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Selena and Justin split!

Looks like the Biebs is looking for a new girl to call “baby” these days. According to E! News, the love bugs ended their nearly two-year relationship...
51 Comments | Add Yours

eh i don't really care

by myfatsquirrel on 11/12/2012 4:55:44 PM


Hello! I was wondering what some cool ways to get in the holiday spirit are? Like, maybe some DIY ideas? Thanks!


Hey babe-

Baking Christmas cookies with my best buds always gets me in the Christmas spirit, that and listening to my favorite Christmas jingles on the radio! Try making a list of all the gifts you wan to give you friends this year (oh, and don't forget mom and dad!) Shopping early is a great way to get in the spirit, plus you'll beat the holiday rush!! xoxo 

Alexis G.

by WinnieGirlie on 11/12/2012 4:54:24 PM


Actually there's WAY more that went on behind the scenes! Justin went to Broadway to watch "Lion King" with a Victoria Secret model who was obviously flirtting with him. She also annouced on Twitter that "she was not a Selena Gomez fan." And after Selena broke up with Justin, Justin started bragging about hanging out with models and even posted a picture of himself holding a Hooters cup. I used to be a belieber, but now I think he's an immature jerk.

by Thespianstar on 11/12/2012 4:52:30 PM


I really think they should get back together! personally I am not a "belieber" but Justin and Selena look really good together!!!! Why why! why! Frown

by mandyo12 on 11/12/2012 4:44:10 PM


Ok...I have been a major belieber since the beginning...but I have grown up and I don't "fangirl" as much as I use to. I remember when they first got together and I was hoping and praying that they would break up, but now that they've broke up I don't really feel like screaming with joy like I use to think that I would. Because even though I don't know Justin (or Selena) too well, I don't like seeing either one sad. Because who likes to see anyone cry? I especially don't like seeing Justin cry. So maybe they will get back together? But even then that probably wouldn't work. People grow and change and relationships just stop working out. So I wish good luck to both of them in the future and hope that they both have good relationships in the future that will work out. I still <3 you JustinSmile no matter how old i getSmile! AND everyone stop hating and have some respect please!!

by Alykat18 on 11/12/2012 4:14:25 PM


celeb things like that never last.

by ithelin on 11/12/2012 3:51:31 PM


If u r happy about this, for either Selena's sake or Justin's sake, join the club! ( literally. We seem to have much in common!

Need advice? Like, on anything? From boys to friends to middle school, I have advice on everything. You can join to get advice, or just to chat with other people. My club is called CLUB ANYTHING, so just click on my username it's in purple under this comment( puddinface7) and click on CLUB ANYTHING. I'll see you there!

by puddinface7 on 11/12/2012 3:27:03 PM


hey girlies!do you love musical theater?are you looking at that''open auditions for the all school musical''sign and thinking,why not?are you about to audition and need some advice?are you already rehersing?whatever it is,you belong in...........


if you want a council position,such as secratary,tresurer,or VP,just click on my name and tell me on my personal profile.no apps,no judging,just first come,first serve,so hurry up if you want that position!and if you don't want a position,just go to the club and click on the join button!either way,i'd be glad to have you!
-ashbabe567765,president of club musical theater

by ashbabe567765 on 11/12/2012 3:23:46 PM


Thank GOD she got ride of that loser!! Now she can get herself a REAL MAN and NOT whatever "he" is. You go girl!!!

by serenitybaum on 11/12/2012 3:22:48 PM



by kaileebaileemailee on 11/12/2012 3:20:42 PM

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