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What to do if you think a friend needs help

It’s easy to pretend that everything is all right—for you, for your family, for your friends. But sometimes, it’s just not, and that’s when its time to...
29 Comments | Add Yours


Hey girl,

I can only imagine how tough things are for you. Because we wish you only the best, it’s extremely important that you speak to a trusted adult, such as a family member, doctor, guidance counselor, teacher, etc.


Also, for additional help, check out:!2.aspx


, Your Blog Patrol Babes


Meghan D.

by lolomar on 1/14/2013 6:05:23 PM


Mod mod
Yah I saw your last answer, thank you. I'm just worried about her and idk what to do. She's in the hospital and her friends dad said its bad. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 9. She overdosed again yesterday. I have never gotten to meet her but I really want to but if she doesn't make it...idk what I'm gonna do I'm scared for her. She was bullied at home and school, she cut, and she's suicidal. I can't fly to Alabama to go see her now, and my parents know NOTHING about this I can't talk to anyone about this except you...


There's really nothing you can do but send positivity her way and hope for the best. You could try to get her address and mail her a letter.  

Lynae P.

by Girlzrock123 on 12/2/2012 11:40:54 AM


Mod mod mod
On my last post that I just sent...well I'm continuing to Kik my friends friends dad and he said that it doesn't look good and on a scale of 1-10 it's a 9....and that she overdosed again. I'm really scared please help me. I can't tell my parents about this because they would just get mad that I was contacting someone I didn't know. Please help me...


Hey Girlzrock123, sorry girly!! Just finished answering your question! Let me know if you see my response. Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by Girlzrock123 on 12/2/2012 11:09:59 AM


Mod mod mod
My friend that lives In another state that I have never met...we only Kik and tweet. She's in the hospital, she wanted to kill herself yesterday, and tried to overdose. Her dad called her friend to spend the night with her...but no one knew what she had done. Well I was Kiking her this morning and she didn't answer but here friends dad did, he said that she was in the hospital...I'm really scared mod please help me. I'm also scared that if she...doesn't make it that somehow I will get in trouble...idk how I would because the only thing I have ever done is help her


Hey Girlzrock123, you wouldn't get in trouble. I hope she starts to get better. It's a good thing she's in the hospital because she will be able to get the help she needs. Whenever you can talk to her again let her know you will be there for her. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by Girlzrock123 on 12/2/2012 11:00:37 AM


my friend is suicidal, what do I do? She lives in another state and idk what to do please help! I already gave her the national suicide hotline number...please help me!


If you know anyone closer to her, especially an adult, it would be a good idea to let them know that she's having problems so she can have someone to talk to and watch out for her nearby. Other than that, all you can do is be there for her. Make sure you let her know how much you care about her and want her to be happy. Encourage her to use the hotline number you gave her and do little things like send her texts and emails to let her know you're thinking about her. Always be there if she needs someone to talk to. Knowing she has someone out there who is thinking about her might help! xoxo Allie

Allie S.

by Girlzrock123 on 12/1/2012 6:59:52 PM


Okay so here is the deal I have been really depressed since as long as I can remember, it is because of my many insecuritys. I have been cutting the side of my stomach for about a month, I need help, it is getting deeper and more addicting. Only my boyfriend knows about it and he has also tried to committ suicide multiple times. It just feels like sometimes I can't handle life. I am 13 I barely wiegh 80 pounds my boyfriend sometimes has to force me to eat at lunch because i want to starve myself. I guess what i'm trying to say is, my life is in shambles and i want to turn it around somehow but I don't know how.


Hey kennaroo623, know that you are worthy and deserve a wonderful life. Look at all the reasons you're cutting yourself. Then make a list of all the good things about you. Make a list of 10-20 things and this can include anything, even the way you make cereal. Read the list to yourself everyday until you start to feel better. Do you have a school counselor you can talk to? Set a meeting and confess how you're feeling and they may be able to help you. You can always talk to me too girl. Leave a message on my page and I'll be sure to get back to you. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by kennaroo623 on 11/22/2012 9:49:10 PM


okay i need help about my friend.....shes been really depressed lately and idk what to the only one she talks to about it and i absolutly HATE seeing her like this! in science the other day..we were discussing cancer and afterwards, she said she wishes she had it so that she could die and no one would stare at her anymore! i try talking to her but its like shes not even hearing me! shes a beautiful person inside and out and i REALLY dont want her to make any decisions she'll regret....or worse......what should i do? please helpCryCry


hey! Your friend is exhibiting warning signs of depression or worse, thoughts of suicide. Whenever she says stuff like she wishes she could die, that's a clear cry for help. It means she's feeling worthless and she wants someone to step in and give her some support. Please tell your school's guidance counselor or a teacher about what your friend has said. They need to be able to keep an eye on the situation and offer your friend the help she needs. There are also hotlines you or your friend can call for support if she doesn't want to talk to anyone at school. here they are:!2.aspx 

Helen S.

by katiegurll;) on 11/3/2012 8:08:16 AM




Hey girlie, it sounds like pill that you took should have taken care of it as long as you took it within 72 hours. So hopefully your chances are slim. But it never hurts to take the test just in case. Good luck! 

Lauren T.

by runlover on 10/14/2012 8:44:05 PM


I'm used to getting discharge and everything but lately it's been a brownish-red. Is this my period? And if it is, I have no interest in telling my mom, but she doesn't use tampons and I probably will. How can I get them discreetly?

Hannah H.

by angelicjade on 10/11/2012 4:30:49 PM


I was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. About 2 years ago a friend of mine xxxxxxxx. I thought about it sometimes but all the flashbacks and stuff stopped after about a week. I wasn't really affected by it after that. For the past couple weeks I've had dreams about it. One of my favorite shows is Law and Order:SVU. I watch it all the time. An episode came on where 1 of the detectives had a flashback to her assault. I had seen that episode a million times and it never affected me like this. I had a really bad flashback and a dream about it that night. . And it just started about a week after I was diagnosed with cancer. Why is this happening? It hasn't bothered me in 2 years!

Hannah H.

by Snickie on 10/11/2012 4:14:41 PM

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