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Rule your school! 8 steps to self confidence

Your teacher is calling on people at random, that cutie might actually be looking in your direction and you already got the last three problems wrong. Don’t...
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Ok so in pe we are learning dance all different kinds but right now we are learning a partner dance with a girl and a guy and we have to stand really close like toe to toe like ballroom almost and like if you trip you can literally end up kissing cuz ur so close so this is going to sound stupid but how can I be ready to I don't embarrass myself like so I don't smell bad or trip and stuff?

Hey girlie,

The good news is that everyone else in your class is probably just as nervous as you are, so try to relax! I would just make sure you wear deodorant and brush your teeth or eat a breath mint beforehand, and you should be fine. And tripping is totally normal since you are just learning the dance--I'm sure plenty of people will fall over the course of the class! Just have fun and go with it Smile You'll be fine, so try to have fun!

Meghan D.

by OMG GUESS WHAT on 1/12/2013 10:59:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I'm really really talkative around my best friends, but around everyone else I'm kind of shy. I don't understand why - I guess I just never know what to talk about and don't want to say something really stupid?? Around my friends I can say something extremely stupid or awkward and that's like why they love me (that's what they tell me haha). And I sit next to this guy in math, who's in a bunch of my classes, and we talk a little but mostly about math. He's in my homebase and I wanna talk to him more cause I kind of like him like him but I don't know what to talk about! He's not a jerk, he's really sweet and nice and funny. But what do I talk about with him without being EXTREMELY awkward and weird (like I always am around my friends)? I already talk about school with him & I have his number, but I don't really know what to talk about. If it helps, he plays lax & guitar, but I think it'd be weird to bring that up. please help me!! Thank you!



hey! think about it this way, you want this guy to be your friend right? If you can't talk to him the same way you talk to friends then is he really worth your time? be yourself. If he can't appreciate that you'll move on, trust me Smile try talking to him about current events or school or ask him about his interests. good luck! 

Helen S.

by thatsnotawkward on 1/12/2013 11:38:32 AM


today in Guided Math (we're separated by our levels in math im in advanced) my teacher told me id be moved to a lower level if i cant focus more!!!! how can i focus? I really like math but i need tips on how to focus more!!!!


hey! every minute, try stopping to make a note of what your teacher is saying. It will help you keep track of the clss better. good luck! 

Helen S.

by YayaYuiki on 1/10/2013 6:46:37 PM


Mod!Mod!Mod! help! I am really unconfident when I walk and even walk with my feet outwards, which was a habit I started in elementary school. What should I do to be more confident when walking and fix my bad habit?


Hey Girl, keeping your head up and shoulders back/ back straight makes you appear more confident. About the walking habit, im not sure what to tell you. Proper shoes with support might help like sneakers. When I want to keep confident i wear my favorite pair of boots


Hannah h, 

Hannah H.

by 8322849 on 1/10/2013 4:32:07 PM


Mod Mod Mod My school's snoball dance is coming up. It is on February 9th so I need to go dress shopping soon. Do you think it matters what color dress I get? Since it is a winter dance I wasn't sure if there were certain colors I shouldn't wear. Thanks Mod!


Hey Chica, it def doesn't matter what color you wear. Black is very formal winter color, very classy, but you could go pink and red for valentine's day, and white is snowball themed. I always go with whatever looks best on.


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by 15hayhay on 1/10/2013 4:29:42 PM


Yesterday my mom went to buy some clothes. She bought me these boots i don't like and I want to tell her. I know she will be mad.. But what should I say?


Hey girl,

Just tell her that you appreciate the fact that she bought you the boots, but they aren't really your style. If you let her know that you really do appreciate the thought then she might not be as mad as you think she'll be. xoxo 

Alexis G.

by LovinPiee on 1/10/2013 5:08:56 AM


I just wanted to say thanks to all the helpful mods and staff at GL. You guys rock! I have so many questions I would feel weird about asking anyone else... But you have all the right answers. I wanna subscribe to your magazine soon so I get it right to my inbox. Just wanted to say thanks. You are awesome people! <3 Smile


by neonroxursox on 1/9/2013 10:32:09 PM


This is super true. Once i started believeing I could do it and did everything I could to make myself feel better, it really worked. I used to be failing math and now i can do it better than the smartest person in my class! Thanks girls life, i love you please dont ever sink as low as all those other magazines!

by hottie1250 on 1/9/2013 8:40:11 PM


Everybody makes fun of me in P.E. class! I am horrible at team sports like basketball,volleyball,soccer. I am athletic (dance, horseback riding,swimming) but I totally stink at other sports! Today in gym we were playing basketball and I didn't know the ball was out so I ran and pushed past a whole bunch of people, grabbed the ball and passed it to one of the popular guys in my class. (yea we have a guy/girl class and it sucks) he just stared at me and started laughing. Everyone was staring at me and smiling. It was so embarrassing. They bug me and never choose me to be on their teams. When the teacher puts me on a team they all roll their eyes and groan. They are so mean! I try my best but I don't enjoy the sports so its not like I play them outside of school! Its gotten so bad that I don't even really participate or try anymore! What do I do?


Hey girlie, there's not a whole you can do to get better so maybe just hang back instead. Instead of making the effort to get the ball out of bounds, try to stay out of the way instead. It'll be easier for you and your team.  

Lauren T.

by cupcakecutie325 on 1/9/2013 8:40:10 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
There is this guy I like,but he is really popular. I am really shy and I have no idea how to get to know him better. If I start talking to me he'll think I am weird because I dont usually talk in class just with my friends. I am kind of the listener in my little group of friends. I make small comments, but that's it.How can I get to know him better without making him notice that I have a crush on him? I want to be friends first. Please help me!!!


Hey girlie, you're going to have to talk to him. Talking to him won't make him think you're weird or that you have a crush on him. Just say and ask how he is and see where things go from there. Don't be intimidated by him just because he's popular.  

Lauren T.

by Kikykoala on 1/9/2013 8:05:37 PM

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