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Breaking up announcement

My boyfriend was in the hall and I was just coming out of English. He grabbed me, kissed me and broke up with me. An...
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So my crush sent me a lot of signals that he liked me back a few months ago. He looked at me and smiled, he looks impressed whenever I do a split or stretch, he responds super fast on facebook, and he liked a status saying that I would sing if I get a certain number of likes. My bff caught him staring at me at a party, so I told him that I liked him. He was acting "cool", and then I just told him that I'll see him next week. He immediately talked to me on facebook saying that he's sorry and he gave me his number to text him. Then a few days later, I got messaged on facebook by his best friend saying that he likes someone else. I forgot to mention to you that my bff said that he was getting close with this other girl at the party. Turns out, he likes a lot of her pics on fb, and he calls her "beautiful". She's a "popular" girl, and she wears really revealing clothes. What do I do in this situation? It really seemed like he liked me first.


Hey babe-

That's tricky. Boys can be confusing and while it does seem like he showed interest in you, he may have been showing the same interest in the other girl. There really is no way to tell, unless of course, you ask him. If he does end up liking this girl, I know you'll be super bummed, but you have to remember how many fish there are in the sea, girl! If he liked your pics on fb and responded fast to your messages, there is another guy out there that's going to do those exact some things--but only with you. You deserve someone that's going to give you their undivided attention. Just keeping doing your thing and you'll stumble into something great, I promise! xoxo 

Alexis G.

by isabellec on 11/1/2012 10:39:22 AM


Okay, so there's this show that's sorta like a kids news source. Every week, there is a question that you can answer and they will put your answer on air. But this week, mine got picked. We are watching the show today and the show was already filmed and there's nothing I can do. My problem is, my crush sits directly next to me, and all my friends are there. I'm afraid what they will think about what I said. I'm too embarrassed!! Please help!!



Hey babe-

Be confident! Don't stress out about what others will think because regardless of your answer, if you believe it to be true then the opinions of others shouldn't matter. Plus if you are confident in your answer your classmates and crush will notice and admire you for it. xoxo 

Alexis G.

by jrprodigy12 on 11/1/2012 7:09:18 AM


so this guy was friends with me in sixth grade. I mean well we got along and hung out in class. And I sort of liked him then. Last year he wasn't in any classes with me and we sort of grew apart. I guess it was my fault. Now, he's in my math class and I guess you could say I like him. But he's one of those guys who hang out with girls and tonight (Halloween) I was trick-or-treating and we came up to this girl I know and don't really like, her house and he and some other popular guys and girls were there and he saw me. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds until my friend talked to me and brought me back to reality. This has happened a couple times before in math and in passing but I think he's dating someone. People tell me he flirts with everybody (and no one knows of my secret crush). Do you think he may like me? Also I'm in 8th grade and I can't date until high school so what should I do? Thanks <3


Hey girl-

The only way to find out his true feelings is to ask him yourself. Guys do stare at girls they have crushes on but if he is dating someone there's a chance it just might be a coincidence. If you're not stepping on anyone's toes, asking him what's up! As for the no dating before high school, you're just going to have to crush from a far for a while. Don't worry, you'll be a high schooler before you know it, time flies! xoxo 

Alexis G.

by Coldplay12 on 11/1/2012 2:15:54 AM

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