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Wanna go for gold this school year? Here's how

It’s a new school year, and you’ve got some serious goals that are gonna make it the best one yet. The only problem is that motivation isn’t...
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i just found out i got a d in literacy and i promised my mom i would get straight a and b's how can i tell before she gets my report card


Hey jadarocks2401, you just gotta sit down and break it to her. Tell her you will try to bring that D up next semester. And look on the bright side that's your only bad grade. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by jadarocks2401 on 11/12/2012 12:51:31 AM


Thnx lots for your help! I can also count on you! And I will try!

by Imdoodlebug on 9/8/2012 11:58:43 PM


I do get enough sleep and and I talked to them and they didn't help And our iPads are always being stupid!

Hey girl,

The good news is that you can still learn without an iPad -- they're great resources, but you might actually learn more from taking notes by hand! And talking to your teachers and explaining your feelings of being overwhelmed and wanting to keep up will really help, I promise! You can also talk to a family member or guidance counselor about scheduling your time so that you are on top of your assignments and less stressed. Don't forget to have fun and relax once in a while too Smile

Meghan D.

by Imdoodlebug on 9/8/2012 11:43:39 PM


I'm in 8th grade and they are packing us done on homework and it is just half a month into the school year and we are having probs with our iPads and stressing me out! I have already used a 150 page notebook up! Have any tips? Would luv to hear from you and thnx lots!

Hey girl,

Try talking to your teachers about your stress and progress in the class. If you go to them for help now, you'll show initiative and impress them that you care about your grade! They can share study tips and time management ideas with you and help you get a better idea about how to handle your homework effectively. Try not to stress too much, and always get enough sleep!

Meghan D.

by Imdoodlebug on 9/8/2012 11:20:12 PM


By celebrate hard work, I think they mean celebrating your impossible success on that book report, and by impossible, I mean impossible for me. English isn't my best subject

by peppercyndaquil13 on 9/1/2012 10:01:45 PM


Okay so this year I'm going to 7th grade and me and one of my BFFs were shuffled into a new class. There's a group of girls in this class who we've known for a really long time and are good friends with. The problem is, every time we hang out with these girls my friend becomes a completely different person. She ignores me and acts mean to me. I have loads of other friends and I am pretty close with many other people, but I can't stand for her to be ignore me every single day! What can I do?


 Hey girly, why don't you try talking to your friend one-on-one and calmly telling her how you feel. Tell her that you feel like she ignores you when you hang out with those other girls and how it upsets you. Once your friend is aware of what she's doing and how it makes you feel, she should try to change the habit pronto. If she doesn't make more of an effort to consider your feelings, then she prob isn't a very good friend to have.

lauren I.

by RockMusicFanatic on 8/31/2012 4:57:35 AM


ok my first day of school is tomorrow and i don't know why but i'm totally nervous.i'm going into the sixth grade wich means i'm still in the same school.i don't know if it is because my old friend hannah or people saying something mean about me or what!seroiusly why do u think i'm nervous and is there any way i can calm myself down by tomorrow? thanks!


Hey girlie! It's normal to be nervous before your first day (I'm nervous, and I've had a lot of first days!).  Before tomorrow, focus on one thing you're really excited about.  IS there a sports practice you'll get back into or a book you really want to read in English? Focusing on the good parts will help you relax a little and not be so worried about whatever it is you're worried about! xoxo 

Kate G.

by cgirl109 on 8/27/2012 4:23:50 PM


So yesterday I was suppsosed to help my bff clean out her locker, and i completely spaced on it and walked home. Now she is really really really really mad at me. I have apologised a lot and she hasn't replied to my texts. What can i do to show her that i didnt ditch her on purpose. OH and we only have two classes together.


Hey chica!  Surprise her with something sweet, like a batch of her fave kind of cookies or a mixed CD with her fave jams.  She probably feels a little ditched, so showing her that you care will no doubt cheer her up.  Good luck! xoxo  

Kate G.

by favcolorgreen on 8/24/2012 9:11:43 AM


Good tips... My goal is to make friends and get straight As...

by Acutiebookworm on 8/24/2012 1:28:02 AM


I'm really mad this year because my school I moved to last year had 6th grade in elementary and with 5th graders. So 7th grade is my first Middle school year, It will mess up everything! Plus I hate the town I live in since most kids are rich and I live in an apartment complex. I feel like I don't belong and hate my life right now. PLEASE help me! I don't know how this year can be any good!


Hey girlie,

I don't think starting middle school in 7th grade is any different than starting in 6th grade. You're with the rest of your class, so it's not like you're behind at all! It's still a chance to meet new people, branch out, try new things, work hard, learn a lot, and grow up a little. The amount of money you have or the place you live won't affect your middle school experience - it's what you make of it. So commit to making this year amazing. Join a new club or sport, challenge yourself to talk to new people each day, explore new interests or hobbies, etc. If you spend your time doing something fun, you'll have less time to dwell in all the things that are "wrong" with your life. Life, just like middle school, is what you make of it. Be grateful you have a place to call home. Be grateful that you get to go to school. And be grateful that you're in control of your life - make it count!

Lauren C.

by Glitterheart16 on 8/23/2012 11:41:27 PM

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