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Copy Hannah Simone's cute coral look for Homecoming

Hannah Simone fluttered in front of cameras in her floral print dress as she arrived at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. This year, she won the award...
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Dear Kit and Kelsey
i love NYX also haha we are like best frends! you guys seam really cute!

by Watching! on 9/30/2012 8:24:34 PM


oooo lala NYX for the win cute lip color i also love NYX eye shadow! cute dress Hannah your hair looks perfect today!
xoxo, kitty and Kelsey

by Nemo3 on 9/29/2012 10:49:42 PM


I love the coral lipstick.... Tots adorable

by amileofroses on 9/29/2012 9:58:14 PM


The makeup is too much for her in my opinion.

by luvmonkey1313 on 9/20/2012 5:44:54 PM


I'm not allowed to use dark lipstick.

by cheetah#1 on 9/19/2012 5:23:08 PM

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