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7 nifty books that make school cool

Sometimes, school has a way of making interesting subjects super boring. Dial up the cool factor and learn a li’l something new with these funky books that...
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Ok this has nothing to do with books but I have something about school. So I am young and there is this guy that constantly talks to me. He lives in Idaho and I live in indiana. So he started of to be nice but then he seemed to be kind of a stalker. He would always go on my page and looks at my posts and photos.( I have a MBC account) and just today out of no where he said I was his girlfriend. I had no say in it. My parents would never let me have a boyfriend. His friends get into it to. I just feel pressured and worried. Worried because I don't know this guy and I am nervous that he is going to harm me in such a way. Please help me!! This is URGENT!! Please respond ASAP!!

by $lover on 4/10/2013 6:53:09 PM


i looked at the universe one and there is a whole series like that book!!!! i'm getting the physics one so i can be ahead for next year!!!!!

by Prim on 1/10/2013 7:07:02 AM


MOD! so im curently a sophomore in high school but im considering graduating early which would mean next year i would be a senior. i dont know what to do the only thing keeping me from saying yes right now is my best friend. when i menchined the idea to her this morning shes like no you are not leaving me. when i talked about it with my mom she said that her only concern is that i might miss being a senior but today i went and talked to my guidence couselur and she said that theres no doubt in her mind that i could do it its now a matter of do i want to do it. its not like i wouldnt know anyone because i have several friends in the class of 2014. my bff means the world to me but i hate high school with a passion. i dont know what to do. help me please!!!!!!!

You are only a sophomore and it can easily get better. People say their best years are their junior and senior year. Do not move up, to get out of high school earlier, you should enjoy it the best you can. But also do not stay in your grade because of your best friend. You guys will still be together! This is your decision!
mailyse f.

by ladyinlike on 11/19/2012 3:34:44 PM


One of my friends got the smart-answer one... Soooooo funny Laughing

by topaz1116 on 10/1/2012 9:10:53 PM


i'm in choir and i messed up on one audition to get a solo because 1. i didnt study the song and 2. i was nervous this time im auditioning to get a solo on a WHOLE SONG and it has to be like a song that fits my voice (i cant find many pop songs that do that) and i REALLY like pop music have any suggestions? and any ways to fight nervousness oh and can i get an answer by tonight cause the auditions are monday and i wanna star practicing early thanks


Hey Tinky516, something that happens nervous people is to pretend they are someone else while performing. You know how Beyonce has Sasha Fierce? Try creating a person for yourself. Give them a name and performance style. This may help you forget about yourself and your nervousness. How would you describe your voice? Maybe I can help you find songs that fit your voice. Xoxo 


Lynae P.

by Tinky516 on 9/27/2012 5:30:58 PM


URGENT: i have found the PERFECT anthom for and Girlslife magazine!! the song is called ''A Girls Life'' by Megan and Liz. Please look it up on youtube and listen to it. I also think Megan and Liz should be on the front cover of GL magazine! They are my role models so please give this song a chance


Hey girly, thanks! I'll def give that song a listen!

Lauren I.

by kyra678 on 9/26/2012 4:16:12 PM


Everyone wants me to grow up too fast. I know everyone has to do it, but every night I cry because I miss being a little kid and I want to be 5 again. Any advice?


 Hey girly, of course there's no way to turn back the clock to be 5 again, but that doesn't mean you need to rush growing up either! Take your time and go at your own pace. I know it can be scary sometimes but try to think about all of the great things about growing up: boyfriends, getting your drivers license, high school, prom, college, and all the fun time with friends and family in between. I hope that helps. xoxo

Lauren I.

by HappySunshine on 9/24/2012 6:50:03 AM


I would probably read all of these!!! I really love books!

by iRead on 9/24/2012 6:09:41 AM


*puts all on to read list* great now 7 more. *sigh* why do i have the curse where i HAVE to read?

by YayaYuiki on 9/22/2012 10:29:55 PM


What are some signs of depression?

Hey girl,

If you think you might be depressed, it's super important that you speak with a trusted adult like a parent/guardian, teacher, doctor or guidance counselor asap! Depression is treatable, but it's really important that you talk through your feelings with someone and sort everything out. Check out these posts to learn more about some signs of depression and please please please talk to a trusted adult! You are beautiful and are always enough!

Meghan D.

by Symphoni789 on 9/22/2012 10:13:18 PM

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