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Period 101: Dealin' with Aunt Flo when school's in session

Once school is back in session, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re not gonna be able to hole up in your room ‘til your period...
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I thought I had my period because some drops came out one day and its been almost two months and nothing what is that

by Shelle2467 on 1/10/2013 9:19:06 PM


My mod wont show upFrown

by #1partier on 1/9/2013 10:05:06 AM


Hey, so I started my period today (and really scared) lucky me, my mom let me stay home from school todaySmile But im scared when I go back to school also I am a dancer and during warm up we do middle right and left splits and I am really nervous and since I just started I'm not allowed to wear tampons so im in a sitch PLEASE HELP!


Hey girl! See if you can buy really light tampons just for dance. If you can't, ya might have to sit out practicing for a bit! Periods aren't so scary after a bit. We all get them, you'll be fine!


Katie L.

by #1partier on 1/9/2013 8:55:10 AM


on feb 4th when we go back to school it's the same day my periods coming what should I do? (please answer me stat)


Hey girl,

You could get a mini clutch and stash all of the stuff you're gonna need throughout the day i.e tampons, pads, etc. You could slip this into your pencil case or purse and carry it around with you. When you need to use the bathroom, make sure you bring your clutch along and you should be perfect! xoxo

Alexis G.

by DARKNESS NERD on 1/7/2013 1:03:13 PM


Whenever I'm on my period, I always have to change at school. The only problem is that I am not good at hiding my pads or sneaking them out when I need to. What is your advice on this because I am afraid that someone like a boy might see?


 Hey girl, no worries! Just start to carry a small bag or purse in your school bag and take it to the bathroom with you when you're ready! 

lauren r.

by selenahayley on 12/29/2012 2:22:01 AM


I have had my period for three years. It has always been regualr. Last month, my period was three weeks late. I should have gotten it a few days ago, and now I'm worried that it's going to be late again. They have also been very heavy for a few years,so I talked to my mom about it and I am going to a girl doctor to be put on birth control. My mom doesn't know about my period being three weeks late, should I tell the doctor when I go? I was also kind of fooling around with my bf, we didn't have sex.. but I'm paraniod that I could somehow get pregnant by it... I'd really like to know what you think. Thanks! xoxoxo... Liz

Hey girl,

Irregularity can be normal at first, but if you have had your period for years it wouldn't hurt to mention it to your doctor when you go. She will probably ask about your schedule, anyway. And if you're not sexually active, you can't be pregnant! Your doc will be able to answer all of your questions when you visit her, and check out this post for more tips.

Meghan D. Meghan D.

by lilla834 on 12/28/2012 9:51:06 PM


ughh i got my period on december 26th (this is my 3rd time ever getting my period and im 13 so this is all still new to me) and it is so heavy! i had a light one 1 time. ughhh i hate it my pads r 2 small so i have to use my moms anchor-ship pads! i smell, im tired, its disgusting! help


Hey girl, def try a super might be more comfortable! click here! 

Jenn S.

by pinklol56 on 12/28/2012 11:30:47 AM


Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod
Okay, two period related things here.
(a) I'm going to have my period on Christmas--which stinks royally. Any way to make it stink less? (and don't say use tampons--i've tried.)
(b) Are there any ways to make your flow lighter? Like, any foods you can eat and stuff like that?


Hey girl, tampons definitely take some getting use to. But they help A LOT and make everything easier when dealing with getting the period at bad times. But only use them when you're ready. I've never heard of any foods helping with flow, its just something that happens. Sometimes working out and running actually shortens the length of your period. 

lauren r.

by MusicIsLove123 on 12/22/2012 8:13:40 AM


I started my period in July this year (2012) and had it for a few months until it just stopped and now I haven't had it for two months! Please help!

by New Girl23 on 12/16/2012 7:44:31 PM


Ok so I started my period in October 17 2012 and I'm 12 but I don't really have boobs I'm on a A34 and is it true you have to have boobs to have you period? Awsner me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, girl. You do not need to have boobs to get your period because everybody's body is different and develops differently.


Hannah H.

Hannah H.

by Savannah278 on 11/6/2012 10:13:05 AM

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