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aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the puppies are so cute!!!!!!!!!!

by i<3zoe on 5/1/2013 5:45:02 PM


Ok so I kinda like this guy and he's always like finding ways to talk to me and complimenting me and giving me nicknames so anyway we decided that I should come up wit a nickname for him and I thought since he tends to call me Adog that it would be cute if he was Dcat. But then when he asked the next day if I had a nickname for him and I told him, he just walked away. WHAT?? Please help.

Hey girl, I wouldn't take too much into his reaction. Next time you see him, just brush aside the issue and have fun/act like you usually do. A nickname shouldn't make or break a relationship.

Alyssa B.

by 1earth on 10/15/2012 5:37:35 PM


Ok, so I liked this guy (lets call him D) for a really long time (3 years actually). I kinda realized i liked him as a friend more than anything and wasn't really willing to risk our freidnship. Now D keeps telling me that he likes my BFF and hes gonna ask her out. I know it'll make them both happy and that's all I care about. BUT everytime I try to talk to either of them, they always bring up one another. I'm geting sick of listening to them talk about each other ALL the time and right now every one of my conversations with them results in me saying i gtg when really i just dont want to talk about how I think the other one is doing. How can I politely tell them I don't care? And how do I get rid of the dying feeling i get when D talks about asking her out? Help please!!! Thanks!

Hey girl, try switching the subject when he brings her up or just saying simply that while you're super excited for him, you just don't think you can help him very much with it. Try to politely switch the focus to things beyond just them.

Alyssa B.

by floridagrl123 on 10/15/2012 4:58:18 PM


mod mod mod
ok, I have a bf who really likes me and i used to like him, but now he's driving me nuts!for one thing, i just don't think he's grown up enough for me, and second, everytime we do something together he goes and tells everyone the next day. Like everyone knows everything about our dates, our hugs, our convos etc. It's really annoying me! I'm liking him less and less and i want to break up with him. besides, theres this boy at my acting classes that i take at a local theatre every saturday that i have a huge crush on but i cant flirt with him if i have a bf! 95% of me wants to break up with him, but 5% of me still likes him and doesn't want to let go just yet. but most of me really wants to break up with him. should i break up with him?

Hey girl, if 95 percent of you does, you owe it to himself and you to let him go so he can find someone who likes him more and you can find someone you fit better with. It's not easy ending things so be gentle but know sometimes getting out is better than staying in unhappy.

Alyssa B.

by hermionegirl12 on 10/15/2012 4:57:01 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod mod
In my school I am kind of know as boy crazy. When I'm out in public I just cant help myself by saying someone is cute. How can I change my rep? How can I help myself from saying a boy is cute out loud? How can I be less annoying? One of my good friends has this really sweet and nice rep and I want to be known for sweeter and nicer instead of annoying and boycrazy. Got any suggestions?


Hey girly, there's nothing wrong with noticing lots of cute guys. But if pointing out all the cuties is starting to get on your friends nerves, just try to keep the opinion in your head next time. This could take some practice. But the next time you see a cute guy take a second before you speak, and keep they "hey he's cute" in your head.  You'll have to remind yourself several times but before you know it, you'll learn to take a sec and think before you speak. And remember that a school rep doesn't define you. Maybe you are a little boy crazy, but that's not all you are. Your also sweet and thoughtful. You might be a great student, really caring, outgoing, fun to be around, friendly or artsy - so don't let one little rep define who you are, and just be yourself! Soon, you'll be out of that school anyway and then a boy crazy rep won't matter.

Lauren I.

by Ljbdaisy on 10/15/2012 12:06:58 PM


These are so cute! i love the little puppies so cute! the kittys are cute also.

xoxo, Kitty

by Nemo3 on 10/15/2012 12:13:17 AM


Mod mod mod
Ok so first, I don't want this to sound like I'm trying to ruin this relationship, because I haven't done anything yet. I've just been thinking. So my friend-not my BEST friend, but we're close- and she and her boyfriend have been dating for 5 months. Two of my other friends and I agree that they're not the best couple, and that they might break up soon. But I kind of like her boyfriend. Would it EVER be ok to date him or even just flirt or show interest after they break up, if they even do? Again, I'm not going after him now and trying to ruin their relationship. Just curious.


Hey awesomegrl, I would ask her before you do anything. While everyone else may not think they're a good couple, you don't know how she feels about him. And what if someone you were close to just starting flirting with your ex boyfriend without talking to you first? So think about her too in this situation. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by awesomegrl on 10/14/2012 10:00:53 PM


So I've been kind of obsessed with scarves lately. As in wearing them with EVERYTHING. But I only have a few scarves and I've been looking for new ways to wear them so I'm not wearing the same exact things all the time. So what are some different ways to wear scarves? Thanks!


Hey superstarlala, you can have it just dangle around your neck, wrap it around your neck, tie them on your purse, wear some on your head or hang them out your back pocket. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by superstarlala on 10/14/2012 9:29:52 PM


What if its a little embarassing but not a ton embarassing


Hey girlie, do whatever you're comfortable with. If you'd feel better with it gone then shave it. As much as I want to help make this decision easier for you, it is a personal decision, so you have to consider what will make you feel best.

Lauren T.

by WinnieGirlie on 10/14/2012 7:50:33 PM


*Mod! Mod! Mod!*
That's what I'm worried about. I know that when you start, you can't stop (ESPECIALLY if you are a dancer because of the outfits) and that's what freaks me out. I'm really vulnerable, so if I regret it, I don't know what I'm going to do! How should I made the decision? Could you tell me some things that I need to consider when I made the desicion?
BTW, thank you so much! I know I asked so many Q's, and I'm so sorry!


Hey girlie, the biggest things to consider are if it's not super noticeable now, it could start to grow back thicker and darker, making it become more noticeable. And you'll have shave every other day or so. But, if it makes you uncomfortable, start with just shaving your underarms. Underarms are easy to maintain because they're a small area, and you can shave them quickly in the shower. Don't be sorry about asking too much, I'm here to help! And again, your mom can certainly help you with your decision since she knows you better. 

Lauren T.

by WinnieGirlie on 10/14/2012 7:35:13 PM

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