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Phone phobia: The real reason guys dread calling

Why do guys hate talking on the phone? Dave: Because we have e-mail to answer, silly. Actually, the phone doesn’t scare us—it’s this whole crazy system you females have...
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Is thsi the same deal with texting? because my bf doesn't txt me either...

by lulubird2000 on 3/1/2013 4:41:12 PM


Ok.This may take a while.
So last year me and some friends wanted to call this guy (The guy i like) cuz we wanted to do youtube videos with him. (Ya know, like singing) and so we called him. (He said no) And then a couple weeks later we realized he was ignoring us. So we called him again, and asked why he was ignoring us. Well he called us stalkers and kept ignoring us. What do i do? I cant just let him ignore us. Ive had a crush on him for 3 years! What do i do? We've tried EVERYTHING and nothing makes him budge! I really need HELP!!!!

Uh-oh babe, it sounds like you and your friends may have taken this a bit too far.  I would step back and let things be for a bit, maybe start talking to him again in the future.  But for right now, if you and your gals keep pushing it and contacting him so often while he's feeling strange about it, it will only make it worse.  I'm so sorry that I couldn't tell you a quick fix for this one! Jordan S.

by rachelfever41789 on 9/12/2012 5:24:51 PM


I'm worrying way too much! I just met this guy and we kind of like eachother, and he texts me and stuff but randomly he just stops. Like if i ask him or question or something he will just stop. Hes so confusing! Pleaseee help! xoxo KatieBieber <3


Hey KatieBieber, mhmm that is kinda weird. Some people just text differently from others. I have a friend who randomly stops texting me after a while too. She doesn't mean any harm that's just how she is. So to him it may not seem random, maybe bringing it to his attention will get him to stop. Hope this helps! Xoxo


Lynae P.

by KatieBieber on 9/6/2012 10:27:57 PM


MOD MOD But whenever I call him or text him he never seems to respond. It is like his phone is off all the time. The last time I called him it rang but he didn't answer and it went to voicemail. I even asked him if I did anything to upset him and he said no. How can I get in contact with him?


Can you see him in person? Knock on his door? If his phone is off and you haven't spoken it weeks, it literally is like you're not even in a relationship at all. I would get to know other guys and keep your options open - he's not treating you right and not giving you enough of his time, for whatever reason. He's not worth the worry! <3

Lauren C.

by EpicMckendz on 8/30/2012 6:18:38 PM


My boyfriend and I started dating over a month ago and he seemed to really like me. He apparently liked me while he was dating his old girlfriend and he broke up with her. The problem is we haven't seen each other even though we started dating. He never responds to my text messages and one time I waited 11 days before he answered. Im the kind of person who waits a few days before I text or call him. One of his old friends told me he is most likely ignoring because he is nervous about starting school. He went to a sleep away camp for a week and I texted him 2 days after he came back and he hasn't responded and its been two weeks since I sent him that text I even texted him two times and called him once during the two weeks. What should I do? BTW we are not going to the same school this year and I really miss him. Help!

Hey girlie,

What kind of relationship is it if you NEVER talk or see each other?! I think you've been patient enough with his nerves or whatever is bothering him - now is the time to talk to him about it. Call him or schedule a time to meet up. Be bold and tell him you really like him and want to get to know him better, but you can't do this waiting-two-weeks-to-talk thing. That's not a real relationship and it's a waste of your time. Ask him straight out - does he want to be in this relationship? If he can't answer or says no, kick him to the curb. If he says yes, tell him you really want to see him regularly and develop an actual relationship with him, not just a once-in-a-while arrangement. Of course he needs his own space and time to himself, but you deserve someone who also makes time for you! 
Lauren C.

by EpicMckendz on 8/30/2012 5:56:33 PM


School starts soon & I'm excited for my sophomore year. The only thing? My boyfriend & I go to different schools so we won't be able to hang out as much... what are some things we could do together during the school year?

Hey chica!

You could make a list of cute date ideas (especially with fall and winter coming up) and then pick them out of random so you never do the same thing twice! You could go pumpkin picking, learn how to make homemade apple cider, take a trip to a haunted house, take a walk in the park to check out all the amazing fall tree colors. Since you don't go to the same school it'll make the time you spend together even more special! 
Alexis G.

by Blushing-Beauty on 8/30/2012 11:55:31 AM


Mod mod mod
What are some plants that are safe to eat I can find around my neighborhood?

Hey girlie!

I'm not a plant expert, so I wouldn't want to tell you something I wasn't completely and 100% sure about. Try consulting an adult or your doc! 
Alexis G.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/30/2012 1:42:49 AM


Mod mod mod
Will you be my friend?

Of course! We're all friends here at Girls' Life! 
Alexis G.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/30/2012 1:40:48 AM


Mod mod mod are my questions going through?

Yes they are! Sorry about that chica, here at GL we try and get back to you ASAP but don't forget that we gotta sleep too (: 
Alexis G.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/30/2012 1:33:04 AM


Mod mod mod
How do you forgive people who hurt you a lot?

Hey girl,

Sometimes it's definitely difficult to forgive the people that hurt you, but it's completely possible. The most important thing is put yourself in their shoes. How are they feeling? What was going through their mind? Time is also a big factor, and can help tremendously when it comes to healing. At the end of the day, holding a grudge takes A LOT of energy; energy you could be using in a more positive way. It's important to forgive, but only when you're ready. 
Alexis G.

by StrawberryPatchKid on 8/30/2012 1:30:07 AM

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