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Snag an exclusive sneak peek at GL's Dec/Jan 2013 issue!

*~* Check out what’s HOT in this issue *~* On sale and in mailboxes November 13! EXCLUSIVE! Victoria Justice spills on life after Victorious Shocked by her hit...
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Yeah I just got feb too yet i haven't go dec/jan yet Frown

by xoxojillianxo on 1/9/2013 2:16:56 PM


@mep61600 OMGosh, I had the exact same situation! I still haven't gotten the Dec/Jan issue. Frown

by Evacada on 1/8/2013 1:51:59 PM


So, last month i got the Oct./Nov. issue and emailed the customer service peopleand they said i would get the Dec./Jan. issue sometime in January. i just got my issue today but its the Feb./March one!!! i just started getiing GL, i dont wantmy issues to be out of order all the time! is there any way you can help? Thanks.

Hey girl,

I'm so sorry to hear that you missed an issue of GL! I don't work directly with subscriptions, so I would contact them again and confirm that the D/J issue is still on its way. Thanks for reading GL!

Meghan D.

by mep61600 on 1/7/2013 5:33:42 PM



by myfatsquirrel on 1/4/2013 3:46:36 PM


I made the peppermint patty bars for my family's Christmas meal and they were a huge hit! I will definitely be making them again. Thanks for the recipe! xxx

by mileychannahm on 1/4/2013 11:10:54 AM


I still haven't gotten this issue of GL, is that a problem?



hey Girl,

check this out and click on questions about submissions:


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by ida_ghohestani on 1/1/2013 2:12:42 PM


I love all the tips on what to wear to parties and stuff but I wish that there was more fashion advice on other things like what to wear shopping,family dinners,how to look cute in snow gear etc. . . Girls our age do other things that just go to parties all day!!!

by cupcakecutie325 on 12/28/2012 8:51:31 PM


I just subscribed to the magazine a few days ago, and can't wait to start getting it! I think I would probably start getting it in February.

by photographynut2008 on 12/27/2012 4:15:51 PM


Victorious is ending??? that is one of the BEST shows i've EVER seen...Man!

by lilsmrzy on 12/18/2012 10:11:34 AM


aaahhh...tottaly koolz i want to see louie hes so kute and his eyes are pprrefect....aaahh....heheh

by jackieheartlee on 12/12/2012 5:03:21 PM



by myfatsquirrel on 12/6/2012 8:23:46 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just got my October November issue yesterday. I started subscribing in mid-October. Will I be getting my December January issue soon?

 Hey girl,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your subscription! If you visit, you can contact our subscription department.

Meghan D.

by beaky54321 on 12/3/2012 6:49:38 PM


Mod Mod Mod.
so i ordered GL a few weeks ago and it came today. the only prob is that they gave me the last issue. the onle with Bridget Mendler on the cover. am i going to get the new one with Victoria Justice on it??? Frown

 Hey girl,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your subscription! If you visit, you can contact our subscription department.

Meghan D.

by mep61600 on 12/3/2012 4:24:00 PM


Hey, I just got my newest issue of GL today but when I looked at it it was the same exact issue as last time! Both are addressed to me, so what happened? Is it because I just renewed? If it matters the old one says my subscription was set to expire in October but the new one says my subscripition expires in August. Thanks!

Hey girl,

Thanks for subscribing to GL! I'm so sorry to hear you're having troubles with your subscription. If you visit, you can contact our subscription office and ask them about the issues.

Meghan D.

by Lonebird142 on 12/3/2012 4:13:13 PM


Mod mod mod
Hey, I was just wondering where the star sign things for Dec/jan2013 are? I got my issue and it had the star signs for next year, but said to go on for the Dec/Jan horoscopes. I've looked all over the site and can't find them. Where are they? Or aren't they having them for Dec/Jan?
Thank you for your time Smile

Hey girl,

Here is the page where we post the star signs--check back regularly to see the new updates!

Meghan D.

by videogamelover on 12/2/2012 12:42:20 AM


MOD MOD MOD! Who ended up winning the autographed Hunger Games DVDs? ThanksSmile

Hey girl,

That giveaway has expired, but I'm not sure if we've posted the winners. They will receive their prizes in the mail!

Meghan D.

by myfatsquirrel on 12/2/2012 12:26:43 AM


I have a subscription but it still has not come..... Frown Frown

by oliiolii on 12/1/2012 11:32:40 PM


i'm getting really worried about one of closest friends. she has a lot of crushes.....on people who she never met! she's on facebook a lot and stalks some of friends (she was at my house doing that) and sees a mutual friend and immediately she likes that person! i don't know what to say to her...i don't want to hurt her feelings too! what should i do?


Hey girl, the fact of having a lot of crushes isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the fact she's meeting them online can be very scary. I would talk to her and tell her the dangers of talking and meeting these people. You never really know who they are on the other side of that screen. It's great that you are worried about her and are trying to help. Hopefully she can understand that and stop talking to all these strangers online. 

lauren r.

by islandgirl23 on 12/1/2012 3:33:28 AM


Mod Mod Mod...
I have GL ordered so I get it every time but I didn't get my new issue and my order wasn't up yet? Why didn't I get it and how can i still get it now? Thanks!

Hey girl,

Thanks for subscribing to GL! You can visit this page to access our customer service and talk to them about your issue.

Meghan D.

by cowsrule11 on 11/30/2012 10:53:47 PM



by myfatsquirrel on 11/27/2012 5:16:29 PM


GL needs to have Lea Michelle or Dianna Agron on the cover soon! I love them!

by Zebraprint21 on 11/27/2012 1:07:33 PM


what does MOD MOD MOD even mean??? im new here. sorry. Smile

Hey girl, mod means moderator. Mods check all comments that come on the site to make sure they follow site rules and will answer any Qs you have (on advice, etc.) Just specify MOD in your question post to flag our attention.

Alyssa B.

by mep61600 on 11/26/2012 5:29:24 PM


***************************************************************HEY*********************************************** please please click on my name and check out my club! All info is over there! Thanks!

by puddinface7 on 11/24/2012 7:26:09 PM


I still haven't gotten mine... When will it come?



Hey hun, for all subscription issues head to 


or if your concerned your subscription got lost in the mail please contact us by clicking


Jenn S.

by lshedd123 on 11/23/2012 7:31:04 AM


Mod Mod Mod!!!! My issue came and was missing the insides it was just the front and back cover? What should I do


That's funny, girl. I'm sorry. we aren't in the office today or tomorrow, but you should call monday to get everythign straightened out.

Hannah H.

Hannah H.

by deandiesel328 on 11/22/2012 10:00:03 AM


Hey Girls! Join my club "Fashion, Advice, DIY? Check!" I will give fun hair and beauty tips, cute outfit ideas, advice, and fun DIY's! You can even ask for specific help on what to wear. I will get back to you ASAP! Just type in the name of the club in the search bar and you should be able to find it. I hope to see you there! XOX


by JellyBeanChick on 11/21/2012 11:54:22 AM


idk if should join rugby. my friends are joining and tell me i should join too. sometimes, i say yes i'll do it. but i think i'm going to be the weakest link on the team. i've never played before and i'm not in shape. i'm really scared that if i do join, i'm gonna be kicked out for being too slow. plus, there's a lot of people who are really mean that are joining. idk now.. its driving me crazy because i heard that practice is going to be in the 2nd week of december!!! AHHH


hey girl! it sounds like the only reason you want to do it is because your friends do it and keep asking you to join. make sure its something YOU would enjoy.


Katie L.

by islandgirl23 on 11/21/2012 4:14:41 AM


CURLY or WAVY haired girls. join my club: Curls go curls.
this is not a club for girls who want to curl their hair but people who have it as a natural texture. any questions about curly hair post onto my profile. JOIN TODAY!!

by briana13 on 11/20/2012 8:51:15 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still haven't gotten my issue. What gives?



Hey Chica, there could be several reasons why you haven't gotten your issue yet and part of it could be as simple as when the mail comes or how far away you live. Still, you should call and check up on your subscription. Here's a link that could help you out:

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by beaky54321 on 11/20/2012 3:11:22 PM


I think you should put One Direction on the cover too! Victoria has been on before and you could at least have someone new on the cover.
@NatJinx Actually Justin Bieber has been on the cover before, but he is the only guy.

by PeaceKool on 11/19/2012 5:32:45 PM



by myfatsquirrel on 11/19/2012 3:36:08 PM


what the heck does MOD mean????


Hey thattaylorgirl6, MOD is short for Moderator. Moderators are girls like me who help you out with any questions or problems you may have. So send us a message with MOD at the beginning under an article or our profiles and we'll be sure to get back to ya. Let me know if you need advice! Xoxo 


Lynae P.

by thattaylorgirl6 on 11/18/2012 9:03:14 PM


i just got my magazine and i was sooo excited! i was wondering what website to go to for the love your bod section. i love the drees on tatiana but i dont know where to go

by thattaylorgirl6 on 11/18/2012 9:01:10 PM


Sry i mant to say

by NiallHluver_1 on 11/18/2012 7:01:12 PM


Mod mod mod mod mod mod and mod
Where do i go to win stuff in this mag!?!?!?
(it says to go to
I can not find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( this is like my third one today!!!!)


Hey girlie, look for the contest section under FUN STUFF. You'll find all of the contests you can enter to win cool things! 

Lauren T.

by NiallHluver_1 on 11/18/2012 6:42:03 PM


i never got the oct.nov. issue and i reordered it forever ago.

by Gl1tterg1rl on 11/17/2012 8:38:10 PM


A lot of you guys are saying to put 1D on the cover. But if you notice there has never been any guys on the cover of GL.

by NatJinx on 11/17/2012 6:18:16 PM


Yay, I'm so excited Louis Tomlinson is in this issue!!! I love him<3<3<3 lol
But honestly, hasn't Victoria Justice been on the cover of enough issues of GL? I was just reading this long article on her in a GL magazine from not that long ago a couple days ago..I think we know enough about her, time for someone new GL!!! Smile

by maggie183 on 11/17/2012 5:01:09 PM


Why hasn't my October/November issue come yet?


hey! It's probably on its way, but if it never shows up, go here:


Helen S.

by kennyj134 on 11/17/2012 2:51:49 PM


My Dec/Jan issue hasn't come yet! What's up???


hey chica! That's okay, some issues take a bit to get to your house. Just give it a week or two, it'll get to you soon enough.


Katie L.

by prplppleater on 11/16/2012 3:58:38 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I haven't gotten this issue yet. it says my subscription doesn't expire until next October. what's wrong?


Hey girl! Don't worry, it'll get there. Give it another week or so!


Katie L.

by myfatsquirrel on 11/16/2012 3:57:30 PM


I like this boy...... a lot. We go to different schools and I've heard he has a girl friend. We will be going to the same school in a year. What dhould I do?

by wildcat44 on 11/15/2012 5:45:06 PM


I have to do a how-to group project with 2 other people. one of us is going to make quiche and the other one is going to videotape. the problem is, the third person wants to edit the video. she doesn't want to come and help us with videotaping the video/making the quiche! she gets really mad and turns bossy if something is done badly. my friend and i don't want her to edit the video because she's going to make it bad, unappealing, weird and not good at all. my friend and i want to kick her out of the group, but its too late because 1) this is a group project. no one can work alone and 2) she's a loner and no one wants her in their group so we had to take her instead. its driving me and my friend crazy. what do we do?! :///


Hey babe-

Group projects can be tough, especially when you feel like someone isn't doing their job. The best way to fix this situation is to go directly to the source-- that mean's you gotta sit her down and talk to her about what you're thinking. Let her know that as a part of you group, she's going to have to do more than just edit the video. Invite her to come to your/ your friend's house when you make the quiche, then after you make it you can all edit it as a group. That way, you'll have say in the editing process. Good luck! 

alexis g.

by islandgirl23 on 11/15/2012 5:56:09 AM


mod mod mod!!!!
My subscription says it expires Dec/Jan 2012 so does that mean this will be my final issue or the Sept./Oct. issue was my final issue? thanks!


hey girl! you should get the Dec/Jan issue!


Katie L.

by musicalmaya12 on 11/14/2012 4:23:49 PM


I usually get these magazines early, but mine hasn't came yet. My subscription ends in June 2013. Why isn't it coming?


hey girl! give it like a week or so, sometimes the mail gets delayed!


Katie L.

by HappySunshine on 11/14/2012 3:15:20 PM


Mod mod mod
I haven't gotten my subscription yet and it says that it was supposed to be in the mail yesterday. Does anyone know what is going on? Also is there a way to check your account status if you've never gotten a subscription in the mail yet? Thanks.


hey girl! one day isn't a lot of time...give it a week and by then you should definitely have it!


Katie L.

by countrychic*96 on 11/14/2012 3:12:11 PM


I agree put one direction on the cover!!!!

by 77556644 on 11/14/2012 10:53:43 AM


@myfatsquirrel I'm experiencing the same thing and my subscription ends October 2013. Maybe it's because yesterday was Veteran's Day and the mail doesn't run on that day.

by pinky9purple9 on 11/13/2012 6:15:50 PM


i haven't gotten this issue yet and my subscription doesn't expire until October 2013

by myfatsquirrel on 11/13/2012 4:18:24 PM


The place where I get Girls Life mag is without power..ugh!! Hopefully Target has that new issue.

by Kitty99369936 on 11/13/2012 1:51:00 PM


Mod mod mod mod I'm subscribed, and I recently moved. Where can I change my adress and if I do, will this issue still come?

Hey girl, make sure you've changed your address here (, and your issues will come there!

Alyssa B.

by MusicIsLove123 on 11/12/2012 8:17:16 PM


GL should totally do a cover with 1D on the cover. that would draw in a lot more attention

by myfatsquirrel on 11/12/2012 5:54:35 PM


MODMOD I subscribed to the mag when the bridgit mendler issue came out. Will I get my first mag this time or the next time


Hey girl-

You should get your first issue this time with Victoria Justice! 

Alexis G.

by donna1 on 11/12/2012 4:34:27 PM


Omg GL I love ur mag and website SO MUCH!!!!! But I do Agree, I hate Victoria she's so annoying and has no singing talent (it's all auto tuned) Frown but I won't say anything else it's ur choice and I love ya!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
Need advice? Like, on anything? From boys to friends to middle school, I have advice on everything. You can join to get advice, or just to chat with other people. My club is called CLUB ANYTHING, so just click on my username it's in purple under this comment( puddinface7) and click on CLUB ANYTHING. I'll see you there!

by puddinface7 on 11/12/2012 3:38:45 PM


whats wrong with 1D????????????????????

by cocat on 11/11/2012 1:01:01 PM


Hey i am subscribed to GL and I never got the October/ November magazine.


Hey girlslifelover28, mhmm that's weird. Email and let her know. She should be able to help ya out. Sorry about that! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by girlslifelover28 on 11/11/2012 12:09:37 PM


My dad renewed my subscription just a few months ago. I still haven't gotten this issue of GL. Frown I have been waiting for a while. What's going on?

Hey girl,

I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues with your subscription! You can contact our subscription office at this link and they'll get your account straightened out. Thanks for subscribing to GL!

Meghan D.

by jazzyrae on 11/11/2012 12:15:17 AM


Im ready for a new issue!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna read this on december 22 to rub it in yalls faces that the world didnt end Tong

by YayaYuiki on 11/10/2012 5:00:45 PM


sweetpeadoodaa that's on my birthday too! I'm turning 12- I'm a year older than you.

by Genny101 on 11/10/2012 1:42:18 PM


I need good Christmas present ideas for my sis, mom, and dad.


Hey! think about the books and music they like and go from there. baked treats are always good too Smile 

Helen S.

by lizzylizard101 on 11/10/2012 9:29:22 AM


Is it just me or does everything come out on November 13?? BTW thats also my bday!! I'll be 11!!

by sweetpeadoodaa on 11/10/2012 9:09:20 AM


I can't wait!!!!!! I love her music!

by SoccerLili on 11/10/2012 8:17:34 AM


Yea I won't read it if one direction is on it. Tong

by BabyDahl13 on 11/10/2012 7:58:23 AM


i totally agree with angie333! u should do a One Direction magazine cover! will u think about it? that would be AWESOME!!!

by myfatsquirrel on 11/9/2012 11:32:08 PM


Can't wait! And NEVER put 1D on the cover. I won't read.

by xoxojillianxo on 11/9/2012 10:58:10 PM


This is gonna be a great issue!!! I love Victoria Justice she's awesome!! Smile

by monkeysrawesome12 on 11/9/2012 9:39:56 PM


I still haven't gotten my October/November issue and I ordered it in late September! Do you know what could have happened?

Hey girl,

I'm sorry you haven't gotten your issue! You can contact our subscription department here: Thanks for subscribing to GL!

Meghan D.

by Mtz3 on 11/9/2012 9:17:34 PM


just for a suggestion, One Direction should be on one of the cover of one of a Girlslife magazine. I know its a girls magazine but 17 magazine did one of them, so i think Girlslife should do one of them too...just a suggestion.
-Angie Horan (lol)

by angie333 on 11/9/2012 9:10:51 PM


@caseycat16 yeah she was on the cover of Nov./Dec. 2012. That's kinda rude, right?

by girlscupcakespitbulls on 11/9/2012 6:58:01 PM


I can't wait for this one. I love Victoria Justice and i'm sad that Victorius got cancelled so it's good to read and interview from her.

by pinky9purple9 on 11/9/2012 4:55:50 PM


Can't Wait!! <3

by Sparksfly on 11/9/2012 4:54:47 PM


can't wait for this issue!

by myfatsquirrel on 11/9/2012 3:33:42 PM


ugh i hate victoria. and she was cover girl only last year! why not someone past disney and nick please? what about the girl who plays Boo in Bunheads? i love that show.

by kpianoplayer on 11/9/2012 3:28:46 PM


she was just on it like 6 issues ago

by caseycat16 on 11/9/2012 3:13:20 PM


Can't wait to read it, but Victoria was a covergirl just a little over a year ago. :/ Could Taylor Swift be a covergirl again sometime? I don't think she's been a GL covergirl since 2008. It would've been the perfect time for Taylor, too, since she's just released an album, she'll be going on tour next year, she released a new perfume a couple of months ago, etc. etc. etc.

by hitthelights on 11/9/2012 1:31:16 PM

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