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Toys by the truckload: Ashley helps kids in need

When you’re little, toys are a big deal. Ashlee Smith, a 13-year-old from Reno, Nev., understands this – that’s why she started Ashlee’s Toy Closet...
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The website is wrong. It is ashleetoycloset.ort

by monopolyandpenny2000 on 9/21/2012 10:42:30 AM


That is wonderful. My parents do something around Christmas where they buy, wrap and give gifts. We help and its not only fun but it makes you feel good that you are helping someone.

by fashionqn on 9/14/2012 9:55:31 PM


Hey Girlies!
My name is Haley and I'm a sophomore in high school. Do any of you need advice? I've been through it all, so ask away!
You can ask me anything! Just leave a comment on my profile and I'll answer on your as soon as possible! Hope to hear from you!

by haleyhay3 on 9/2/2012 7:22:33 PM


I want her to go 2 my school

by peppercyndaquil13 on 9/1/2012 10:16:06 PM


Help!!! I have to get my two top canine teeth pulled at the end of september, which means for a couple months I'll have VERY noticeable gaps in my mouth when most of the kids in my grade (7th) have lost all of theirs! What do I do to conceal them?
Also, 3 weeks ago I got my first period, and today is day two of my second one! Is this normal?!?! HELP!!!!!!


Hey girlie,

First off, having "irregular" periods is TOTALLY normal! Doctors say you'll get your period about every 28 days, but it doesn't happen that way every month. Some girls' cycles will last longer and some will be shorter. Sometimes, it depends on the month because so many things can affect your period - changes in stress, sleep patterns, diet, exercise, etc. Don't sweat it Smile As for those gaps, I know it'll feel weird at first because it's such a drastic change. But I'll bet you have a plan for those gaps - either your "adult" teeth will grow in, you'll get braces to straighten your teeth and pull them around, false teeth in those holes, etc. Talk to your parents and dentist to see what you can do. In the meantime though, OWN your smile! If you smile confidently and love it yourself, no one will be shocked by the gaps. You could even smile without teeth for now, until you feel more comfy Smile

Lauren C.

by turnonthemusic1 on 8/30/2012 8:57:23 PM


Mod mod mod
I havdnt got to go to a dentist in years and my teeth are really bad, what's a way to get healthier teeth?


Hey girl, just brush and floss every day! xoxox

Lauren I.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/29/2012 4:06:16 PM


Mod mod mod
Do you think I should just let him learn when he chooses to? He doesn't have teachers


Hey girl, I wouldent worry about teaching him.

Lauren I.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/29/2012 4:04:16 PM


Mod mod mod I think one of the babies I try to take care of that's really premature might be sick
Is it normal for babies to throw up when you burp them?


Hey girl, babies do tend to spit up sometimes, especially while your burping them. Use a burp cloth or paper towel so you dont get spit up on yourself. If your really worried contact a doctor. 

Lauren I.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/29/2012 4:00:01 PM


Mod mod mod
I havent seen a few of the children in a long time nor the parents of those few I'm very worried about them and I know there's been huge fights with everyone so would it be out of place to ask where those people I haven't seen are? I really hope I'll see them again and they're ok and safe
Oh and the youth group is a thing at a church where we listen to music and play games and stuff


Hey girl, the youth group sounds great, and fun! It might not be out of line to ask about your friends that you havent seen in awhile. Just ask casually where they've been or if you can play with them soon.

Lauren I.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/29/2012 3:56:04 PM


Mod mod mod I think I need to teach one of the kids how to read but I know he won't cooperate
Should I just let it go and let him wait and learn when he's ready or should I try to make him learn?


Hey girl, it's nice that you want to help and it might be fun to read to him, but your not a teacher and its not your responsibility to make him learn, especially if he doesnt want to.

Lauren I.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/29/2012 3:52:32 PM

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