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Digging his own grave

I asked my BFF to find out who my crush likes. He told her a girl from another school, and asked if she was asking for...
12 Comments | Add Yours

Hey ! Everyone! I'm New And I Have Questions! How Do I Make Friends!!! And How Do I Talk To People! Thanks -Bri <3

by brittanyrocks22 on 12/15/2012 9:22:55 AM


mod MOD MOD MOD!!!!  I lied to her by saying my dog scratched me. One week later i told her the truth and she FREAKED OUT. My bff then told her mom, who is now keeping an eye on me. I don't really feel safe around her or feel like i can't trust her. Please help me!!!




Hey Girl, I know it's tough, but your best friend did the right thing. She is worried about you and wants you to get better and it's a good thing you told her. Please check out this link


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by amyrose125 on 12/11/2012 9:24:19 AM


low low lowwwwwww :0

by punky99 on 12/7/2012 5:29:52 PM


There is this guy I like (I think he likes me back too) but I am so shy and not very confident. I have one class with him, but most of the time I just stare at my desk and kinda ignore him (unless he starts talking to me) and I do not want him to get the wrong idea. I want to be able to talk to him, but I always get tongue-tied and am afraid of sounding dumb. I have texted with him a couple times before, too. Is there anyway I can get over this fear. Thanks!


Try these tips babe! Good luck! Click here

Jenn S.

by Bridgge2010 on 12/7/2012 7:55:40 AM


So I've liked this guy for a long time kinda, and my friend just told me that she likes him too (she doesn't know I like him.) That's a total problem, cause she's gorgeous and he flirts with her all the time, but then again he flirts with everybody. I'm really shy and a little self-conscious, but I'm not unattractive or mean or anything. How can I... get him to like me with all these obstacles!!!???????!?!?!?!????


Hey hun. Since it seems like your facin a lil competition for the cutie ya gotta make the first move. Get to chattin him up on a more personal level, since he seems like a flirt in order to stand out from the crowd. This way you'll find out what you have in common and maybe make an inside joke or two. Try these tips for help.

Jenn S.

by Pandagirl528 on 12/6/2012 10:39:24 PM


Mod Mod Mod Ok,I'm so confused.I'm friends with this boy (were not actually friend, friends we talk at school and sit acrossed from each other on the bus, but don't do anything but that.) I've liked him for awhile ,but i've never had the guts to ask if he likes me back.Yesterday, he finally got a facebook and I asked him if would friend me.The conversion went like this: I said " Hey friend me" then thinking he thinking that was weird I added "cause I'm friends with everyone in our class."(we have like 5 together and there all the same people we go a private school and its pretty small)Then he said " Well, thats wonderful and all but...." I didn't hear the rest cause he kinda mumbled it ,but I could tell he said no. The rest of the day I didn't really talk to him. I know he doesn't think I'm weird cause the day before that he said that I was awesome. I'm so confused why he doesn't want to my friend me. What do you think about my sitch?THXS


Hey hun, well since he's new to Facebook maybe he doesn't use it to keep in touch with classmates. I have a twitter and only follow news stories, I never tweet and don't follow any friends. Maybe his Facebook serves a purpose that isn't for friends. Plus, it's better to talk to him face-to-face than through a computer screen anyways so it shouldn't hurt your efforts to make him more than a friend, since ya like him and keep showin him your awesome in person. Hope this helps!

Jenn S.

by superlily99 on 12/6/2012 10:38:25 PM


he can go ahead and die. you deserve someone who actually cares about your feelings

by myfatsquirrel on 12/6/2012 8:03:21 PM


Hey Girls! Join Legit Boy Advice!

This is a LEGIT club about boy advice. Any questions you have let me know because guess what?! I have 5 brothers and I have each age group of boys that you will have questions for (about ANYTHING)get REAL answers from REAL BOYS themselves! All you have to do is include your age and question and I'll get right too it!

by Chloe<3 on 12/6/2012 6:50:16 PM


Hey, if you wanna do dance, do it! I would recommend ballet if you want to dance with guys and be active! Of course, you should always do what you think will interest you the most.

by soccerlili on 12/6/2012 4:36:36 PM


UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He's messed up!!!

by MountainLover456 on 12/6/2012 4:25:37 PM

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