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Breakup lessons we've learned from Jelena

We’re still a little heartbroken over the split of celeb couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. But then again, rumors are swirling that the two are back together. Hard...
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ok, honestly, idk what Selena SAW in that guy! No offense to any of you JB fans out there, but he can't sing, and he is NOT hot! Of course, that's my opinion, but there are enough jerks in my life as it is, and he's one of them! So GO SELENA

by penguin1312 on 2/25/2013 7:11:43 PM


Does Justin Beiber like orange soda.

Hey girl,

I don't know if Justin Bieber likes orange soda, but I would imagine celebrities are on a pretty strict health regimen and don't get to have any kind of soda very often!

Meghan D.

by Poophead234 on 12/22/2012 10:15:57 PM


I didnt really like Jelena just didnt seem right. Exspecially since Selena is like 3 years older than Justin. Im not saying im glad they broke up, I just didnt like them together.....

by Abby B on 12/15/2012 1:59:49 PM


they did'nt actually break up duh :/

by jcjenkins on 12/4/2012 9:53:45 PM


Justin seems like he is all grown up now. He is doing the Victoria's Secret fashion show on tv with the lingerie angels. Do you think that is good or bad for him? And I recently saw where he did a show in another country where models were wearing lingerie and he was singing and being entertained. I am sure he is getting paid a lot but I wish he could do more young teen shows.

by fashionqn on 12/3/2012 11:38:05 PM


What I don't get is why you you girls care so much about whose fault it is..Whether its Justin's or Selena's just chill out and stop freaking out on GL..

by Chloe<3 on 12/3/2012 1:58:55 PM


Why do you assume that it is Justin's fault!?! They both had to have had a part in this breakup!

by sbieber13 on 12/2/2012 12:19:52 PM


I don't see why most of this is being blamed on Justin. We don't know the full story. She could have cheated on him for all we know or something like that. Justin loved her. He even said so on Oprah. Everyone looks for a reason to blame Justin for something. Also Justin came straight from a M&G to meet the prime minister. He made that clear that he didn't have the time or clothes to change when he stuck up for himself against Hayley Peterson calling him white trash. Justin and Selena are both talented and young stars. In the end maybe the break up will be for the best. They are getting older and more wiser every second of everyday. They may date again, but if so that is their business not all of ours. Why they broke up is their business. We need to give them the privacy that they need. This just may be a phase, but in the case they are broken up for good then we need to back off. They will both need to breathe and calm down. i'm a Selenator and Belieber I'm here for both of

by Glittery Zebra on 12/2/2012 10:50:18 AM


I Think that the only reason people care about celeb gossip is because their lives are super boring and have nothing better to do than look into other people private business. but hey, that's my take.

by MiharuStarBlaster on 12/2/2012 9:45:02 AM


I think its better off they don't see each other anymore. But honestly, I don't care about that kind of stuff

by katgirly on 12/2/2012 12:03:03 AM

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