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A quiz for anyone

One Directioner (and proud GL reader) sent us the ultimate 1D survey. Fill us in on your faves, babes, and leave your answers in the...
19 Comments | Add Yours

1. "One Thing"
2. "Don't take yourself too seriously" (Louis) and "Until I find the right girl, I have Louis." (Harry)
3. Louis and Harry <3
4. Since X Factor. I miss those days!
5. Megamind!
6. "Moments"
7. Run into them by surprise so there aren't screaming girls in my way of getting a pic with them!
8. "And I'd marry you, Harry." -Lou
9. Perrie for sure! She's so adorable!
10. They're amazing lads in general. They're sweet, funny, talented, and they always make me laugh. They're so inspirational and they just brighten up my day.

by chloe617 on 1/10/2013 9:36:25 PM


1.what makes u beautiful
2."A real man would make a girl's lipstick smear not her mascara."
4.Since I heard wmyb on the radio for the first time
5.Spin the Harry
7.I would get past security and go backstage. Then I would hide in a closet and then Zayn opens the door and finds me. I tell him the story and he lets me see the rest of one direction and stay backstag the whole time watching the concert on a huge tv. It is crazy but it would be awesome.
8.I like girls who eat carrots
9.the one Harry is dating
10.funny, sexy, hot, has amazing voices, and why wouldn't u love 1D

by monkeygirlee92 on 1/6/2013 5:47:44 PM


1. "What Makes You Beautiful" or "One Thing"?-WMYB
2. Favorite quote?-Louis - "Is this your card?" *pulls card out of hat* Harry - "Oh my god!" Zayn - "Jesus! You got it right!"
3. Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall or all five?-LOUIS!!!!
4. How long have you been a Directioner?-Since Oct. 31st
5. Spin the Harry, Megamind or Quickfire?-Smile Spin the Harry
6. "Stand Up" or "Moments"?-Moments
7. If you had the chance, how would you like to meet One Direction?-At my school, when I'm playing video games, if they drive by my house and thier car breaks down, a concert
8. What's your favorite 1D quote from the X Factor?-'"NO" Jimmy protested' or '"Until I find the right girl, I have Louis!"'
9. Who's your favorite 1D girlfriend?-Which one is Louis dating? I like her.
10. Why do you love One Direction?-They're HOT!!!

by wesdelwarrior on 12/22/2012 8:43:13 PM


1. "What Makes You Beautiful"
2. Favorite quote? 3. HARRY, but all of them are fine with me.
4. Recently I have been going crazy for them.
5. Spin the Harry
6. "Stand Up"
7. YES! If you had the chance, how would you like to meet One Direction?
8. What's your favorite 1D quote from the X Factor? Carrot Quote
9. Who's your favorite 1D girlfriend? maybe Danielle.
10. Why do you love One Direction? CUTE, HOT GREAT, SINGERS. Meghan D.

by fashionqn on 11/18/2012 12:24:50 AM


1. "One Thing"
2. "A real man will make a girls lipstick smear, no her mascara."
3. I Like Harry The Most But I Love Them All
4. When "What Makes You Beautiful" First Came Out
5. All Of Them
6. "Moments"
7. While their concert is going on harry is singing his solo and im standing in the front row and he sees me and he whispers in one of the guards ears and tells him to take me back stage and then i meet them there.
8. "Simple, But Affective" -Harry
9. It Was Danielle, But Since Their Not Together Anymore Its Perry.
10. They Are Really Good Singers, Funny, Hott, and Really Sweet Guys

by GIK1999 on 11/17/2012 6:15:24 PM


1. "What Makes You Beautiful"
2. “I remembered Katy Perry’s birthday and forget my dads, hahaha yay me. - Harry Styles”
3. Liam and Harry Smile
4. Since last year, my friend showed me them and I loved them!
5. Spin the Harry
6. Moments
7. At a concert and they see me in the front row!
8. She's mine!- Louis
9. Every one of them! They just so awesome!
10. They're British and Irish, they have amazing voices, they're funny, and they're cute. Enough said lol

by dancingirl1613 on 11/16/2012 7:44:32 PM


What makes you beautiful
Last week I explained my love for women who like carrots. Since then I have received a lot of carrots. Now I have a keen interest in women who like Lamborgenies. (I have no idea how do spell that) --Louis
Since 2010
Spin the Harry
Stand up
Win backstage passes
I like girls who eat carrots
Too many reasons!! ;)

by bball4all34 on 11/11/2012 12:45:23 AM


1. what makes you beautiful
2. "NO! jimmy protested." -louis
3. niall and louis
4. I wouldn't necessarily say I am one
5. quickfiiiiire
6. moments
7. randomly, like walkin down the street.
8. ^^^^^^
9. danielle
10. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

by maddieboo786 on 11/2/2012 5:38:50 PM


1. It's a total tie!
2. You normally hear Niall before you see him. XD
3. I love them all (please don't judge me!) But I like Louie and Niall best Tong
4. Ever since X factor Laughing
5. Quickfire
6. Um... tough call I'd have to say Stand up
7. They'd see my preform at my school musical, tell me how awesome I was (Tong) and we'd get the same record deal.
9. um... not sure Laughing oh, me!!
10. Because they're just so amazing, tehy have great voices and they're so hilarious!

by justme_dontchange on 10/25/2012 5:57:03 PM


1. What makes you beautiful
2. "You normally hear Niall before you see him."
3. All five <3
4. Since their first album came out.
5. Spin the Harry
6. Stand Up
7. I would love to meet One Direction at a professional soccer game.
8. I don't watch the X Factor...
9. Danielle
10. They have amazing voices and are so amazingly gorgeous.

by lolobelle_loves13 on 10/24/2012 7:38:24 PM

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