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Help! Tampons freak me out

I just got my first period last month, and I used pads. I think they’re really uncomfortable and they totally don’t work for my dance classes, but...
60 Comments | Add Yours

How do i ask my mom to start using tampons? I HATE the pads I used in the bery beginning because they were just, well, bleck. They were super thin though. Now my mom just bought some Kotex to try for my next period. I am 13 and have had 7 periods so far and I am very small (5'3'') and super skinny (size 0) So to sum up, I am SUPER petite, hate pads, am SUPER active,and want to start using tampons eventhough I dont know how to ask my mom. Her and i are close, like we will talk about cramps and.the blood just running into each other in the hallway, but not super insanely close. BIG QUESTION(S):
How do I ask my mom if I can start using tampons? (If she says yes, i wouldnt mind going with my BFF into walgreens to get em myself)
What kind of pads would you recommendfor someonewho is VERY petite and active?
Should I just wait until summer and tough it out through Mar/Apr/May so I have an EXCELLENT reason to start using tampons? (I swim A LOTin summer)

Hey girlie,

I would just bring it up with your mom and tell her the reasons you've listed here! If you were able to ask her about pads, I'm sure it won't be awkward to ask her if you can use tampons. She's been there, too! As for what type of pads you should use, Kotex are great and offer tons of varieties, or you could ask your doc or mom which type would be best for you.

Meghan D.

by bothun2000 on 3/15/2013 10:43:12 PM


Hey, (Mod ?)
Uumm, I'm 12, in a month 13, and I haven't gotten my period yet. I want my period, and I've been researching, and I don't want to wear a pad. The thing is, i'm NOT scared of tampons, opposite, actually. I WANT to wear tampons. But, I don't know what, when, or how to tell, ask, my mom about it. Honestly, I know a tampon will fit, and I know what it feels like, because, during one of my very heavy, white, discharges, I tried one, and took it out right away, after not being able to feel it (which was 2 minutes). But I don't know when I will get my period. (I've been in puberty since I was 9, including white discharges, ever since). Also, Is something wrong with me? And, What, when, and how would I ask, or tell, my mom?

Hey girl, everyone gets their period at different times.  You might get it in a month or you might not get it for another couple years, but it's best to not practice inserting a tampon until you've started your period.  It doesn't sound like anything is wrong, but if you're worried you can always check in with a nurse or a doctor.  You can talk to your mom anytime.  Just find a place where you can speak privately.  Be honest and direct.  You got this.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by 2580Samantha2580 on 3/12/2013 1:18:21 PM


Help! I have this big test tomorrow and I can't leave until 1:15 and it starts at 7:45 and I have my period when it's the heaviest! What should I do!!! (I prefer to wear tampons)


Hey girlie, there must be a bathroom break during that! Keep a tampon in your pocket so that you don't have to take anything with you to the bathroom. And wear a pad as backup so that you're not worried about leaking the whole time. 

Lauren T.

by TaylorEK on 3/11/2013 4:24:29 PM


Meghan D.
No one has a pad, and my class has been extended for another hour. Help!

Hey girlie,

I would just talk to your teacher then--it might be awkward but they can help you get the situation taken care of!

Meghan D.

by DMlover123 on 3/8/2013 10:46:42 PM


UGHHHH!!! I'm freaking out! I think I just got my first period. But the thing is I'm at kumon (learning help thingy) right now and I won't be home for another two hours! I don't have a pad, or tampons or anything! Help what do i do.

Hey girlie,

I would talk to your teacher so that they could help you get a pad, or you could ask around the girls and see if any of them have one!

Meghan D.

by DMlover123 on 3/8/2013 9:07:54 PM


I want to use them but there are 2 probs my mom is wierd to talk to about your period and my pieriod is gone I hade it got a year then it was gone it has been gone sense 6-8 months ago help I'm only 13 almost 14

by Sneakers88 on 2/21/2013 5:14:05 PM


MOD MOD MOD or someone please help
Is it normal to be almost 16 and on my period for 3 years and still freak about tampons? i just got my period yesterday and i have practice tonight and we have to wear yoga pants and I'm afraid of my pad showing because they're tight pants. I just tried inserting a tampon but i keep freaking out and it feels like it hurts. I'm seriously scared and on the verge of tears please help I've read every article and i still can't get used to tampons and how to do it.

Hey girl, take a deep breath.  Staying calm and relaxed will make inserting a tampon easier.  When you first start using tampons, they can be really tricky to use.  Just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  Practice inserting a tampon when you're not rushed and you can take your time.  And there's nothing wrong with wearing a pad to practice, no one else is gonna' be looking that closely.  If you're still worried, talk about it with your mom or an adult lady you trust.  Good luck, chica!  

Karin E.

by samileigh13 on 2/18/2013 1:46:29 PM


Well tampons are not that bad

by kayseyM on 2/10/2013 8:48:43 PM


I've had what I THINK is my period for seven months... except it's super light, like only light enough for a panty liner. I'm scared though because I haven't gotten my 'period' yet this month, and I don't know why. My 'period' is light (i think) because I am very very active. So now I'm scared because just when I thought I was going to get a real period, it hasn't happened yet Frown

Hey girl, after you first get your period, it can sometimes take years for it to develop a regular, monthly pattern.  It sounds like you might just be having discharge and not your period yet, but you'll probably get it soon.  If you're feeling worried, talk with your Mom or an adult you trust. 

Karin E.

by purple10115 on 2/4/2013 5:11:41 AM


Mod mod moddddddddd
Ok so I got my period like three days ago and last night I got a tampon in! But since it's toward the end of my period I was dry when I put it in and dry when I took it out. It always dumps everything like in the middle of the day and I don't think I'd be able to put in/ take out a tampon at school yet cuz it takes me a while and I just started using them last night. Please help I need more advice I'm really confused. Thanks ;)


It just takes time to get used to it...if you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should stick with pads during school for now. 

mailyse f.

by cuddlebug143 on 1/25/2013 10:38:22 AM

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