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Why am I the only single girl in school?

I’m the only girl in class who doesn’t have a boyfriend. One friend whines on weekends about how much she misses her guy, then says...
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it no beacase they dont like u me no boy likes me exept the ugly ones

by yungnicki on 10/17/2012 7:43:38 AM


@enriquette96 if you want something to be answered put "MOD" in front of it!!! hope this helps!

by loppyears12 on 10/16/2012 7:07:25 PM


My BGF is dating a girl just to have a girlfriend because he thinks it's cool to have one.
But she's really mean and he's so nice. What can I do to help him?

Hey Chica! Has he told you this? You don't want to push him away if he actually likes her. Tell him about your concerns, and explain why you think she's mean. Once they break up, help him out by pointing out girls you think he would be good with.

~Hannah H.


Hannah H.
Hannah H.

by I Luv Carson on 10/16/2012 4:28:29 PM


So there is this guy that i like hes on drumline and im on colorguard. We see each other alot. Now hes sort of a shy guy so i dont really know what to look for, like what are the signs that he might be into me or not. I really want to get to know him better but im also really shy. ive barely said a word to him, and im not good at starting conversations at all. How can i become better friends with him, and what are the signs i should look for that might mean he's into me?


Hey girlie-

If he's as shy as you say it is, then it can be tough to figure out what his true feelings are. Do you catch him staring at you? Does he try to be close to you whenever you see him? I totally get that starting conversations can be daunting-- I used to be super shy too! It all comes with maturity, but try catching him after practice and asking him how it went. Maybe you could hang after an upcoming game or meet? If you take the initiative he'll be super impressed, plus because of his shyness he'll be so relieved that you made the first move. Good luck! xoxo 

Alexis G.

by cutielittlestar on 10/16/2012 3:15:24 AM


im new to this site and nothing i write seems to be posted or if it does it doesnt get answered.

by enriquette96 on 10/14/2012 4:17:45 AM


ive liked this guy for like a year and a few months and he used to like me we used to be like best friends but slowly he stopped liking me as much and over the summer we didnt really talk and this year he flirts sometimes and sometimes talks to me he looks at me in the halls and is one of the few boys who will look me straight in the eyes i catch him looking at me constantly he isnt very popular neither am i we are both weird and outcasts but i love him for his weird ways he never talks to girls much just kinda keeps to himself ive liked guys before but never like this its kinda creepy cuz sometimes in my dreams its like we are dating or something but then i wake up to reality my friends tell meto just forget him id tried but i cant he means to much to me id to literaly anything for him but i cant tell if he likes me or not he acts like it but then sometimes dont exist so wat should i do he means the world to me and i may stay single the rest of my life if he doesnt see i need him

Hey girl,

It's normal to have crushes and to think they'll last forever, but you might not feel that way in a few years or even a few months, so don't limit the possibility of meeting other cuties! In the meantime, if you used to be friends but have drifted apart, there's no harm in talking to him again and even hanging out as friends again!

Meghan D.

by HopeIsNotHopeless on 10/13/2012 11:14:01 PM


Why do my comments never show up!?

Hey girl,

We are working to answer your questions and post your comments as quickly as possible, but if we're busy it can take a little longer. I don't see any recent comments from your username, but if you repost I will answer asap!

Meghan D.

by HopeIsNotHopeless on 10/13/2012 10:51:07 PM


ok so i really like this one guy at school but um hes not the smartest and my mom say him once and said dont ever talk to him he looks like trouble but she has never talked to him!!!!!! he is absolutely the sweetest guy ever!! i mean the other day i was in tears from a fight i had with a person... and he was all like "who did this to you? i swear i cant stand to see you like this..." and me and my other friends were all like "AWWWW!" and he has asked me for my # and I do really like him but its really my mom that im concerned about.Should i tell her that i like him or should I just stay in the friend zone cause ive never gottin detention in my life and he has been suspended at least 2 times last year. but hes more behaved this year just sayin

Hey girl,

Do you know why he was suspended? Maybe if you explain the situation to your mom she will be more open to getting to know him. Ask if you can invite him over for dinner so that she can get a chance to get to know him and see why you like him!

Meghan D.

by liamsgirl on 10/13/2012 10:34:31 PM


hey guys im new to using this but i really wanted to get some advice fast Smile well at the start of the year i told a friend i liked a guy she was friends with. she was cool with it and sort of asked him about his relationship status saying it was for a friend. it was all going well until valentines day when my friend and i thought it would be funny to put a note in his locker. The note was really corny lol. this friend posted the note and my crush caught her. she didnt want him to think she was the only one doing it so we told my crush it was the both of us. My friend out of nervousness on how he would take it said to him that "sophie likes you!" he said it was really awkward and walked off. we havent really spoken since. since i happen to be bffs with some of his friends but if i am around he gets super awkward and walks away. i have no idea what to do. can someone plz help?? i really want to make it not so awkward between us. btw i also often catch him staring at me.

by enriquette96 on 10/12/2012 4:23:08 AM


My life is horrible!
1. I'm barely passing my classes because I have all honors classes and I hate having homework in 6 of my 7 classes nearly every day! I never even go out! I didn't even want honors classes, and my mom won't take me out of them! And I always forget to do/turn in my homework!
2. I lost my crush/BGF! He told my mom a lie about me getting in trouble with the principal! I was REALLY mad at him, because my parents are mean enough anyway! I'm in so much trouble because of him, so yesterday we got into a fight and when I got home I realized I only have 4 friends and about a million enemies because 3 years ago, when I moved here, I was angry about losing all my friends.
My life is so horrible, any tips on my nearly nonexistent social life or my school drama?


Hey emroxlol, you need to develop a schedule for your homework. Dedicate 1-2 hours for each subject. If you need help ask the teachers after class or get a buddy in class. And for your crush just let it go. I don't think he meant to get you in trouble so forgive him. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by emroxlol on 10/11/2012 11:42:16 PM

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