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Ew! My crush keeps asking me gross questions

This guy I’ve been crushing on likes me too. He’s really nice but, lately, he acts like a pervert. He keeps asking how far I’ve gone with...
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Mod mod mod!
I can't tell if this guy likes me or not. I'm shy and new to the school, while he's outgoing and popular(ish.) I have debate, history, and math with him. What are some non-awkward ice breakers? He sits next to me in math so that's my best opportunity.


Hey <3<3<3, you can use the math class as an excuse to talk to him. Ask what the homework was or if he studied for the quiz. Keep the convos going and eventually get those digits. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by <3<3<3 on 12/3/2012 12:34:55 AM


okay, so i really like this guy. and my bestfriend kinda likes him. and when i started liking him i didnt know she likes him. she doesnt know i like him. i need help. what should i do?
Thanks! (:


Hey daddysgurl, I think you two should sit down and discuss this. You never want a guy to break up your relationship, so talk about it in case it happens again. Maybe agree that you both let the guy go and find someone else. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by daddysgurl on 12/2/2012 9:40:26 PM


There's this guy that likes me, but I don't like him because he's really clingy. If I don't answer his texts he starts calling me and asking where I am. Then when I do answer he asks me what i was doing to not be able to answer. He also never listens to anything I say. I want to tell him I'm not interested, but I know he be miserable if I told him. What do you think I should say to him?

Hey girl,

If he's not listening to you and being clingy, you need to be straightforward with him! It might hurt him at first, but it's better than stringing him along. Just say that you're flattered but that you're not interested in being more than friends with him. Be honest!

Meghan D.

by Dogfreak29 on 12/1/2012 10:02:47 PM


Mod mod mod
Why do my comments never show up? Like if I ask something to a mod it never shows up while comments posted after me do! I don't post anything inappropriate! Hopefully this shows up...


Hey girl, mods just have to approve them first, and we have a lot of comments to go through! Smile

lauren r.

by <3<3<3 on 12/1/2012 11:32:11 AM


Hey!!!! So this boy in my class his mane is whatever ans he keeps looking at me smiling but sometimes he just ignores me. I think that he likes me I'm not sure if I'm right. Then we were in our talent class com/math and when he finished his project he went near me to talk to a guy who he doesn't even like to hang out or talk I felt like he did that on purpose please help me thank you I need your advice.....

by sofia<3love on 11/30/2012 10:12:37 PM


Mod Mod Mod,
So yesterday i went to the guy i likes basketball game and afterword i started to talk to his mom and she is realy nice and she said hi to me so i started talking to her and asked a person about how they would feel if it was there mom and some said its over obsicize are they right?


Hey moondust23, I'm not really understanding your question. Could you send it again? Thanks girl. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by moondust23 on 11/29/2012 11:18:41 PM


mod mod mod!!
i think i might like this guy, but i dont know if he likes me back. I have one class with him, and he's always joking around saying he's going to fight me (in a joking way) and teases me. The thing is is he's a freshmen an i'm a sophomore, and he is a friend of my freshmen brother! He told my brother that he dates his friend's sisters a lot, and told my brother he likes me, but i don't know if that was just to get my brother all defensive about me? We're good friends, and when i see him in the hallway he waves and smiles, and sometimes he goofs around and mouths "Call me" or makes a heart with his hand, idk if he likes me or not. HELP


Hey stormysea, I don't know girl. He seems really playful and goofy so I'm not really sure. Keep paying attention to him and see what happens. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by stormysea on 11/29/2012 9:52:35 PM


So there's this boy at school that I kinda like because he makes me feel good around him and he makes me laugh. The thing is, he's a player. He might ask me out because he like me too. Should I say yes and give him a chance or tell him to change??? Please help.


Hey caylaforever, give him a chance girl. Who knows what could happen? And if nothing happens, you two could always be friends. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by caylaforever on 11/29/2012 9:51:36 PM


So, I'm a huge guy-girl. I'm a girl, but I act so much like a guy. I play video games, hide my emotions, watch bloody and gory and scary movies, wear relaxed clothes, etc. The only major girlyish things about me are that i like guys and I LOOOOVE hair and makeup. Everyone sees me like this. Including my friends who are girls. Every time that I show my "girly-girl" side, people look at me like I'm a completely different person. I really want to be able to show my girly side because I NEVER get to, while all the other girls can and no one says anything bad about it. I can't even like a romance movie without everyone I know looking at me like I've been abducted by an alien. How can I show my girly side without having everyone (including my mom and dad) look at me like I've been replaced?


Hey claudsoda, you can't worry about what people think. You just have to be yourself and if people look at you weird, there's nothing you can do about it. Be you. If you like video games and makeup, like that stuff. Just think about how cool that makes you. There's two really cool sides to you. You have a lot of different interests that will allow you to interact with many people. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by claudsoda on 11/29/2012 9:43:44 PM


Mod mod mod!
I'm in math and history with this really cute guy that I'm not really friends with. I really like him and I think he might like me back! Here are the things he did: he was the only person who remembered my birthday and wished me happy birthday at school (I didn't even tell him!) he always butts into conversations I'm having with mutual friends, moved to a seat next to mine (and also his friend so im not sure) and when I was standing in the middle of a class with a desk I couldn't move, he was the only one that helped me. Sometimes I think he's looking at me but I'm not sure. Do you think he might like me?
I'm confused though because once he got his candy stuck in the vending machine and he joked 'im the only one this would happen to,' then told me he'd be right back. And then he went off to a table with his friend and never came back! Does this mean he's trying to avoid me?
What are some good things to say to him without being obvious? Or body language signs?


Hey <3<3<3, yeah sounds like he's attracted to you. You know how you get with friends, you're always with them. So I think he just wanted to hang around his friends, so no worries. I would just say hi to him the next time you see him and ask what's up. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by <3<3<3 on 11/29/2012 9:40:03 PM

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