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5 last-minute DIY costume ideas

Still need something extra fab to rock tonight? Skip the stressin’: We’ve got five rad costume ideas you can whip up in five min. flat. Let’s just...
18 Comments | Add Yours

I was the peace and love one!!!! had to think of i quick idea and this was so helpful!!!

by ponygirl6298 on 10/31/2012 10:03:29 PM


I'm the Mad Hatter!!!!!

by xoxojillianxo on 10/31/2012 12:09:54 PM


I wanted to be the mad hatter, but my hat got delayed and now i will be a black kitty cat. I'm trying to get my BF to be a dog but he's not buying it.

by HelenaPS on 10/30/2012 11:52:35 PM


I'm planning to wear this green and purple medieval style lace-front dress, and I was trying to figure out what to do for hair and makeup? I was thinking waterfall braid for my hair, but I'm trying to stay with the Medieval-Renaissance-Maiden thing, so if you have any ideas that would be great!ThanksSmile

by rebecca18 on 10/30/2012 11:09:36 PM


I made a last minute DIY Halloween costume video on YouTube. I would really appreciate it if you watched it!
I loved all of these ideas too!

by Olympians on 10/30/2012 10:43:19 PM



by myfatsquirrel on 10/30/2012 7:47:34 PM


I might do one of this! Awesome!Smile

by Acutiebookworm on 10/30/2012 7:25:08 PM


I'm being Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!!! Laughing

by averya on 10/30/2012 7:21:17 PM


When I recently went to a Halloween party,and I didn't want to wear the costume I'm wearing for the 31st,I got my P.J. pants,a Glee shirt,and I put my hair in pigtails to be an over-obsessive teenage girl Tong To add to it,you could wear fuzzy slippers Smile Hope this can help!

by helloimawkward1 on 10/30/2012 6:05:18 PM


So since tomorrow is Halloween I want to wear something Halloween-ish but we are not aloud to wear costumes, plus my costume would probably be to crazy to wear to school anyway haha Smile. So do you have any ideas on anything I could wear that would be Halloween-ish? Also any ideas that for hair? Thanks so much!!!


hey girl! A nice little touch would be a pair of animal ears on a headband. Cute, but totally not a costume!


Katie L.

by sailaway11 on 10/30/2012 4:53:27 PM


i want to be the cheshire cat how can i do that other whise what are some good ideas i dont really like any of the above there not me


hey girl! i love that idea, it's so unique. You'll want to start off with pink stripes. whether you wear a pink dress with pink striped socks or go for an all-striped ensemble, it's up to you! Then you'll want to have a cat tail and ears, and don't forget chesire cat makeup!


Katie L.

by sparklysharpie on 10/30/2012 4:38:46 PM


I have no idea what to be for Halloween I have a mask that's all I also have colored jeans Holocene make up and more what can I be help


hey girl! you could always create your own superhero. or, you could be one of your fave celebrities! give it some thought and be sure to do something thats easy and still true to you.


Katie L.

by Sparklysharpie on 10/30/2012 3:54:54 PM



by Epicgirl1337 on 10/30/2012 12:24:47 PM


Those are so cute Smile I'd totally do the "Peace and Love" look.

by YouCanCallMeCat on 10/30/2012 10:30:52 AM


hey yall....need advice?? come be a fan on my advice quees pg and ask me something and i will give you advice Smile its the same name as my profile and its on my profile in the clubbs. cant wait to help you Laughing ttyl

by katymarielove on 10/30/2012 9:35:53 AM


Anyone else notice that there are 5, not 6, DIY costume ideas...? Lol


Good catch, Carly, thanks! 

Jess D.

by Carly63 on 10/30/2012 9:29:54 AM


These are pretty cool ideas. I'd totally use the hippy one, but I'm already being a leperchaun. Anyone no where I can get green makeup?

Hey pretty123, I LOVE that idea!(the Queen of hearts)

by silverroseart on 10/30/2012 8:39:02 AM


Huh these are actually pretty easy! Might try it one day but for now I'm Alice in Wonderlands Queen of Hearts.

by pretty123 on 10/30/2012 12:15:02 AM

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