/2012 4:47:52 PM


In one issue of Girlslife that has spring dresses for school dances. They had tips and stuff and one of them was... psst shapewear isn't scary and that all celebrities use it no matter what their size!!!

by 15hayhay on 8/21/2012 2:28:47 PM


i wear spandex for volleyball but thats all.I'm happy with who I am.

by kjm62 on 8/21/2012 2:15:08 PM


Ever since e Olympics Ive really wanted to try diving. I also really liked watching gymnastics, I'm 13 and I want to try it, but I don't know if I should. My friend from where I used to live is starting soon but training with a personal trainer because if she didn't she would be training with 2 year olds. Should I or shouldn't I? I don't real,y know what to do, I'm just asking for advice. I also have another question is doing gymnastics required for diving since its similar? Or if it isn't would it be a good idea to gymnastics just so diving would be easier? Thanks! Oxoxo! Please answer


Hey chica! I answered your question earlier, so check out your earlier post for a more detailed answer.  My basic answer was that it might be more fun and easier to do diving instead of gymnastics, so why not try that? xoxo 

Kate G.

by Pinkkatie1999 on 8/21/2012 2:00:18 PM


I'm skinny, I always feel the need to gain weight all the time, people say I'm lucky, my 2 best friends say I'm the lucky one, but the thing is, it's rare to see someone who's skinny just like me, I only got 1 friend who's skinny like me, the rest are healthy and nothing BUT healthy! I feel jealous about that, but hey, I'm a Scorpio, they're supposed to feel jealous sometimes or all the time right?

by Susmita24 on 8/21/2012 1:18:41 PM


That's horrible. :\ But the weird thing is is that I'm wearing volleyball spandex right now...They're really comfortable...

by fungirl123 on 8/21/2012 1:17:12 PM


This is so stupid. In one of the magazines GL had they said to wear shape wear and to not be afraid of it. Now they're saying it's bad? This is so hypocritical. No, I don't remember the exact issue but it was one with either a prom or homecoming section.

by joyful1 on 8/21/2012 1:16:34 PM


When u think about it, being skinny and no curves isn't all tht beautiful. It look nice when u keep yourself healthy and u just have no curves, but forcing yourself to be super skinny is NOT beautiful! Curves can be beautiful! I have curves, but I'm still healthy, and i feel beautiful. I know I'm not like the hottest person to ever walk the earth, but i feel beautiful! Thts what matters!

by ColosalMascara on 8/21/2012 12:19:18 PM


I don't think this is exactly true...Yes, I'm sure some shapewear does cause damage, but I was a gymnast and a dancer and we wore spanx to practice. Also my friends wear spanx underneath skirts that are on the shorter side. I don't think I don't think spanx are painful unless you got a lot of curve and you get a size too small...but anyways, the message here is good, so be proud of who you are!

by summergirl21 on 8/21/2012 10:44:12 AM


wow, thats messed up!!!! i never know that people besides olympic athletes wore spandx and that they only wore spandx for the games!!!

by Prim on 8/21/2012 10:34:20 AM


I think you should just be proud of who you are. If you don't like it, change it!

by tkdsista1998 on 8/21/2012 10:14:40 AM


Do you guys love fashion? Do you like Taylor Swift? I just solved BOTH of your problems.
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by Fashion designer on 8/21/2012 8:51:18 AM


I can't believe anybody would ignore pain to look better! I find this stupid 'cause we're all beautiful

by silverroseart on 8/21/2012 7:59:33 AM


Dang, that's crazy!

by ParamoreRox13 on 8/21/2012 1:54:35 AM


Wow that is scary... :\

by Acutiebookworm on 8/20/2012 11:45:13 PM


I am one of those teens that wear spanx...but I only wear it on very special occasions.

by Emiegal on 8/20/2012 11:08:33 PM


I am speechless, wow...

by WinnieGirlie on 8/20/2012 11:02:10 PM

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