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Perfect prezzies for your sibs under $25

Finding the perfect present for our sibs can be super challenging. Whether you’re BFFs with your older sis or sworn-enemies with your little bro, you know you wanna’...
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I wish my sis got me something this nice- last year she bought me an eraser!

by crystal904 on 12/2/2012 10:23:43 PM


one year my mom took me and m sis to a sale at our school to buy Christmas gifts and we got each other the same thing!

by Glitterheart16 on 11/30/2012 9:46:15 PM


Okay, I know this is random, but I just started high school and my guy luck hasn't been good at all. For example, I have liked two guys and one who is now my best friend turned out to be gay. Now, I like a second person and apparently he is gay too. My friend asked him a while back and he denied it, but I think I should ask just so it's off my mind. Should I ask? How do I ask him???? It makes me feel like no straight guys like me since all my friends are turning out to be gay :c


hey girl! I feel ya...I had a major crush on a fellow lifeguard last summer...but he was actually gay! We can't help other peoples sexuality, and we can't help who we're attracted to. Take it easy on yourself, there are plenty of (straight) fish in the sea. I don't think you should ask him unless he is openly gay. Some people aren't comfortable discussing their sexuality, so try and be respectful.


Katie L.

by Bestfriendsforlifesogorgeous on 11/28/2012 1:48:56 AM


Hey Girls! This is a LEGIT club about boy advice. Called...Legit Boy Advice! Any questions you have let me know because guess what?! I have 5 brothers and I have each age group of boys that you will have questions for (about ANYTHING)get REAL answers from REAL BOYS themselves! All you have to do is include your age and question and I'll get right too it!

by Chloe<3 on 11/27/2012 6:41:05 PM


I like that one scarf.... That's it though. :o

by Chloe<3 on 11/27/2012 5:59:31 PM


I. Love. That. Nail. Polish.
Need I say more?
*****************************************HEY GIRLIES!!!!!!!********************
From boys to friends, schoolwork to Queen Bees, from pets to books, teachers to family probs, I have advice on all of it, from real life experience and advice books. This club is a place to VENT, and CHAT with all the other members. No judging allowed! Don't have many members, SO JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!

by puddinface7 on 11/27/2012 5:42:43 PM

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