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What if your school had a boy recession?

Get ready for the new school year with Flynn Meaney’s The Boy Recession. Julius P. Heil High is going through a boy recession. Yep, a boy recession. All...
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OMG i would DIE if my school had a boy recession! jk i would not care very much at all

by pointeshoegrl on 8/27/2012 7:47:47 PM


Well there's only like four or five decent guys who aren't hot shots in my school.... So nothing would really change. Just that the boyfriend addicted girls would go crazy. But I think I'd survive. This sounds like a cool book! I love romance~

by Gabriella123 on 8/24/2012 11:39:10 PM


Mod Mod Mod Mod
Please get back to me a.s.a.p
ok so tommorow im supposed to go on vacation with my mom and sister to my grandmas house for a family reunion. Problem is my cousin is going and i don't want to go if shes going. She just gets all the attention and then i would be upstairs alone anyways. Plus i would have to go on a 3 hour car ride with her so really i would just get in a bad mood. Should i even go i don't wanna let my grandma down, but if im not gonna be socializing with the fam why go? Thanks in advance


Hey girlie,

There's no reason to let your cousin ruin your whole trip. You should take advantage of the chance to spend time with your grandma, mom, sister, and any other fam members you haven't seen in a while! Who cares if your cousin tries to get all the attention? Your fam isn't stupid - they can see her trying too hard and they know exactly what she's doing. If she's annoying in the car, listen to your iPod and try to drift off to sleep. If she's annoying at the reunion, take a deep breath and move to another room or outside. But family is precious, so I definitely would not let my cousin keep me away from seeing the people I love. It's not worth skipping the whole trip just to avoid her! And it's not fair to your grandma to let something petty like this keep her from spending time with you <3 

Lauren C.

by mtf1998 on 8/23/2012 11:48:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD my mom wants me to start reading books, the thing is, i do, but she doesn't want me to read books about, as she defines it "school drama" no the clique or stuff like that, but i dont want to read ones that seem like school reading list books, what do you suggest?


Hey girlie,

I think it's always about balance. For every one book she wants you to read, try to compromise and read one of yours. Those "school reading list" books are on the "list" for a reason - because they're classics, they make you think, and they're really good. Give them a chance! Reading should be fun, so try to lose yourself in the story and don't hold a grudge based on who recommended the book. <3 It's such a fun thing, to escape life and slip into the life/experiences of someone else!

Lauren C.

by lemonlime123 on 8/23/2012 9:45:44 PM


I would find guys from other schools

by Milkdog64 on 8/23/2012 5:48:10 PM


I don't think this will ever happen at my school! One of my classes has 23 boys and only 10 girls!

by cahbead21 on 8/23/2012 5:11:33 PM


1. Say your name 10 times.
2. Say your mom's name 5 times.
3. Say your crush's name 3 times.
4. Paste this to 4 other quizzes. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday, but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck! SEND THIS TO 5 QUIZZES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ON THE SCREEN. THIS IS SO FREAKY BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS

by dance/musicluver316 on 8/23/2012 4:01:18 PM


Ah! All of my best friends gone? Frown I'm a tomboy and ALWAYS been, there would be WAY too much drama in a school with only a few guys and a TON of girls, i would know cause my school is like that (art school) so i usually hang out with most of the guys Smile

by aqua_sunflower23 on 8/23/2012 10:04:17 AM


I would pretty much die if there were no h=guys or cute guys at my school!!!!!

by kenny_peace_panda22 on 8/22/2012 3:45:18 PM


I would not need to deal if my school went through a boy recession; I wouldn't care.

by otter77 on 8/22/2012 3:27:58 PM

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