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10 things a best friend should never, ever do

You love your bestie. If you didn’t, she wouldn’t be your BFF, right? But just ‘cause she’s your numero uno doesn’t mean she can do...
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I just found out my BGF did something pretty bad..he made some racist comments on Facebook and now he's in big trouble with the school for it. My mom is saying I shouldn't be friends with him anymore..but I'm so confused. I've been like best friends with him for so many years and he's never said anything that sounded at all racist. I don't know what would cause him to write these things. I'm really hurt and know it's one of those times when you thought you knew somebody REALLY well but then discover you barely know them. I haven't actually talked to him about this because I don't know how to bring it up..
And I'm not allowed to have a Facebook so I don't know exactly what he said..just that it was pretty bad and directed at a couple people at my school.
I feel like I'm friends with a bad person now..should I just ditch him as a friend?? Any advice, I'd really appreciate it...I'm really sad and I don't know what to do.

by maggie183 on 3/26/2013 8:16:21 PM


Mod mod mod,
I'm not sure if I already posted this, but I'll do it again. So, I feel like I don't have any friends anymore. I got back surgery in December and came back to school in February and hardly any of my friends came to visit me or even text me ( I get that they were busy but they could have made an attempt). I still feel really sad about that. Also, I've been going through a depressed stage right now and I'm trying to tell my friends and all they say is "Oh, I'm sorry." When I'm always there to help them and I'll send them 2 page texts about what I love about them and all that. Should I confront them, or not? Any advice would be appreciated.
Scarlett Witch.


Hey girlie, at this point, it doesn't hurt to confront them. Maybe they haven't realized what they're doing and it'll be better if you bring it to their attention. And if not then start talking to new people because you deserve better friends. 

Lauren T.

by Scarlett Witch † on 3/25/2013 1:27:07 PM


My "friend" has a really bad attitude. If someone doees something as simple as not telling her "bye" in the hallway,she'll go from your best friend to your worst enemy. A few weeks ago,she started to tell a joke I had already heard. I said "I don't wanna hear any of your lame jokes!" My crush happened to be sitting near us so she said "Isn't that the guy you like?" really loud,and ran away. A few DAYS ago,I didn't tell her "bye" in the hallway so she said "Oh,that's ok! I'll just tell him something!" I'm getting sick of this!! I can't exactly avoid her because we have dance every week and our families are pretty close. Did I mention her attitude? How do I deal with/ignore her?

Hey girlie,

If you said her jokes were lame, it probably hurt her feelings, which might have caused her to be defensive. Maybe you could sit down with her in a private conversation and tell her that you like spending time with her but don't appreciate when she's mean to you, and explain that if you forget to say goodbye that you aren't trying to diss her and that she shouldn't take it personally. If you talk about it, you can work it out and go back to the friendship you had before. She might not even realize she's upsetting you!

Meghan D.

by grandeninja<3 on 3/16/2013 10:02:55 PM


Hahaha. My 'best friends' have done all of those things.......:/

by cupcake53 on 3/13/2013 1:12:30 AM


I don't really see my friend anymore since I started living with my cousin, but I go to church a lot and I want to make new friend. But I just don't seem outgoing enough. What can I do to be more outgoing?

Hey girl, check out these posts about how to make new friends.  Just take a deep breath and be yourself.  Have confidence and know that anyone would be lucky to be your friend.  Good luck! 

Karin E.

by cupcake_champions on 3/11/2013 12:50:35 PM


So true.

by pookie188 on 3/8/2013 8:44:47 PM


I don't think and best friend should ever lie to you or tell you your lying! Or not trust you and all of the other ones that GL wrote

by Maddie90871 on 3/7/2013 9:52:30 AM


Mod mod mod, My friend was self harming herself (Cutting for two years,Whenever she was upset ),i knew i had to tell and i did, but now she hates me.She said that whatever they do to help her wont help and her problem had nothing to do with anyone else.I Tried helping her before i told but that didn't work so i had no choice. Now people are saying "Oh maybe u shouldn't of told, Maybe it wasn't serious" And "Now her mom is gonna get mad at her and its ur fault" People told me when her mom finds out she will get Hit and stuff, Cause her parents are old fashioned i guess. I Don't know what to do now, people are saying its my fault meanwhile before They told me to tell! I Only did it to help her because she was hurting herself and i thought i was helping. Now when she walks by me she gives me looks and calls me names!?

Hey hon. You absolutely did the right thing. Cutting is a very serious issue, and something that should absolutely be brought up to an adult. And though she may be upset now, I'm sure she'll come to realize that what you did was only in her best interest. Give her the time and space it sounds like she needs. I would also recommend talking through this issue with a trusted adult - like your parents, a counselor, a doctor, or a teacher - so they can give you more specific advice. Good luck.
Florence N.

by mozilla10 on 3/6/2013 8:11:07 AM


MOD MOD MOD, Is it wrong of me to hold a grudge or still be mad over somthing that only happened a week ago! I mean my bf dumped me by someone else for him!, Plus he didn't care about my feelings even through we were "Apparently" Best friends,hes changed and started acting more rude, swearing, Inappropriate jokes,and he insults me on Facebook saying "Oh i never liked her, i just wanna be friends, shes bossy etc" He thinks im bossy cause i got jealous over a girl who he sat with who he cheated on me with TWICE! Now hes saying oh im not mad at her i just wanna be friends again! Now his Friend is sticking up for him saying, "Just get over it, that's what i do, Just be friends with him" and " You can choose who u like and hate, Just like him as a friend!" BUT I DON'T WANT TOO! if i do ill start to like a guy who is a total jerk, i don't wanna start this again i wanna forget him!PLUS on fb hes telling people he wants to date that girl he cheated on me with (Clearly to get back at me)!

Hey girlie,

It's normal to be upset with him, but talking to other people about it won't help. The only way to be friends with him again is if you talk to him yourself and go over everything together, and it's okay if you're not ready to do that or don't want to do that. It's up to you who your friends are, and if you want some time apart from him, that's okay! It's probably hard for your mutual friends, but they can spend time with both of you, and you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to.

Meghan D.

by mozilla10 on 2/25/2013 8:55:33 PM


I talked to them but they wouldn't respond to it. What should I do?
Thank you so much
P.S I think it's great you girls are doing this, your advice really helps, you are our angels, helping us. Thank you!!! <3

Hey girl, aww, thanks for the sweet compliment!  Try talking with your friends one more time.  Make sure you're in a quiet, not-distracting area so you can have a serious heart-to-heart.  If they don't respond or continue to disrespect you, you should make an effort to spend time with people who are good friends to you and not waste your time worrying about people who hurt your feelings. 

Karin E.

by PeculiarGurl on 2/25/2013 5:51:12 AM

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