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Is swearing a major turnoff to guys?

Is swearing a major turnoff to guys? His Answer: “Yes it is, everyone slips every now and again, but guys don’t expect girls to be rugged...
30 Comments | Add Yours

In my school, everyone curses, so it's not like the people there consider it bad or anything. Some guys like when girls swear because then (in my school) they feel comfortable that they can say that without offending anyone. But I think that a guy will like a girl even if they swear or curse because that's just who they are. ;)

by Misery13 on 9/25/2012 5:03:12 PM


I agree. It's ok to swear if ur like SUPER mad (i don't) but not all the time.

by ColosalMascara on 9/22/2012 11:55:31 AM


So my best friend got a boyfriend and I'm really happy for her because I know how happy he makes her but everywhere we go she brings him and I feel like a third wheel. Ive hung out with she and him the past to weekends and this week we were gonna go to a football game just us girls and it's tomorrow and then she called me earlier and asked if it was ok if he brought her bf after she already invited him its not like I could say no but the entire time we hang out their just focusing on each other and my best friend and I havn't hung out just us in months. And this was the game I was finally gonna talk to this guy I think is cute and now I don't feel like I can. I just am sick of it and I'm too scared to say anything to my BFF. She just doesn't get it.


Hey GrassFairy, I completely understand where you're coming from. My bff put me in this sitch a few times. You just have to break it to her gently. Next time you want to hang out with her and she asks if he can come try something like "I really wanted it to be just you and me this time." or "Can we have a girl day. I love (her boyfriend's name) but I need to be with just you". I think she'll get the hint. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by GrassFairy on 9/20/2012 9:54:59 PM


okay soooo, theres this boy i really really like. hes kinda popular and i hang out with him frequently. but he always huggs the 8th grade girls and stuff. i have 4 out of 6 classes w/ him. at p.e today one of my friends says they think he likes me but IDK!!! he talks to my bff more than to me it seems but he does look at me a lot. idk wat to do!!!!!

by glam on 9/20/2012 7:36:27 PM


I think there are some guys who like when we swear, many dont but I think some do. I dont know why, it could be because they think we can talk on the same level.

And not all words are swear words, some are slang words. Like one of my friends think saying the word "balls" is a swear word, but most of us know it isnt, its just a slang word.

by fashionqn on 9/20/2012 1:29:17 PM


There is this boy that I am really crushing on. He is really funny and sweet, but he is in a grade ahead of me, so he goes to a different school. I keep seeing him at randim places, but can't get the nerve to talk to him. What should I do?


Hey 1Dfan99, I know exactly how you feel. You just have to make yourself talk to him. Think about it like this. You never know when you're going to see him because he's always in random places. So whenever you do see him you need to go for it. You can start the convo by complimenting him or by asking if he used to go to your school and take it from there. As long as you look good and are confident, you will be okay. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by 1Dfan99 on 9/17/2012 12:15:50 AM


hides behind nasty language? HAHAHA. your joking, right? Wow, GL... and Kemp- or whoever you are. One of my most outspoken, fun, best friends swear and she has boyfriends all the time.. and they're cute. My brother tells me that guys are into girls who aren't afriad to stand up for themselves and swearing is probably included in that.

by girlygirl22werock on 9/15/2012 7:20:59 PM


Lol my friend swore at her crush while confessing, and they sit by the teacher and it was by him!!!! He was like "Awww how sweet, do that all you want in detention!"

by YayaYuiki on 9/15/2012 3:15:38 PM


I have a friend who swears a lot and about 5 guys have liked her in one year. I have a friend who never swears and 1 guy has liked her in 3 years. I don't think guys like it when girls are rugged and whatnot, but swearing does not make you rugged.

by PuppetPrincess on 9/15/2012 7:25:24 AM


Ihave this friend and i think i like him but then i convince myself i dont but then i see him anndd. ughh! it just confuses me so much. i think he likes me but then he calls me his sister it. u knever know what will happen when around him. what should i do?

Hey girl,

It's okay to like your friend, it happens to plenty of people! Just stay friends with him for now and see if he gives any signs that he likes you! If you have a school dance, you could also ask him to dance with you and see what his reaction is.

Meghan D.

by ja3908 on 9/15/2012 12:36:50 AM

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