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How do I get my ex to like me again?

I went out with my first BF for three months, but he broke up with me. I still really like him. He knows how I feel...
17 Comments | Add Yours

i used my sis's sleeping bag for a sleepover and i left it! plus i am never gonna go to the house that i went to's house in a while! help!

by Carrie_Underwood on 10/5/2012 4:01:53 PM


IS IT OK TO BE 10 and go on here
And I recently tried to post a comment and 2 days laterit still isn't here! What should I do? I don't wanna type it again it was sooo long!


Hey misstomboy1, I'm sorry it wasn't posted. Mhmm I wonder why? Was it a question you had, if so I'd love to help you. Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by misstomboy1 on 10/4/2012 9:53:32 PM


Ok so I have these two guys that have recently been texting me. One is really nice and I know him pretty well, the other one is nice but like very flirty, even with other girls. I talk to them pretty often and they both have told me they like me. At first, I was excited because I was thinking about maybe a new relationship but now recently I kinda don't want one. I don't know why, I just don't. They keep asking me to hang out with them or if I like them and I don't know what to say because I don't know if I do or not and I don't wanna get involved in something that I don't want to go anywhere. What should I do/say?


Hey mileyspark, tell them what you just told me just in a different way. Let them know you're not completely sure of your feelings and just want to take this time to get to know them. I'm sure they'll understand. I think they'd rather you be honest then make them believe you like them. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by mileyspark on 10/4/2012 9:04:16 PM


Ok so this situation sounds exactly like mine. Although I do like him and want him to like me/us to get back together...I understand that he has a new girlfriend and so that's just not gonna happen right now. But, he won't talk to me at all and I'm afraid he thinks I'm a horrible person. I know I shouldn't care about my ex's opinion, but I do. How can I prove to him that I'm not a horrible person and I'm not trying to mess with his relationship?


Hey babe,

I know it's tough but sometimes the best thing to do, especially in these kinds of situations, is just take a step back. Let him and his new girl do their thing and you do yours. Maybe in time you can reach out to him and let him know how you feel and how you don't want to be viewed as a horrible person, but you know what they say- actions speak louder than words. For a bit, try going out of your way to be nice to his new girlfriend, if she walks up to you and your friends make her feel welcome. As for your ex, don't be afraid to say hey every once in a while but constantly being around him won't do you any good. If he's moved on, so should you girl! There are tons of guys out there, all you gotta do is look. Focus on our best buds, your school work, and the cutie on the other side of the class and you may find that it doesn't so much matter what your ex and his new girl think of you. xoxo 

Alexis G.

by hawaiigirl624 on 10/4/2012 9:33:52 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!' there is this guy I really like and I think he likes me to he always asks me to dance at school dances and he's totally sweet to me. But we are also really good friends and I'm to afraid to make the first move, what if he rejects me? Please help!


Hey girl,

Ah the dreaded first move. Here's the deal, you have two options. You can 1) sit around and wait for him to make it, or 2) go for it! I know it seems a little daunting but if you're confident then he'll pick up on that and be totally impressed. If you're already really good friends it should be easy to talk to him about anything, so treat this like any other conversation. Ask him to hang out with you and your friend group first, then try and snag some alone time and ask him how it really feels about ya. xoxo 

Alexis G.

by Lemonlime123 on 10/4/2012 3:01:22 AM


Its possible to get back together with your ex. I have seen it happen. You may have to start over and flirt but dont be easy. If he wants to get with you he will make it known by going after you.

by fashionqn on 10/3/2012 11:51:56 PM


My school's homecoming dance is this Friday, and it is a "rave". We are supposed to wear white and neon because there will be blacklights and glo sticks. I really have no idea what to wear, I'm not sure if I should wear like a white skirt and cute neon top or just shorts and a shirt, what do you think? Also where are some good places to get cute neon tops?


Hey girl! I think a neon skirt and white top would be super cute. Or, pack a double-punch and go neon top AND bottom! you could try Forever21 or H&M Smile

have fun at the dance! xoxo 

Katie L.

by awtechnofish on 10/3/2012 4:56:23 PM

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