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Balance boys and besties like a pro

So you’re dyin’ to spend every second of every day with your honey, but then ya wouldn’t have many friends. And your girlies did know ya...
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mod mod mod!!! help!!! i moved away this summer due to famnily problems. vut me and all of my old friends have facebook accounts. just last week they were including me in everything and were confiding in me. but now this week they seem to have gone very secretive and wont tell me anything and sometimes seem annoyed whenever i msg them in a group or individual conversations. plz help, i dont know if im doing something wrong or what!!!



Hey Girl. Maybe there's something going on you don't know about. Are those friend's fighting? Or they could just be really busy with school. You never know. Relax a little bit, and if they are still being really quiet, call them up and ask whats wrong.

Hannah H. 

Hannah h.

by lili-ana on 12/4/2012 1:29:10 AM


So many long comments, dis will be sweet and short to the point. PLZ JOIN MY CLUB! It's about school, boys, beauty, friends, studying, etc. I promise it will be amazing! Laughing THX! (That was short right?)

by Vevejen on 11/19/2012 2:25:57 PM


I have a boyfriend, we've kissed once but never get to see eachother. We only see eachother like once on a good day, and thats at school. We want to meet somehwere but my MOM says "not a date". She would let me go somewhere if she was there to make sure nothingbad was happening. I love him. We have been together since August. Any Ideas on places romantic and fun, that my mom cant spoil?


Hey Girl! Try ice skating or rollerblading! Your mom can sit on the sidelines and watch and it will be like shes not even there! And you can get some alone time with your cutie.

Hannah H.

Hannah H.

by Starrgirl1 on 11/15/2012 1:27:52 PM


So I've liked this guy Josh for a little over a year now, kinda of off/on, but for the most part, I've liked him a lot. One of my best friends used to like him too about 2 years ago, but when I started liking him she was completely over him. Now we're in 8th grade and I still like him and recently she told me she does too! When she told me, I wasn't mad at all but now that it's been a few weeks, it's getting on my nerves. We always talk about him and because they share a lot of classes (and me and him share none), she obviously has better stories of him and it makes me feel like it's a competition! I'm not sure what to do. Telling her to back off is a little mean, because technically she did like him before me, but I also don't want to deal with us "competing" over a guy! I really REALLY like him though and I know she does too, so I'm not sure if both of us backing off completely will resolve much. Help?


Hey girl! that's tough, and I get what you're going through. My best friend and I have had our fair share of shared crushes! Just try and keep it as a bonding experience. I know that sounds strange, but its waaaay better than a competition! Also, be upfront about your feelings. She probably has no idea you feel the way you do, so let her know that it makes you feel pretty rotten when she shares all her stories. Friendships should outlast crushes, so try and keep things in perspective. Hope this helps!


Katie L.

by Kattrox421 on 10/3/2012 4:53:45 PM


Hi Mods! I have an urgent situation =( I have a long distance friendship with my best friend. She moved away to a big city recently. Her 'rents are old-fashioned,so she doesn't have a Facebook account or e-mail. I even sent her a letter. We do text, however. My problem is that she's not replying to my texts anymore.
2 weeks ago I texted her: "Hey, are you there? Why aren't you replying to me? BTW, you gotten my letter yet? I can understand if you're busy." She texted me: "oh, i'm sorry! I'm really busy. My new school has a lot of activities this week. Sorry!" Now she's not replying at all. I sent her two texts this week. I'm scared of annoying her or something. Do you think she is ignoring me and making new friends? :O


Hey girly, it's hard to maintain any kind of relationship when it's long distance. And moving, unpacking, new school, activities and friends will keep a girl super busy. And while she's getting involved in new things, you two might just drift apart. But that's okay. Get busy with your own activities and friends and try to get connected with some new girls or BGFs. Be patient and give your friend some space. Text her again next week and see what happens.  In the meantime, have your own fun.

Lauren I.

by LizHeartsLondon on 10/3/2012 6:34:45 AM


My bestfriend and I have the best times together but i think shes been stealing from me. . . In 4th grade my favorite DS game went missing after she came over and she happen to "find" hers right after mine went missing (we had the same DS game but she lose her before mine was gone.) A mouth ago, after we went to the mall and she slept over half my live savings went missing. I ask her if she took it and she denies it but idk if she was lying. Now my whole wallet is gone. Which had a lot in it. I'm pretty sure she took it. But i'm so depressed that she would do that to me but i'm not completely sure she did it. How do i comfort her???? And get my earnings back???


Hey sheershine101, if you've really looked all over for it and still haven't found it then it is really possible she took it. When asking her about this you want to approach her the right way so she won't get angry. Bring up to her how she's taken your stuff before, and explain that she never has to do that because as your bestie you would give her anything. I think as long as you are calm and nice when talking to her she will understand and hopefully give your wallet back. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by sheershine101 on 9/30/2012 12:07:18 PM


Well I like a guy in my class and a friend found out that he likes me too! But the problem is that two of my friends also like him. I was talking to my friend about it and she said "well just remember that they like him too. Think about them before you do something that you might regret" or something like that. Not like a threat, just like she doesn't want me to hurt their feelings. I don't want to either but it's not my fault that I like him! It just seems like my friends never support me when I like a guy. They get mad at me for it or if a guy likes me back and idk why. What's going on? What should I do?

Hey girl,

Even if your friends like him, they are your friends and still want you to be happy! Talk to them about it and tell them how much you value your friendship--once you talk about it and they see how much you two like each other, they will want you to be happy. It will be a lot better if you talk to them first than if you go behind their backs, so just explain the situation and they'll understand!

Meghan D.

by Sunny79 on 9/28/2012 10:10:45 PM


Okay I need crush help.There's this boy who I like.We were both in the same class in fifth grade last year.I had to sit next to him at lunch every day.He was really athletic, l,funny,loud.He always teased me and made jokes about me but not in a mean way.

Hey girl,

If you're already friends from last year, that's a good thing! If you're not sure if he likes you, there's no rush to do anything, so keep talking to him as friends and see how he acts so that you can tell if he likes you or not. If he does, you can talk about it when you are both ready!

Meghan D.

by katniss50309 on 9/28/2012 10:10:15 PM


I need crush help.Okay there's this boy who I like.We were both in the same class in fifth grade last year.I had to sit next to him at lunch every day.He wis really funny, loud, athletic, and popular.He always teased me and made jokes about me but not in a mean way.We're both african american but I have glasses.Anyway now we're in sixth grade and I have extracurriculars and gym/choir with him.He still teases me a bit but not as much as he used too and to other girls too.This girl asked him out and I asked him if he said yes and when he said he said no. To her he stared at me and smiled.And sometimes I can see him staring at me during choir.The thing is I don't look really good in my glasses and I honestly don't see how he could like me.I mean I guess I'm funny and loud and smart and have a good personality but.....So do you think he likes me?the thing is I'm not allowed to date but just knowing he liked me would be enough.

Hannah H.

by katniss50309 on 9/20/2012 4:09:14 PM


Okay so my best friend (M) just got a new boyfriend (D)... So it was all good at first, but he would always text me, even if he wasnt texting her... She freaked out the one time because he hadn't texted her in 4 hours and the whole time he was texting me. (I didn't know he wasn't texting her.) And now "D" keeps calling me a loser, but says he's joking... The only problem is that he is now calling "M" a loser too. I told her that he shouldn't call her a loser but all she says is "well he says he's joking so I believe him." another issue is that he constantly texts me!! If I don't respond he keeps texting me until I do. I told her that he annoys me and all she said was "don't talk to him then." and I told her about his constant texting. What should I do? I feel like she's ignoring me on this.


Hey girl! Sounds to me like your best friend may be a bit jealous that you get a lot of attention from her bf. "D" doesn't sound like the greatest guy, but "M" may not want to admit that because she's happy to have a bf. It sounds like you already voiced your opinion to M, and that's about all you can do. Hopefully she'll realize he isn't the best guy for her and move on. Until then just try your best to be a supportive friend. I would ask him point-blank to stop texting you. If he doesn't stop harassing you with texts and by calling you a loser, you should go to a school counselor or administrator. But before you can call it harassment, you have to ask him to stop several times. So give that a go first. Hope this helps!


Katie L.

by topaz16 on 9/19/2012 3:36:22 PM

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