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Sneaky ways to squeeze in the healthy stuff

You know you should be eating healthier, but you just can’t seem to ditch the sugary cereal for a heaping pile of oatmeal in the morning...
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it;s so much easier to say i'm going to eat healthier than to actually do it. i keep telling myself not to eat stuff like ice cream or hot sauce because it'll give me acid reflux, but i don't stop eating it because it's too darn good. the only bad thing is i know i probably won't stop until i have a good reason (besides barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer later in life and maybe even surgery...)not to.

by monicagrace on 12/8/2012 12:01:14 AM


Hi! First off I'm 13, 5 feet 4, and about 115 pounds. The only sport I play is that I dance for 3 hours a week but I know I need more exercise. I also definitely do not have good eating habits or exercise routines. I really need to make new habits in both areas because I know that when I get older, it will catch up with me. I have very limited endurance and I am fast but not a distance runner. How can I first get more endurance running long distance? And also I need a way to get fit without going to the gym all the time or spending a long time doing anything. Lastly, what are some ways to eat healthier because I have a tendency to eat a lot of snacks after school?! Thank you so muchSmile

Hey girlie, you're off to a good start with dancing 3 hours a week! To gain endurance just takes practice. Don't run as fast as you can, pace yourself and run a little bit further each time. You can try the Couch to 5k program that takes you through running and walking intervals to build your endurance and make you a better runner. Snacking isn't bad as long as you snack on healthy things. Try baby carrots and hummus or light ranch and fruits as your after school snacks instead of junk food. 

Lauren T.

by elisea625415 on 10/28/2012 5:20:56 PM


I love spinach leaves with ranch! Hmmm the water idea sounds good

by myfatsquirrel on 10/12/2012 10:22:07 PM


i am always eating smoothies with furit and tons of greens but i am not loseing! why why why?!

Hey girl,

If you are eating healthy but not exercising enough, you still won't lose weight, so make sure to fit some cardio into your schedule! Also, you should focus more on living a healthy lifestyle than your weight, because "healthy" means something different for everyone Smile

Meghan D.

by popgirl79 on 10/12/2012 7:33:44 PM


Could a REALLY off eating day make u gain u weight? I usually eat pretty healthy and dont go overboard but today ive been really moody and all ive been doing is eating junk food! Ive ate so many chips and other junk food im starting to think i might gain weight. I swear i dont eat like this every day, i actually rarely eat junk food

Hey girl,

I don't think one day will make you gain a ton of weight if you are normally healthy and exercise regularly. If you're eating when you're moody, though, try exercising or talking to a friend or family member instead to boost your spirits in a way that's better for you!

Meghan D.

by 99Jade86 on 10/12/2012 6:59:51 PM


This is off subject but when your boobs grow alot in a short amount of time will you gain weight?


Hey girly, you might gain a little weight if your boobs are growing, but that's not a bad thing. if your still growing your probably going to gain weight to support your growth.

Lauren I.

by coco4 on 10/11/2012 4:14:05 PM

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