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Spend a significANT Friday night in

Here at GL, we love Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, and we just can’t wait for the next episode. We know how much you girls love the show...
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Hey all you Jake Short fans - check out his 30 day photo challenge from Olivia Osteen on Facebook and Instagram.
Awesome Stuff!!!

by Dixie7 on 2/1/2013 7:21:12 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! I did tell her, she didn't really care and said it wa risky taking it in the car but i didn't know were we were going


This isn't your fault at all girl. I think your mom is just really mad at the situation and is taking it out on you. Give her some time to calm down and talk to her about it later. I would wait maybe 2 or 3 days.  

Lynae P.

by lemonlime123 on 9/21/2012 12:20:01 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! my ipod was recently stolen, But it wasn't my fault! I put it in our car's glove compartment before we we're going to look at a veiw of the beach for a few minutes, but my dad left the car unlocked and the windows down, and now, my mom doesn't trust me to get a new one and she is blaming me! What should I do to prove I'm responsible?


Hey lemonlime123, did you tell her the whole story? Let her know you locked it up in the glove compartment, but your dad left the windows downed and doors unlocked. You shouldn't get blamed for this at all. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by lemonlime123 on 9/21/2012 12:09:20 AM


Hey so I'm going to my school's homecoming game tommrow. Since our school's colors r black and white i was thinking about waring my black nike shorts and a cute white tshirt. But how do I acessorize while still looking super casual?


Hey wxyz22, throw on a cute necklace, bracelet and earrings. You could wear silver hoop earrings, with a necklace(one that isn't too big) and maybe three or four silver bracelets on one arm. Hope this helps and have fun!!! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by wxyz22 on 9/20/2012 10:25:47 PM


Well my school does have lockers (i have one) but its the small ones, how am i suppose to decorate it? I only get to use it during the morning at lunch and at the end of the day.. Please Help! Xoxo


Hey doglover463, you can always stick some pics up. Print out pictures of your fave celebs or photos. You could even write your name in pretty cursive on a notecard or paper, cut it out and glue it. Hope this helps! Xoxo


Lynae P.

by doglover463 on 9/20/2012 8:42:16 PM


Ooh! I'm gonna watch it at my sleepover!!!

by briannam911 on 9/20/2012 6:18:50 PM


ColosalMascara, uggh, I hare ignorant people like you.

by snowver11 on 9/20/2012 4:42:14 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to go to homecoming with one of my guy friends.
We have a class together and we text sometimes and we get along really well and I think it would be fun if we went together! He doesn't have a date yet but he wants to take one. Should I wait and see if he asks me or ask him myself? And how would I ask him myself?



Hannah H.

by cutieonpatrol on 9/20/2012 4:36:48 PM


Why do people like this show?

by ColosalMascara on 9/20/2012 3:04:45 PM

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