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So, who's gonna die in Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode? (No spoilers!)

Ha! Like we would spill a secret that big. Maybe it’s just because we’re in the spooky spirit with Halloween just around the corner, but we simply...
12 Comments | Add Yours

no surpris4e it was garret that died... and sammyy99 r u sure? bcuz im like 100% positive she's not it wouldn't make sense cuz shes a main character and was getting notes... sure mona got notes 2 but im sure aria isn't. also, how and why would she locker herself in a box like that? confused on what mr montgomery was doing with allison when she died... and sad that toby is part of the a team (my fave pll person EVER!)

by punkrockzoe on 10/27/2012 3:05:28 PM


Help us! Who do you like better in Snitch! Tyler or Justin?
at thegreaterbooks

by katya4 on 10/22/2012 1:29:12 PM


Not long and we will know who finally dies. I cant believe its one of the major characters. Boo Hoo!

by fashionqn on 10/21/2012 11:06:25 PM


So there's this really cute and funny boy named david and he was dating this popular girl named julia. They spilt and i like him. So does this girl named leah and i dont think he'd pick me over her. I'm the awkard, funny because of my mistakes kinda girl. Leah, is new and is gorgeous and popular and hilarous. I am in every class but language with him and leah. So what do i do? If i ask him out, and he says no, then it's awkward. And i am a total spaz when it comes to flirting. Frown help!! Leahs the only fun girl in my class, and we go to the same sunday school. helpZ!!!


Hey girlie, just because Leah seems great, doesn't mean that she's the type of girl for everyone. Some guys like the girl who's more awkward and funny. Be confident in yourself and he'll love that about you. And if you ask him out the worst he can do is say no. And while it might be awkward for a couple days, you'll feel better knowing how he feels about you. 

Lauren T.

by raeshrimp on 10/21/2012 8:56:59 PM


Dear Sammyy99,
You may want to rethink your whole "Aria is A" thing... read the books.

And I am sooo mad cuz I'm not gonna get to watch the episode until Wednesday because of vball practice.... erg

by ImaCuteGeek72 on 10/21/2012 8:50:17 PM


Aria is SO part of the A group, im almost positive

by sammyy99 on 10/21/2012 7:50:22 PM


I am tuning into the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode. I think Garrett dies.

by otter77 on 10/21/2012 7:33:02 PM


OMG, this is so creepy!!!! like always but i cant wait until tuesday. 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

by mns562 on 10/21/2012 6:28:21 PM


whos gonna die im sooooo nrvous lol Frown

by slgoethel on 10/21/2012 5:33:50 PM


OMG! i think i'm going to die!

by cutie00 on 10/21/2012 12:18:18 PM


Ahh! Who dies?!?! Im gonna die if i dont find out! I need to watch this episode! I died when i saw the finale!

by snowver11 on 10/21/2012 12:06:44 PM


Ahh! SO excited to watch this! What if Aria, Hanna, Spencer, or Emily dies?! That'd be so creepy.

by lilyyum on 10/21/2012 1:28:54 AM

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