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8 things he hearts other than your looks

It’s kinda hard to figure out how to act around a guy, especially one you’re crushing on. I mean, who knows what they could be thinking?! So...
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There is this guy and me and him have been talking for I think two weeks now and I want him to like me and I want to get to know him better would it be good if me and him went to the mall or something please get back to me with some advice please thanks.


Hey girl-

Definitely! Hanging with him one on one will give you tons of time to get to know each other better. xoxo 

alexis g.

by Karenna12 on 11/19/2012 1:12:05 AM


There is this guy I like (I have had a couple of classes with him the past two years) and I talk to him sometimes on Facebook, but it is hard to keep the conversation going! I decided to turn off chat because I don't want the awkwardness to come out. He has mentioned a couple times (when we hadn't had a fb conversation/ in person for about month at a time) that it had been awhile since we last chatted and near the beginning of school when I asked him how school was he said 'pretty good. but you weren't in any of my classes.' We have said "hi" to each other in the hallways a couple of times since our last conversation (2 weeks ago.) I want to get to know him (and if he likes me more than a friend) and what I can do to keep the conversation going. Thanks!

Hey girl,

If you want to keep the conversation going, you have to talk to him, which means braving the awkwardness and talking to him in person and maybe signing into chat once in a while! Just talk about casual things like how school is going or sports, tv, etc. If he says school is good, ask what classes he likes or if he's had any interesting assignments lately, and tell him things about you, too. You could also invite him and his friends to hang out in a group with you and your friends so you could get to know him in a less awkward setting.

Meghan D.

by Bridgge2010 on 11/16/2012 8:34:23 PM


Hey, so there's this guy who's friend told me that he liked me a few months ago. I accidentally gave him a weird look and he's never spoken to me since. I have a crush on him too. Does he still like me? What do I do to make it better?


Hannah H.

by emimrob on 10/25/2012 12:46:56 PM


No i meant do you just go up to them on the street and ask or do you send out e-mails or what?


 hey girl! we ask guys who we know, in person or online. for example, three of those guys go to my school!


Katie L.

by Justmecheyenne on 10/10/2012 3:53:26 PM


MOD MOD! Just out of curiosity- how do you guys get these quotes from these guys asking what they like in a girl....just wonderin...

Hey babe,

We ask them!
Jordan S.

by Justmecheyenne on 10/9/2012 8:06:58 PM


Well I have a crush on this guy but he is a few years older than me and is therefore off limits. I really really like him but it's never going to happen. Still I can't stop thinking about him and it really has been upsetting me. I don't know what to do!

by Sunny79 on 10/9/2012 6:18:14 PM


mod mod mod
I have two questions
1. My Mom's bf is super annoying, and me makes me angry a lot! I really don't like him at all! How do I make myself like him?
2. I want to kiss my bf. I've only been dating him for a month, and we've hugged and stuff. Nobody knows I want to kiss him. I really do with all of my heart though. How do I find out if he's okay with me kissing him? Do you think that I should wait until I've been dating him for a bit longer to kiss him?
Thanks Smile


Hey girlie, 1. just be pleasant when you're around him. And talk to your mom about it. It should be important to her to what you think about who she's dating. And she can say something to her bf about the way he acts around you. 2. If there's a moment that seems like it would be good for a kiss just go for it! He probably wants the same thing he's just being shy about it too.

Lauren T.

by hermionegirl12 on 10/7/2012 8:11:56 PM


@LilyLookALike, just casually say hi and wave when you see him. If you hae a chance to talk to him, but can't think of anything to say, ask if he's in any clubs, what he likes to do for fun, his about his taste in music or tv or if he's going to an upcoming dance. I did(and I'm super shy) and you can too! Good luck!!

@Kstar101, boys are confusing. He may be good friends, and only that, with the other girl. But, since he's asking about, I think he likes you. To get a better read on him, get to him and become friends. If you don't like him, call him a friend every chance you get. If you do, become friends anyway and show your true colors. Good luck!!

Want more advice like this? Go to my Advice Queens page and ask me anything!!! No subject is off limits, I'm 16 years and have been through a lot. Hope to see you on my page!!

Join my book club! You can review book and talk about them with other people. It's lots of fun. TTYL beautiful girls()aka. every girl on this site!!)

by scamp24 on 10/6/2012 4:14:09 PM


Ok I have this huge crush on this guy, lets call him jon. I was at a football game last night, and my friend and i were like going crazy and checking him out all night. He was looking at us, and im sure he knows we like him. He is so hot!!! But jon would never date me. I am in seventh grade, he is in eight grade and he is sorta kown for being like erm having a bad reputation in the world... There are roumors that he smokes etc. but i really loke him!!! It is like driving me crazy! help! and all the teachers dont like him, but he has been nice to me and stuff...


 Hey! Rumors are just rumors, get to know him and see for yourself if he's a bad guy. Just because he's a grade older doesn't mean y'all can't date either. good luck!

Helen S.

by radiolovergirl on 10/6/2012 3:44:12 PM


So the guy i like is 16, he goes to my youth group and he's really nice. I see him looking at me a lot and he bumps into me all the time! what does that mean? does he like me? also is 13 and 16 too much of a age difference?


Hey! It's fine to have a crush on a slightly older guy, but it might me too soon for you to pursue anything more. But there's no reason you guys can't be friends, why don't you try to get to know him better Smile 

Helen S.

by imprettymuchamazing on 10/6/2012 3:28:48 PM

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