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What to say (and do) to reel him in

Okay, so you’ve settled into the school year, gotten used to the classes and prepped for the coming cold weather. There’s only one thing left on your...
62 Comments | Add Yours

So I met the guy I like at my new school in September through one of our mutual friends who lives back at home. We clicked instantly, but we only see each other at band practice, so I gave him my number (at the time I didnt like him like that) and he gave me his. Over the weeks that we got to know each other, we'd often say hi at practice, but we'd text more than we ever really talked. After two months of knowing him, I finally convinced myself to tell him that I like him. I kept it short and to the point, but he never replied back! I waited 24 hours before texting him again, and we went on acting like
nothing had ever happened. Sometimes he finds me at practice & will smile & wave, or if we're walking past each other he'll look at me, say hi & smile when I start to say hi back. We still havent talked about it, so Im wondering if he likes me, likes me? HELP!!!

Hey girl,

He was probably surprised, especially if you told him that over texting. If he hasn't brought it up, I would try to stay friends for now. He knows how you feel, so if he's ready for a relationship, he'll bring it up!

Meghan D.

by aeroangel87 on 11/25/2012 12:02:05 AM


My boyfriend is super sweet,he always posts sweet things on my facebook and i really love him..but sometimes i feel like I don't want to date him.Like I'm not totally head over heels for him,and i feel bad cuz he's head over heels for me.I don't really know how to handle it because he gets really jealous.And sometimes I'm totally happy that we're dating.I don't know how to handle my crazy feelings,and maybe my period is just coming or something. I'm just so confused. please help? thank you so much!

Hey girl,

If you think your boyfriend is being too jealous of your other friends, you should bring up the conversation with him directly. Tell him you like the attention he gives you but that you want to hang out with your guy friends, too. And if you're not sure whether or not you like him, you could always ask him to take the relationship a little slower so that you can both be on the same page.

Meghan D.

by pinkguitar98 on 11/24/2012 11:52:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I think my crush likes me but I'm not 100% sure. We got to pick our own seats for a class we're in together and he decided to sit right in front of me instead of with his friends. His friend kept asking him why he's not sitting with him and he said he doesn't know. Today my crush talked to me. I was sitting in driver's education and he walked in, sat down, and turned around and asked if I was doing basketball. I said no and that I was doing softball instead. He said isn't that spring sports and I said that they're starting conditioning early. He's pretty shy and never really had a conversation with me so... I don't know if he was disappointed that I wasn't doing basketball because he does basketball and that would have gave us something to talk about. Now I feel bad that I said I was doing basketball this year ,but changed my mind. I'm afraid that he won't ever talk to me again because we have nothing to talk about. I'm really shy so I'm not good at starting conversations.

Hey girl,

If he started a conversation with you, he might like you or he at least wants to be friends! You don't have to play basketball if you don't want to, though--if you both like sports, that already gives you something to talk about! Next time you could start the conversation and ask him about school or his other hobbies. If he talked to you once, he would be interested in talking to you again!

Meghan D.

by medapop on 11/24/2012 11:30:51 PM


Everyone in school thinks I'm weird because I have a emo haircut with pink highlights and I like Dubstep and Death Metal music. How do I stand up to heaters without getting in trouble?

 Hey girl, don't worry about what other people say, just be true to yourself! You don't have to stand up to them by staging a scene, but if they say something mean to you, tell them you are comfortable with who you are, even if you like different things from them.

Meghan D.

by rockerchic123456789 on 11/24/2012 9:55:46 PM


MOD!! Last one I promise, I just wanna thank you for your help!!! LaughingLaughing

by Littlepuppygirl on 11/24/2012 9:15:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD (tie this to my last comment)

I mean, this guy is a little inappropriate, but he's nice, and he's more than that. I mean, I really like him, but I don't know what to do!

by Littlepuppygirl on 11/24/2012 9:12:38 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! (Meghan)
So here's the thing. Guys in my grade, are totally inappropriate. My mom would not let me go with him anywhere, even in a group. But, I don't even really know HOW THIS HAPPENED, and so I mean, if she finds out, she's gonna be really mad. On the bright side, I'm not like going OUT with him (literally, like going somewhere), but it would still upset my mom. My mom knows I have guy friends, and she's ok with that, but she wouldn't be ok with a boyfriend.

Hey girl,

Maybe you could just let her know you have a bf but that you're not "dating" and won't be going on dates. That way you are still honest with her!

Meghan D.

by Littlepuppygirl on 11/24/2012 9:11:44 PM


I have a boyfriend, kinda. I agreed, but there is NO way my parents'll let me date. I'm only in 6th grade. He's really sweet, and I really like him, but I'm afraid that my mom will find out and like kill me. I get where my mom is coming from "you can't date in 6th grade are you crazy?" but it seems like she won't let me date in 7 or 8th grade. I mean, I have a brother in 9th grade, and he's not even dating!! My boyfriend leaves next year, to a private school. I'm just really confused!!

Hey girl,

If you are upfront with your mom about it now, she will appreciate your honesty and maybe you can reach a compromise. Would she let you talk on the phone if it is before a certain hour at night, or could you hang out with him if it was with a group of your friends? Try to have a calm conversation with her about your boyfriend and explain why you like him, and maybe you can reach a midpoint! It would be better to tell her than have her find out later and be upset that you kept it from her.

Meghan D.

by Littlepuppygirl on 11/24/2012 9:03:49 PM


I'm always really friendly and we hang out together a lot with other friends from the theatre group. I'm just afraid he's confusing my friendliness with a crush.


Hey! He might be, but you know the truth and that's what's important. So just keep being friendly. if he asks you can set him straight, but other than that there's nothing wrong with just being his friend if you know that's how you feel about him.

Helen S.

by starringlola on 11/24/2012 3:41:57 PM


i'm working on all of these things with my crush, even the asking him to hang out (hobbit at midnight???maybe...). we talk SO much more this year than we have ever before, and he initiates lots of conversations with me and my friends. slight/possible problem: he's very chatty in that he will talk to whomever is around. how do i know if he's into me? also, we both point out the occasional awkwardness of our conversations. he thinks that it was because i knew about his surprise party for a while, but that's not it. i'm pretty shy and really only just got enough courage to uphold my end of the conversation. he doesn't know this, but he does know that i am pretty chatty with most everyone else, just not him. how can i get that comfortable with him? just talking to him more? and what should my next move be?



Hey! It sounds to me like you really like this guy Smile congrats, it can be fun to have a crush. The best way to deal with this is to be his friend and see if something more happens naturally. I have seen so many girls get hurt and ruin friendships because they "had to know" if someone liked them, and they asked the guy about it and made the whole situation awkward. I even did that myself when I was younger. It's better to have a secret crush on your friend than to have a public crush on your ex-friend. good luck! 

Helen S.

by the_last_ninja on 11/24/2012 3:25:17 PM

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