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6 things he says (and what they really mean)

We have all been there, sitting with your BFF on the couch, dissecting every word your crush has said. Simple phrases and sentences could mean just about...
26 Comments | Add Yours

MOD Whenever I talk to my crush in person he's really sweet and funny, but then when i text him he seems a little like a jerk. I don't know how to text him so he acts like himself. What should I do?


Hey girly, when texting, it's kind of hard to read personalities. Depending on what the text is, he might not be trying to sound like a jerk and might not know that that's the way he sounds. Or on the other hand, if he is trying to be a jerk maybe he isn't into texting you. When he's nice in person, is he being friendly or flirty? Keep talking to him in person as normal, but when it comes to texting, see if he makes the first move. That might give you a hint about how he feels. Xoxo

Lauren I.

by StageBlaze99 on 10/19/2012 10:53:17 AM


MODMODMOD yes, there will be about eight of us.


Hey girly, why not ask a trusted friend (a girl that's not going to try to freak you out) if she'll be your buddy on this trip. Confide in her that your a little scared and that you'll need her by your side. You might feel more comfortable if she's running along side you the whole time.  And remember that the monsters are just actors trying to scare you. None of it is real. The actors are just there trying to have fun and trying to help you guys have fun. Try imagine someone really small and meek behind that mask. Not so scary then. If you're still really freaked out, it's okay not to go. You can cancel and then plan another outing next weekend with the same group of people so that you can see your crush. Bowling, pumpkin carving, or a movie night are all good picks. Don't feel pressured and just do whatever you feel. Good luck!

Lauren I.

by bestfriendsforlifesogorgeous on 10/19/2012 8:34:06 AM


my crush recently found out i like him because his friend guessed. my bff said that he wasnt thrilled to hear that. a week later he asked my bgf and now knows for sure. we didnt talk for awhile before he asked my bgf. but now hes looking at me again and talking to me and smiling at me. also he used to have a crush on this other girl. well that recently just changed he apparently doenst like her that much anymore. is he starting to like me? what should i do? my other bgf has gone and asked out a lot of girls and now hes intersted in me but wont say anything so im so confused! what do i do?
ps sorry its long!
thank you!


Hey girly, what does your heart say? Are you interested in your BGF? Are you interested in him more than this other guy? As for your crush, it's hard to tell sometimes if a guy likes you, but it's a real possibility. He already knows that you like him, so hopefully if he likes you, he'll start texting you, flirting with you, or asking you out. Go ahead and get a little flirty but don't go too overboard just incase he wants to stay friends. But really, the choice is up to you. Just keep chatting and flirting  to figure out who you like more and who likes you.  But once you know who your heart wants, try not to lead anyone on. Good luck with this tricky sitch!

Lauren I.

by makmnm on 10/19/2012 8:26:21 AM


MODMODMOD! i really wanna start dating. problem is idk how to do it. i've tried some real bad things that didn't work out at all. any tips?



Hey girly, when it comes to snagging a guy, never do anything that you don't think is right. Just be yourself. You want him to like you for you, don't you? And get flirting. Here's a really helpful link about talking to guys: If you don't get a date in a flash, don't sweat it, most girls don't start dating until 16 or older. And some not until college. You have plenty of time. =) Good luck!
Lauren I.

by girlygirl/tomboy on 10/19/2012 7:20:19 AM


So,I am terrified of everything but agreed to go o this scary thing in my town called terror in the corn. My crush is going so I stupidly agreed to go and run through this maze with monsters chasing me tomorrow. I am so scared though, should I not go? I want to conquer my fears but I am just so scared and worried :c answer soon please!


Hey bestfriendforlifesogorgeous, are you going with any friends? Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by bestfriendsforlifesogorgeous on 10/19/2012 12:54:40 AM


MOD there's a guy I like and he asked for my number in Facebook and I gave it to him and now we text everyday and he tells me that I'm sweet and nice and stuff and he always helps me with my homework and told me if anyones mean to me he would hurt them. and at school he told me that he liked my hair today and when I had a cross country meet he told me good luck and that he was sorry he couldn't come. Do you think he likes me?


Hey SnowBoarder88, of course he likes you! He talks to you everyday, compliments you and wants you to know he would protect you. Just be sure you're making your feelings clear too! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by SnowBoarder88 on 10/19/2012 12:31:05 AM

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