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How to tell if he likes you, likes you

We all agree that it’s totally frustrating when you can’t tell if your crush likes you back. I mean, is he that friendly to everybody? Or just...
86 Comments | Add Yours

Also a lot of my comments from like 3 weeks ago aren't showing up yet.


hey! I'll look out for them Smile 

Helen S.

by vegetariansrule on 12/27/2012 11:56:42 AM


Ok... so there's this guy who I like & we were friends last year and joked around about how people are already dating even though we're only 10 but now we are in middle school and my feelings have totally changed about him, cuz i like, like him now and I am scared to tell him though and it feels weird to talk to him now. What should I do plz help! Ps I'm only 11 and sorry this is so long.


hey! Just think of him like any friend and the talking will come naturally. good luck! Smile 

Helen S.

by vegetariansrule on 12/27/2012 11:55:02 AM


MODMODMOD!!! so i really like this guy, and i think he likes me back. the main probablem is that i am shy, and he is super popular with my school, while im not. i would like to go out with him, but i dont know what to say. or do. should i ask him? or should i wait? plz help!!!


hey girl! There's nothing wrong with being a little shy. If he likes you, he'll make a move on his own! just be sure to keep flirting with him. good luck!


Katie L.

by lili-ana on 12/24/2012 2:46:01 AM


I would do that, but he's a year older than me and our school is really strict about separating grades, so I don't see him much and I don't have his number Frown So, what can I do there?


Hey girl, I think a different mod answered your first question...but maybe you can find him on some type of social media and talk to him on there. Or leave him a note in his locker with your number on it? 

lauren r.

by Cal1010 on 12/22/2012 9:34:07 AM


So there is this boy I like, let's just call him Bob. Bob and I are really good friends, but how do I get him to ask me out? And, how to I keep him from thinking he is friend zoned?

Hey girl,

If you are already friends, that's good because you have the excuse to talk to him! Try talking to him more after school and at lunch, and maybe ask him to dance with you next time you have a dance! Or, if you really don't want him to think he's in the friend zone, you could tell him you like him and ask him out yourself! Good luck!

Meghan D.

by Cal1010 on 12/21/2012 10:57:09 PM


Hey girls! There's a reason that this club exists-- and this reason is to give advice on boy troubles! I'm on GL almost everyday and have experience with guy troubles. Take a look at my new, improved club and ask a question--you won't regret! Just type in the searchbox: Middle School Love(: and you will find it!

by neo6m on 12/21/2012 4:32:25 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD okay so i have a crush we will call him s so s and i would always talk. But now these past couple weeks we don't talk AT ALL and i don't know why i have not changed what so ever but my bff(who also likes him)say's they talk all the time it now was the other way around.can you try to tell me why he does not talk to me or what i could do to talk to him. plus this girl thinks i like him and i had to lie and say i don't so i kinda can't be super flirty are anything like that. by thanks





Hey Girl, I don't know what to say. Its difficult to explain why a guy isnt talking to you because we have so little information. it's okay to flirt a little, your friend won't think you're lying. Try to make some convo and see whats up. You can text him first too.

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by rockrocker101 on 12/11/2012 3:53:15 PM


me & my friend like each other & sometimes we want to hangout out of school. there isn't any shopping centers or restaurants around our school so we don't hangout at the end of the day. he invited me over to his house but if i walk, it'll take about 20 minutes! what should we do?

Hey chica, here's an idea: meet between your houses, which would only be about a 10 minute walk for each of you.  Then, you can stroll around the neighborhood or decide to walk to his house together (and mabs a nice parent can pick you up later).  Want more cute date ideas?  Check out this page.

Karin E.

by rawrhannah10 on 12/10/2012 3:02:08 AM


So, theres this guy that has been on my mind. We were really close friends like five years ago (4th grade haha) but recently (since the summer) hes been texting me a lot and will try and talk to me in the halls between classes. I like him, and I would think he likes me back, but I've noticed he talks to other girls too, I'm just not sure if he wants to talk to them as much as me... I'm really want to know if there is some way I can find out if he likes me or hint at him that I like him!! Also I've noticed that around our friends he doesn't really look at me but if we're alone he'll make eye contact!! Smile

Hey girl! It may be hard, but the best way to find out is to just ask him! Be brave and tell him if you think you're crushing on him a little. It might be super nerve-wracking to be the first to say something, but sounds like he may be a bit shy. If nothing else, you will feel great that you had the courage to show him! 


Taeler L.

by erinclarinet on 12/7/2012 9:02:15 PM


i like this boy.. idk if he likes me bakc. i dnt want to tell him i like him yet. i wanna see how he feels about me first but not make it obvi tht i like him. so i want to give him hints little ones to show tht i like him to see wat he does back n see if he likes me in any way like dating way :/

Try texting him. It's a great start and if he texts you first the next day or is really into the conversation, than he could start to feel your vibes! You go girl! 
mailyse f.

by katymarielove on 12/7/2012 3:55:27 PM

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