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GL's Get Fit Fast Electionista Game

Got Election Night jitters? Work off that pent-up energy by creating a workout game around tonight’s marathon presidential election coverage. From bust-a-sweat buzzwords to ab blasters and...
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sorry for the double post.
I play tennis (and have for 3 years) I'm starting to run track. When I asked my parents if I could run track they said yes because it will aid me in my weight loss.But when I asked to do cheer or dance my mom said yes but my dad doesnt think they are sports. How do I convince him? And how do I tell him that I don't really WANT to play tennis?

Hey girl, by just being honest: tell your dad that you really want to give cheer or dance a shot in addition to track and that you just don't feel tennis suits you or what you want to do anymore. Your 'rents should support you in cheer or dance regardless of whether or not they consider them to be sports as it's something you're curious about and that's active. Ask them to let you have a shot at it, and just continue exercising. Best of luck, girl! Remember, honesty goes a long way!

Alyssa B.

by jennyusa123 on 11/19/2012 7:50:43 PM


I am a tennis player and I want to do long jump and high jump. My parents said yes when I asked to run track because I want to lose weight(I am 13 and 5'3"ish and 130).
I want to do dance or cheer but my dad doesnt think they are sports. How do I convince him that they are and how do i tell him I want to give tennis a break?

by jennyusa123 on 11/19/2012 7:44:36 PM


I am 13 yrs old and 5'3 tall and I weigh over 130 pounds. I know I'm overweight for my age. My Jean size is 5/6 in juniors. Is there a way I could loose weight quickly in my thighs or maybe just a diet I could do?


Hey fizzydee12, yup girly there are lots of things you can do. Head to our HEALTH&FITNESS section for a whole list of articles on loosing weight and eating healthy. You can also type different things into our search bar if you're looking for something specific. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by fizzydee12 on 11/11/2012 9:04:56 PM


MOD! So I am just looking for some advice and tips. I am 15 and am 5'3" and weigh 108 lbs. I am very active (i run cross country and do alot of other sports). i want to weight 100 lbs. I do have alot of muscle mass (that is what most of my weight is!) But here's the sitch- the "fatty" area is my butt, and i do alot of exercises to help there, but it doesnt work! How can i safely "diet", so that i get to 100 lbs. and lose some of my butt and muscle yet be safe and healthy while doing so? Thanks in advance! You guys (or should i say girls!) are greatSmile



 Hey girlie, it sounds like you're already doing everything right! You sound super active and you're doing a great job keeping up with your workouts. You really don't need to diet. Just make sure you're eating high protien foods to feed your muscles and keep the junk food to just a once in awhile thing. Always eat when your hungry and drink plenty of water. And that's about it! You may not lose weight, but if ya keep working out, you're bound to get more toned. If your eight doesn't go down, it could just be that your at the perf weight for your bod. And as you grow, you might find yourself gaining a couple pounds too and that's totally normal for your age! Pay less attention to your weight and more attention to how fab and strong you look and staying healthy. Good luck, girl!

Lauren I.

by footballgirl13 on 11/9/2012 9:50:30 AM


so I'm 15, 5 foot flat, and 130lbs. I've always had alotta muscle in my legs but my thoughts have always been bigger than alotta girls my size and I have a muffin top I can't get rid of, there's also a 5K next spring that I really want run but I'm horrible at running, any advice?
Thanks for reading.


Hey klbugg97, you'll never know if you don't try, so try running. There was a quote I read that I think will help you: "Never let inexperience get in the way of ambition." For that tummy, head over to our HEALTH&FITNESS section for tips on loosing the weight. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by klbugg97 on 11/8/2012 11:19:04 PM


I have a cool rap about OBAMA!
If ur looking for a good prez, I know who ur looking 4.
'Cause Obama's in the House and no one can take it anymore.
If you don't like it, take it up to the top.
Oh wait. That's Obama. So you might as well stop.
Either wearing a cowboy hat or in Egypt with a fez,
throw them all up for USA's prez. BARACK OBAMA!!!!!

by transform2314 on 11/7/2012 8:08:49 PM


hey yall..need advice?? come check out my advice queen pg..same name as my profile Smile cant wait to help you

by katymarielove on 11/7/2012 3:36:19 PM


Tonight I am creating a workout game around tonight’s marathon presidential election coverage.

by otter77 on 11/7/2012 1:51:08 PM


Want really gets on my nerves is all the ignorant people that don't know what their talking about but won't shut up about politics. Like, African Americans for Obama was trending on twitter. The color of ones skin has nothing to do with ones ability to correctly run a country. What makes them think it does? He himself said, at the beginning of his first term, that if he didn't fix the economy by the end of his term, he shouldn't be re-elected. He did NOT fix it, and yet here he is, the President of the United States for four more years.
And there's all these kids, like Susmita24. They think that Obama is helping them, and Romney was just trying to "steal all your money," when, in reality, Obama has put this country in deeper debt than it ever has been. Once the Obama care is put into place, my parent have to either pay for it, or go to jail. And if they pay for the Obama care, we cat pay our bills. Tell me, where is the "Hope" in that?
I am beyond upset with America right now.

by Graciegang on 11/7/2012 12:39:55 PM


LOL Susmita24! How did you come up with that?!

by ising990 on 11/7/2012 7:30:04 AM

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