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Pistachio and cranberry white chocolate bark

Peppermint bark has become a holiday tradition here at GL, but when editor-in-chief Karen Bokram whips it up for guests and gifts, she likes to switch things...
6 Comments | Add Yours

Do you think this would work with peppermint instead of nuts and cranberries?thanks.

by friendlypanda676 on 11/24/2012 3:10:55 PM


I don't really like pistachios, so can I use any other type of nut like..... peanuts? Thanks!




Hey Babe, peanuts my not taste the best, try cashews.

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by free2sing-4ever on 11/20/2012 1:26:45 PM


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by ljbdaisy on 11/15/2012 6:00:50 PM


If I was baking this (Which I so will!) I would try to make it tasty and healthy.

by YouCanCallMeCat on 11/15/2012 4:45:10 PM


I like pistachios and cranberries in my chocolate bark.

by otter77 on 11/15/2012 4:41:29 PM


THeres this kid who likes me and is really annoying. He's always looking at me and things like that and even after I turned him down he doesn't get the memo that I don't like him. How do I get him to quit liking me? Thanks Smile


Hey Girl, It's tough to let a guy down easy. Pull him to the side and politely explain to him that you aren't interested. I am sorry I can't help you more!

Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by april0405 on 11/15/2012 3:49:02 PM

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