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Why cheerleading needs to be considered a sport

From classic teen movie Bring It On to TLC’s Cheer Perfection to the real-life triumphs of cheerleaders like world record-breaking back handspringer Miranda Ferguson, there’s no doubt in...
43 Comments | Add Yours

Well I do broadcast club. Thats my after school HOBBY! Do you want me to consider it a sport since I work really hard in it?? Nope! CHEER IS SO A HOBBY!!!!!! Plus running is not that much of hard work.... And also jumping is not hard work at all...... It's like your saying when I'm doing P.E. stretches im doing a sport because im sqeezing my arms, not really! Cheer is probably a fun hobby to do, but that doesn't mean it's a real sport! Or it's a workout when your holding up other people! Cheer= Hobby or workout!

by averya on 10/30/2012 7:16:04 PM


Okay, I'd like to compare cheer to volleyball. What do volleyball players do to warm up before practice? They run laps. What do cheerleaders do? My coach makes us run for five STRAIGHT minutes around our gym. It's harder than you think, ya know. She's not just saying, jog three laps. She's giving you a time just to run.
Volleyball players have to jump maybe five times in one set, we jump about twenty times in one hour of practice!!!!!! Not including you could easily get injured while flying!!

So, yes, sideline cheer IS NOT technically a sport according to the dictionary. But we STILL work just as hard as a baseball player, a V-ball player, a softball player, even a basketball player!! :\

by fungirl123 on 10/30/2012 11:14:09 AM


It makes me made when people say cheer isn't a sport! I cheer at school not competitive and we work really hard. We practice almost the whole week for like 3 hours a day. sometimes we don't just lift tiny girls either. We also lift bigger girls too. When we practice we have to stand there and hold our motions while squeezing your arms as much as you can. Not everybody can do a perfect toe touch or backhandspring. Flyers have to squeeze their abs and legs in a stunt. Bases have to hold the girl and use leg muscles to pull her up. Backs it's have to pull the girl up the whole time. Cheer is a sport. I've cheered for 3 years and we started the season like 3 weeks ago. We are already cradling and doing ground ups and hitches. The new girls learn really fast. I cheer at a school and it is just as hard as competitive.

by Dogscheerdance123 on 10/30/2012 8:46:20 AM


As much as I want to side with cheerleading being a sport, I think I'm going to lean against it. I my school there is a rule against any tricks and stuff for cheerleaders, so all they can do pretty much is wave there poms poms. Plus hgh school cheerleading isn't really anything, competitive cheerleading is a different thing but that doesn't happen through the school.

by volleyballlovergirlie on 10/30/2012 12:09:46 AM


Ok I'm adding to my report earlier!!! NOT a sport! Doing tricks little kids do in their backyards when their bored, yelling stuff at the top of their lungs, and shaking pom poms. Your getting tired because your yelling, and running around with your friends! Oh, and you're just lifting them up. And their the super light ones. It's just you're activity, and hobby, it's not softball, or soccer, just a hobby! Smile

by averya on 10/29/2012 9:44:34 PM


And yeah it seems like at my school the cheerleaders just wave their mom moms and look cute. They don't really do much... And dance is nothing like cheer. Dance is WAY more advanced. Cheer leading pretty much comes from dance (acro)

by YouCanCallMeCat on 10/29/2012 9:01:37 PM


I really don't know if it should be a sport. It's one of those where you can't just decide. But, if they are having more injury reports, they should train the cheerleaders with safety equiptment. Also, I really don't care to much for cheerleading. I rather play softball.

by wesdelwarrior on 10/29/2012 8:51:28 PM


Sigh. Some people are so ignorant. Go to a chher competition! I wanna see a regular girl do a straight up extention, back tuck, or even backhandspring step-out. Cheerleading is not just shaking poms, yelling, and hitting motions. It's stunting, tumbling, yelling, and hard work. My routine goes: Opening(motions), Jumps/Standing Tumbling, Cartwheel Stunt, Running Tumbling, Baskets, Pyramid (and no, not that stereotyped one with girls kneeling on top of eachother), and Dance. By the end, you are EXHAUSTED! Also, we have 3 hour practices(five hours at the start of the season for choreography camp). Do all of this and then you can tell me it's not a sport. Got it? Smile

by JustluvAriana on 10/29/2012 8:49:35 PM


Sorry to anyone who does cheer to the max, but at my school they just run around and wave pompoms and do a cartwheel every once in a while. Sorry, but thats what i see. Def can't be compared to karate (my sport), dance, hockey, and other sports.

by epicforevs on 10/29/2012 8:37:17 PM


1) i am 12 years old 125 pounds and doing basketball and volleyball. My BMI says im around 80th percent is that healthy? (I dont wanna be skinny)
2) Also can u give some specific morning workouts to do and some healthy snack ideas?

Hey girl, 1) I think the best judge of that is your doc. Next time you go to your checkup, see what he or she says about your weight. Chances are you're fine! 2) I'm a big fan of jogging: a 30-minute jog around the neighborhood every other day can translate to a great morning. As for snacks, stick with fruit and yogurt definitely or even granola (or celery, carrots, etc.). Avoid processed food if you can (so limit soda and chips).

Alyssa B.

by Ash166 on 10/29/2012 7:56:02 PM

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